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(Oh man, I forgot this was here. I'd love to reboot it and have an excuse to use Fireworm again.)


(Mine's a HiveWing. I had a Rain/Sky too, but I think I'm just gonna use Fireworm this time)

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dart frog


all pronouns, but refers to himself as he/him

loves mischief and mayhem and gets bored easily, oddly secretive about their personal life, likes stories, new things and people.

7 years old, long and slender like a snake. normally has the patterns and colours of a dyeing poison dart frog (reference photo), he's also learned to control his scales for the most part, but even when his scales change with his emotions they tend to stay in line with poison dart frog patterns more or less (another reference). his talons are long and curved, which he uses to climb around a lot and his horns have more of a curve to them than normal.

he was driven away from the rainforest after a Nightwing revolt one day. he took the chance to explore the new world, but didn't end up getting very far before settling in the kingdom of sand with a friend named heatwave. heatwave was the one who encouraged him to go to jma, and he often writes letters to them.

they like: sandwing food, raspberries, mangoes and love the desert.
they dislike: root vegetables, seawings, OLD nightwings and bananas
they like meat, but hate killing things themselves and prefer all their food cooked, although it's a bit tough for them to do it themselves.


(Just gonna go ahead and repost mine as well.)

Name: Fireworm

Tribe: HiveWing

Pronouns: He/Him

Personality: Fireworm is a rather nervous dragonet, which tends to affect others' first impressions of him. He really wants to make friends, but he doesn't really know how to express himself, so most dragons end up thinking he's strange. He's a bit of a bookworm, and knows a lot of random trivia that he'd love to talk about, if he could get over his awkwardness. And despite any bad impressions he's made, Fireworm is very sweet and a great listener.

Description: He has light yellow scales, with darker underscales and black overscales. His talons are also black, and the 'whites' of his eyes are a dark brown while the irises are amber.

Backstory: Fireworm was abandoned by both parents at a young age, or maybe they died? He doesn't know. All he knows is that he somehow ended up in Possibility, where he was taken in by a Rainwing and Skywing named Papaya and Amethyst, and raised alongside their daughter, Rosefinch. The two were sent to Jade Mountain Academy in order to learn about the other tribes, though their parents hope that the school will help them with their respective issues.

Other: He finds animals much easier to interact with than dragons, and tends to talk to them as if they can talk back. He has a pet leopard gecko named Charlotte, that he found a few months before he and his sister were sent off.

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(i'd say yes, and i think they will too, but i technically don't have the authority to say so. (but get a character ready anyways, good chances))


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Name: Elise
Tribe: Icewing
Personality: Sweet and kind, has made many friends, but they had moved, and now they have none.

Backstory: They were thrown out of their kingdom, the firewing tribe had taken over the castle. They're afraid of firewings, they hide in the dark constantly, they never speak at all.

Description: Blue and terquoise scales with snowy wings, soft and kind emerald eyes.

Other: They love lizards, they have one named Lena, it had purple scales. They don't speak to anyone, they have good grades.