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When reports surfaced of a mermaid, or possibly multiple, hanging around a section of beach nearby, you almost didn't believe it. Simply because mermaid sightings were so..rare. It's estimated that less than 2000 mermaids are left in the oceans, and that doesn't leave much of a chance for someone to encounter one of them. To be honest, you are glad that they seem to be coming up less and less- if the legends have anything to say about mermaids, humanity would be better off without them. No matter who you ask you'd get the same answer. That mermaids are bloodthirsty and full of hatred towards mankind, which is why it's such a problem that there's supposedly one hanging around the beach. People have been cautioned to stay away from the beach, if they know what's good for them.

Which is why you're going to go to the beach.

You've always been fascinated by the concept of mermaids, the magic they possess..they can't possibly be that bad, right? Surely they've mellowed out by now. Even if they haven't, you've brought your crossbow to defend yourself. What could possibly go wrong? If something happens, at least you'll be able to brag that you saw a mermaid in person, or maybe even killed one.

Mermaid scales are known to sell very well on the market…
I already have a couple rps but figured I'd get this idea out there before it fizzles out.

Preferably BxB, sorry if that's not what you're looking for.

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules 💪

Depending on where the rp goes, it could handle some slightly sensitive topics. But that being said, no overly violent or edgy shit. This is supposed to be a romance, so keep that in mind.

I doubt it'll come to it but if it does, any 18+ scenes will be moved to pms, no exceptions. That, or a simple fade to black would work.

At the minimum, try to stick to 3 sentences per response. But if you feel like writing a shitton I won't stop you lol

Not rlly a rule but, if you have an idea plot-wise, please lmk! Id love to workshop eventually

Character template

Species (merm/human):
Powers (optional):

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Name: Roman Deliano
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Mer
Personality: Kind and simple hearted, though he does have an attitude and can be a royal pain in the ass.
Powers (optional): He can shift forms into a human (That looks exactly the same, just with legs) and he can control water, as well as it’s three states of matter.

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Name: Wrynn Kaimana
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human
Appearance: Wrynn is tall and thin, with a lean and willowy body type. He has dark brown skin and curly black hair that reaches his shoulders. His eyes are slightly down turned, with somewhat long eyelashes and dark blue irises. His nose is at a bit of a crooked angle, as if it had been broken at some point in his life and never really healed completely. He wears a white, baggy shirt (not a Tshirt 💀) with dark brown pants and a small satchel strapped over his shoulder and resting against his side.
Personality: Wrynn is a very silent and stoic person, he's never been the most vocal guy. That being said he's still very kind and sweet to most people he talks to, when his face isn't buried in a book or his various seashell collections. He's always been drawn to the ocean, and the creatures inside it, living as close as he can to it all his life. He loves talking about the ocean and the life inside it, he could talk about it for hours if you let him. He's just the type of person you'd feel very comfortable and peaceful around.

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Gentle waves lapped at the shore, seagulls screeching and cawing in the distance. The sky was a clear, bright blue, sun at its highest point with the barest wisps of clouds gathering far out on the horizon. Truly a perfect, warm summer day. Which is why, without context, the sight of a completely empty beach is baffling. But, as always, everything has a reason. Almost everyone in the little seaside town knew about the reports of mermaids growing closer and closer to the shoreline, about the fishermen's nets growing emptier and emptier with each trip. Which is why everyone here is terrified of being on the beach, god forbid the idea of swimming in the water. It's been a problem for about a week now, and if the mermaids don't leave, there's been talk of hunters coming and either scaring them away or..killing them.

Wrynn, of course, hates the idea of it. No one's seen a mermaid in these parts for years and the only thing these people want to do is scare them away? He knows how convoluted and bloody the history is with mermaids, but..really? Wrynn might be stupid, or blind, but he just thinks it's a horrible conclusion to come to. And sure, maybe his plan isn't the best, but he doesn't think he'll actually run into one of them. They'd probably swim away at the sight of him. And it's too late to bail on the plan, because he's already coming up to the beach anyways.

Slowly, Wrynn creeps onto the beach, watching the grass transition into dirt, and then hot sand. He looks around silently, watching the waves lap against the shore. Slowly, he approaches the water, stopping a foot or so away and turning his head to look further. Noone, nothing, other than seagulls perched on some large rocks off in the distance. From this distance they just look like tiny white blobs. But, again, there's no one here other than him. Eventually he decides to just sit down on the sand, sighing a little as he reaches up to push his hair out of his face. I mean, what did he even think was gonna happen? Is he just going to wait until something happens? That could take all day, and the most he'd probably get from it is sunburn and possibly a few new freckles on his face. But, he's always been stubborn, so he continues to sit on the beach and wait, silently.

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Roman blinks slowly, watching the human walk closer to the shore. As the human walks closer, Roman swims back, staying under the surface of the water. Ever since he’d seen his parents murdered by sailors for their scales, Roman had been wary of humans. He had been barely lucky to escape the massacre. And with that escape, Roman had been left with a scar along his ribs. It even showed up when he had legs instead of a tail.

The scar was a long, smooth line, nothing gagged, and it was hardly noticeable at this point, but sometimes, every now and then if he moved the right way, he’d feel a large slice of pain along the scar. The pain was always enough to immobilize him for at least ten minutes at a time, and every time it happened, it brought forth the memories and reminders to always stay away from humans.

But this one. . .

He watches the human closely as it sits down on the sand and Roman stops moving. He looks around the human, trying to see if it had a net or harpoon. Anything that would hurt him. Anything that would endanger his life. He settles down on the floor of the ocean, almost nine yards away from the human and watching it. He was curious to see what it would do.

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Wrynn shifts a little on the sand, looking out over the ocean for a moment. He doesn't spot Roman, but to be fair, Roman is like basically entirely under the water. So, with nothing happening, Wrynn moves to grab his satchel, opening the flap and digging around for a moment before pulling out what looks like a small book. A small slip of paper is poking out of the pages, and he opens the book until he gets to it. Yes, hes absolutely the type of person to not do anything at a beach other than read a book. He knows it's kind of lame, and 'why would you get ready for the beach if you're just gonna read a book there'.'s not like this visit is for swimming. He's really just waiting for something to happen and passing the time until it does. Would the chances of finding a mermaid be higher if he were more active in looking for one? Yes, sure.. he'll get up in a bit.

Wrynn reaches up to brush his hair out of his eyes once again, looking over his book for a moment. The book was full of photos and writings about different forms of sea life, his favorite section would have to be about sea slugs. They're just so..funny.

Eventually he looks up again, holding his book open as he does. Its clear he's just waiting and looking for something. Eventually he looks over towards the general area of where Roman is hiding, although again, it doesnt seem like he's seen him just yet. He'd probably spot him if he stood up, but he doesn't know to stand, so he just doesn't. Out of the corner of his eye Wrynn notes that the clouds that had been gathering in the distance are starting to grow closer. They're still far away, but they look rather dark and angry..maybe he doesn't have as much time as he thought he would.

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Roman watches as the human pulls out a satchel and he stiffens, retreating back a little farther. He staying laying on the floor, pressing into the sand. His vibrant turquoise eyes glinting as a shattered ray of sunlight hit them. He keeps watching the human as it opens the bag and pulls something out. Roman moves closer again, curious. It looked like a. . . Book? ’That was the right word, right? Book?’ He thinks to himself.

He watches, curious abut the human who had come to the beach without any weapons or hunting tools. Not that he could see anyways. You never know what could be in the bag it had.

He moves a little closer, his turquoise eyes still glimmering in the shattered rays of light that filtered thought the water. At this point, he was about five yards away.

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Wrynns finger idly runs along the edge of the books pages as he watches the waves come in, stopping a foot or so away from his feet. He keeps eyeing the ocean before a glint of turquoise in the water. He turns his head to look, narrowing his eyes a little in an attempt to pick out what he could've seen. Maybe it was some..sea glass? A trick of the light reflecting off the water?

As Wrynn continues to look, he barely spots something inching forward beneath the water, eyebrows furrowing with confusion. He can't even tell what it is at this distance, and just as soon he loses focus on the shape in the water. After a moment he decides it was most likely just a fish, so he sighs and goes back to reading. Although, he is a bit on edge now. What if it wasn't a fish? It looked too big to be a fish, but that could just be a distance thing..and it's not as if he was able to get a very good look at it before he lost sight of it. Maybe he's just letting his mind play tricks on him. After all, everyone's been paranoid lately, and he's not an outlier. The only difference between him and them is that they're afraud of the mermaids. He's just afraid about what the hunters might do to the poor mermaids.

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Roman watches, staying still again. He keeps watching, curious. Very curious about this human. It seemed to be readong, something which Roman had no clue how to do and always wanted to do. Sure, they had Antoine in which to carve their stories, but that was it, and one couldn't really carry it around for a swim.

He keeps watch the human, slowly inching forward and ready to bolt of need be. He was now about three yards from the human.