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Hey! I'd be glad to have you!

I was thinking that there could be a child and a parent but if this turns out to be a group Rp, there could be more than one child and parent


Okay, I would be okay with playing either or at this point. Most of my characters end up "momming" their friends so I would be happy playing the parent unless you'd prefer to be the parent.




Family: (opt)
Birthday: (opt)
Pets: (opt)


Yep, would you prefer if my character was a male or female? I was just curious, so perhaps I could get an idea on how to make my character, because right now I don't really have any ideas.


Name: Alaric Jensen
Nicknames: Alik
Age: 5
Gender: male
Sexuality: "I dont know what that means."
Appearance: messy brown hair in waves, light blue eyes, light tan skin, dimples, two broken front teeth

Personality: a happy, smiling little boy who loves to play with his stuffed elephant and likes to look at birds in the sky.
Habits: blinks a lot when upset, fiddles when scared or nervous
Likes: ducks, bubbles, overalls
Dislikes: lightning, oceans
Allergies: onions
Fears: spiders, strings, parachutes
Illnesses: none yet

Background: tbd
Family: (opt)
Birthday: sept 21
Pets: (opt)


Name: Aisling Verdun

Nickname: Eyes

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: History and Geography Teacher at an elementary school


Personality: She's an open book, in almost all senses. You come to her class asking for help understanding the nationalistic era, and you'll spend the next hours of your life listen to her talk about nationalistic ideals, her typing out the ideas, how unjust they were, then her asking every five minutes, "Are you getting it?" Then she will proceed to write out all her thoughts on what you are asking about, and when you are finished, you will have a notebook of notes to go through and a solid understanding of what you were talking about. And a good knowledge of her hometown of St. Olaf. She can talk for hours on end about her family there. She is a very maternal woman, who loves her students, and moms them incessantly. But don't think she's boring, not at all, she's definitely a bit of a party animal and loves to go out and have fun, just because she dissuades her students from making bad choices doesn't mean she won't make them, in fact, that's one of the main reasons she moms her students to begin with. She doesn't exactly think that she's ready to be a parent yet, but her friends and family have been pressuring her friends and family have been pressuring her to adopt for a while now.

Habits: Whenever someone gets upset with her, she begins to giggle incessantly, and that just makes the situation a lot worse, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't stop giggling.

Likes: A good book, teaching her classes, and actually having students who listen to her

Dislikes: She hates it when people just bash others for no reason, it confuses and hurts her to see people being so mean to each other for no reason.

Allergies: N/A

Fears: She is terrified of elevators.

Illnesses: "Meh"

Background: I'll make that known in the roleplay

Birthday: May 15

Pets: A gerbil named Mikey, "HE IS NOT A RAT!!!!!!!!!" à


(Lmao, it was supposed to say prompt, idk why it corrected to promotion XD)

Ok so parent points are a thing but instead of there being different level of children or have different points for different children, the parent needs to earn a certain amount of points to be eligible to adopt

Hows that?