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I need one more bully and the rest as a group of friends. Once we have at least 5 people we can start.

You all are Freshmen new to the school. You all get into your dorms and you meet four of the eight people in the rp. You all have become friends with one another. During lunch the following Monday, you meet the other four. You get to know one another. As the day progresses you all get into your different classes. At the end of the day you all go to your dorms, and talk to one another about how the day went.


Your character needs to be minimum of 15, 17 max

That is where we will start.


Here is my character in the rp.

Name: Cosmic
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Backstory: (Optional)
Personality: (Optional)
This is all I need so make it as creative as you want!


Name: River Rodriguez
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: (Closeted) Pan
Appearance: 5'12", short poofy curly black hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes, lean body type, normally wears a leather jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, dark jeans with holes in them, and black combat boots that look incredibly worn-out. He has a long scar running down his cheek to his neck from when his dad had a really bad outburst
Personality: Charismatic, witty, hard-working, clever, cunning, arrogant, cold, closed-off and cruel so people won't bother trying to make friends with him; around his siblings, he is funny, compassionate, loving, and loyal
Backstory: River's mom left when he was 5, and his dad is an alcoholic who was hardly around and never really raised him. He has two younger siblings, and as the oldest he has become their primary caretaker and he does everything he can to keep his two little sisters safe whenever their dad has a drunk fit of rage, even if it means he has to suffer the consequences of it. At school, his grades are perfect but he has a reputation amongst students for being cruel, bullying, and putting people down and getting away with it. He doesn't enjoy it, but he uses this as a shield to prevent someone from getting close and actually knowing him

(Sorry that this isn't a lot of info, but I would like to be one of the bullies if that's alright with you!)

@RhysTheFirebird group

Name: Rodion "Rodya" Konstantinov
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Eyes) A bright, emerald green that shine when he’s happy, but seem to become darker, more of a jade color when he’s angry.
Hair) Golden blond, with hints of gold and light brown.
Skin) Slightly pale, with a hit of color
Height) 5’9”
Weight) 174lbs
Body Type) Lean
Personality: Rodya is an overall cheerful person on the outside, but on the inside he’s calculating and always paying attention. He never says anything he doesn’t mean to say and always takes his time with his words. When doing this, Rodya can be silent for minuets at a time, just thinking of the best way to say something. When having a conversation with him, it’s ideal to have lots of patience because when rushed, Rodya will just take longer on purpose. He’ll even put this way of thinking into his writing.
Back to his outside portrayal, he’s usually never without his disarming and charming smile and he’s quick with a laugh. Those who really know him know the difference between his real smile and laugh versus his courtiers smile and laugh. When he’s really happy and smiling, he has a dimple in his left cheek, and his laugh is bright. With his courtiers smile, there are no dimples and his laugh is slightly lower, not as bright.
Rodya is pretty easy going, and will take an insult in stride, flashing a smile and laughing. Depending on how bad the insult is though, his eyes may darken with anger, but many people don’t think the darkening of his eyes is from anger, as he never portrays anger. If the insult is really bad, he’ll usually come up with some clever way to embarrass the person in front of everyone.
When he’s with the people he cares about, Rodya is completely different, not so quick with a laugh or smile, as his real ones are far and few between. Instead of thinking of the right thing to say to please the person in front of him, or get information out of them, he’ll usually tell the truth and tell them of his worries, knowing that sharing these things are enter than trying to deal with them alone.
Rodya has interesting humor, sometimes preferring a darker humor, or ever ‘dad’ humor, with stupid and cheesy jokes. He can find a funny side to almost anything, and enjoys seeing people laugh (Well, the people he thinks should be happy).
-Writing; Rodya has always loved writing from a young age, and in general, telling stories.
-Debating; Rodya loves to have a good debate, whether he’s right or wrong, Rodya will have a good hearted debate with anyone, but once it turns into an argument, the young man will usually back out of it. He’ll also admit the loss of the debate if his point is proven wrong.
-Parties; Music and dancing are two of favorite things to do, below writing.
-Arguments; A debate is fine, an argument is not. Arguments can lead to bad things. All it takes is pissing off the wrong person and you could be in a fight for your life. Rodya has no plans to end his life early.
-Repetitiveness; If people, stories or anything repeated itself more than 3 times, it will start to annoy Rodya to his last nerves, and he may just get up and walk away from whatever is doing the repeating.
-Bossiness; There is a difference in telling someone what to do when you need someone to do something and just telling someone to do something because you can and/or want to.
-Writing; Despite his father’s wishes for Rodya to marry and English woman, Rodya has no plans to do so, preferring to spend most of his time writing.
-Debating; He enjoys this enough to make it a hobby, and sometimes he’ll deliberately go out looking for one.
-Soap Carving; Random, and he enjoys it. It also makes his hands small good.
Mental) N/A
Physical) He has a long scar on his left side from an accident as a boy. He fell out of a tree and a branch tore his side, he barely lived through the experience. He also broke his arm.
Background: Rodya is one of two children of his father and mother. His father a rich and well known Russian businessman. He grew up with a pretty easy life with few accidents in Russia.
His most notable accident was when he was six. He was attempting to climb a tree to impress his father. He reached a somewhat high branch, well, high for six year old him, about ten feet up. After he sat on his desired branch, it bowed beneath him. Not thinking anything of it, the young boy laughed, moving a little closer to the truck of the tree, not listening to his mother trying to get him down. After Rodya got settled agin, the branch stilled for a few moments, then broke, right under the little boy. Rodya had let out a shrill scream and gripped onto the part of the branch still attached to the tree. As the little boy fell, the jagged pieces of wood from the broken limb torn into his side, nearly piercing his ribs in the process. At the pain, Rodya’s grip on the tree slipped and he fell, landing on his arm and breaking it.
The wound almost brought Rodya to an early grave, but the young boy lived through it and has a jagged scar from his left hip up to the top of his ribs. This incident did not at all impress his father, and he got a strong tongue lashing from him after he was coherent enough to understand what his father was saying. He hasn’t climbed a tree since then.
From a very young age, Rodya can remember asking his nanny to tell him stories. Anything from wild tales about hero’s and dragons to plain old stories about her life and experiences. Stores are one of his greatest loves in life, telling them, reading them and herding them. When he was ten, he asked his father to get a better literature tutor, someone who could push him in reading and writing. Teach him more complex things. His father had agreed, decided that if it was what the boy wanted why not give it to him?
When Rodya was 14, his mother got sick with pneumonia and died a few days later. The young man was struck with a deep saddens, and he missed the cheery sounds of her laughter filling the halls of his home. It was this time Rodya wrote his first book, one about a young boy who goes on an adventure to save his ailing mother.
Up until he was 15, Rodya was able to read and write almost freely, but still hid these works from hid father, knowing the man would be disappointed in his son and heir to his company. Once he turned fifteen, the family moved to America, and his father would start bring his son with him on business, introducing Rodya to the bacholettes. Rodya quickly learned that though the women were pretty, some even beautiful, he found none of them attractive. Instead, he noticed more of the young men his age, and preferred to spend his time with them. He quickly found out that he was attracted to the young men and kept this to himself, trying to force himself to pay more attention to the women his father introduced him to, thinking something was wrong with him.
He started going to high school as well, trying to mingle with society insetead of being homeschooled.

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

Name: Lavender "Lav"
Age: 15
Gender: Genderfae. Uses they/them pronouns.
Backstory: After being a child star in academics, burnout hit them hard. Somehow they managed to pass all their classes. But at a price– their mental health kinda sucks now. Being neurodivergent did not help at all.
Personality: Very gremlin on the surface but can become a bit bitchy. Overall a pretty chill person. When they get a good night's sleep they are gremlin-ish.


Name: Cleo Phelps
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Light gray hair, icy blue-gray eyes, chipped front tooth, usually wears a baggy rolling stone t-shirt and baggy ripped jeans, hello kitty shoes, and a blue backpack.
Personality: If he doesn't know you very well, he's rather sarcastic. Once you get to know him, he's just a sweet, squishy baby marshmallow who just wants love. He can be possessive, and he's prone to panic attacks.

@ReskaAkuma group

(Yes I will make a list of who will go in order, but if it's just two of you talking at a time, you can just switch off between the two of you.)

  1. Levi
  2. Rhys
  3. Frank (If they join today)
  4. Loki
  5. Phantom (If they join today)

@ReskaAkuma group

Cosmic goes into the dorm, sitting on the couch in the small living room, waiting for everyone to come from there classes. He looks out the window that was by the couch