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I'm not alone, it's just me and your ghost, and this cripplin' depression, I thought I learned my lesson."

so basically this is kind of a angsty roleplay because I've been really obsessed with them for a while now, but I feel like I dont have enough of it in my life at the moment, starting this is probably a bad idea anyway, considering I have tons of other things I could be doing instead but I obviously don't care.

"But, I threw out my phone, and I burned all your clothes, and now I'm not alone, it's just me and your ghost"

im Character B

so basically I was thinking I just want an angst filled friendship role play instead of romance this time.
The plot is really simple, Character A just lost their significant other, to causes the person who role plays them will decide. Character B is basically just someone they see in a group therapy thing for people who have lost loved ones, Character B lost their parents a few years ago, and that is why they're attending, finding it extremely hard to live on their own in their early twenties, with no one to turn too.

"I'ma set fire to the one thing I loved the most, burn it all to the ground with your ghost. I'm not alone, it's just me and your ghost, and this cripplin' depression, I thought I learned my lesson. But, I threw out my phone, and I burned all your clothes. And now I'm not alone, it's just me and your ghost. Me and your ghost."

Character sheets
Age (early 20's):
Background Info:

My character:

Name: Ezra Blankara
Age (early 20's): twenty-two
Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him
sexuality: pansexual
Appearance: He has a lean body, 5'9 with square built features, including his shoulder and jaw, his facial appearance is soft, with a thin narrow nose and small lips, soft and somehow pink and plump. He has a bit of muscle that is only noticeable through his clothes, when he wears tight shirts. He has soft brown hair, which comes to the top of his ears and is a bit wavy towards the part. His eyes are light brown and appeal as soft, but sometimes darken when he is angry or upset.
face claim: fake happy boyo
Personality: Ezra tries to be an optimist but it hardly ever works out for him, his mind constantly racing with anxiety filled thoughts, though he tries to hide this through what his mother once called " sunshine smiles" but this is sometimes seen through by people who can tell how tired he is from his dark circles and red rimmed eyes.
Likes: sunsets,sunrises,diners, reading, greek mythology and stuffed animals
Dislikes: the idea of fate, the idea of god and people who claim everything happens for a reason
Background Info: Ezra constantly is in battle with his mind, ranging from small debates of full blown panic attacks he is his own biggest enemy, anytime he has a good opportunity he declines and then sulks over the good outcome that would have come to him if he would have accepted. He lost his mother three years ago and he is constantly caught between the fourth and fifth stages of grief, bargaining and depression. Though he tries to give other people the idea that he has surpassed these and is now living happily in acceptance of her death. Since he died when he was nineteen, seeing as she was his only family in america, he was placed in a homeless shelter for youth and then got a job as a waiter at a small diner called Rita's, where he spends his time when not at home or group therapy. He is constantly shaming himself for feeling this way when his life could be so much worse. He lives in a ratty studio apartment on the lower sdie of the city; the south side.

  • Ezra has an anxiety disorder
  • no one knows he still attends group therapy after three years of it, except the people in therapy with him
  • Ezra constantly is wearing hoodies and cuffed jeans or band T Shirts with cuffed jeans and a flannel.


The sun rose and set right in his eyes, the boy grunted and turned to look at me. “Hello,” He whispered with a warm smile, the boy stroked the small shimmered orb that I called my prison. The boy stared at my golden shimmer of a body, “You look beautiful this morning,” He smiled.
“Thank you!” I called out to him, no reaction.

I lay in place, I couldn’t move. I looked at the darkness past the door, “Don’t go!” no reaction. Listening to the screams, the sound made me shiver, day by day, it nears the darkness. I watched in silence as he got beaten at home, at school, at the park. The pain followed him everywhere.

My eyes snapped open, then I realized, it was all a dream


Name: Silver Kutz
Age (early 20's): 21
Gender/pronouns: She/her
sexuality: Straight
Appearance: She stands at 5'1" and is very thin with porcelain skin. She has dark eyes and light hair. Silver doesn't feel the cold and always wears shorts and cropped shirts with boots. (I'll upload a picture of her)
Personality: She doesn't like change, she's a little quiet because she doesn't know what to say. She struggles with mental heath and is always zoning out
Likes: Laughing, spending time with her favorite people, reading, music
Dislikes: loud people, fakes
Background Info: She was in the foster system until finally getting adopted, they're loving but sometimes have trouble dealing with her and they hit her or lock her in her room.


(mhm, here it is!)

Ezra blew into his bare hands to warm them up. His fleece lined jean jacket was large and comfortable, and since it was chilly, he had buttoned it up. He made his way towards the run down building that served as the resource center and made his way into it, through the glass double doors, then to a sign that said Basement level below.

He cast the sign a glance then opened the door to the stairwell, which went up and down. He slowly began to make his way down, continually blowing his warm breath into his hands. Once he arrived in the dingy looking basement room, which was used for group therapy, he smiled lightly at the people sitting in the metal pull out chairs, arranged in a circle. He took the one which had no one sitting around it and crossed his legs at the ankle.


Silver nervously looked around the room, she fiddled with her shirt as she looked into her lap. Wondering why she wanted to do this she noticed a man walk in and sit alone, Why is he sitting alone? She wondered


Ezra began to unbutton his jean jacket, revealing a black T-shirt to match his dark blue jeans and slip on black Vans. He was always one for matching his outfits.

He slipped his phone out of his pocket and glanced at the time, which read 6:10. There was only five minutes left until the meeting officially started and the counselor which ran it, Mrs. Glanoski would start the meeting by making everyone introduce themselves and thell them all who they lost and how long ago.


Silver twisted the ring she had on her finger, she had received it as a gift from her late boyfriend
I miss you.. She thought to herself. Tears pricked her eyes as she thought of him, I really don't wanna be here, Jude. I wish you were still here.


As signaled through Ezra's mind, Ms. Glanowski cleared her throat and stood up.
"Good evening everyone, welcome to group therapy if you're new." She said and briefly explained that she would start the circle off with herself and she wanted everyone to state their name, who they lost and how long ago. She told them her name was Michelle, she lost her husband over five years ago and then moved the circle to her left, meaning Ezra would go last.


A few more people went before it got to her, "Uhm.." She squeaked in a soft voice, "I'm Silver, I lost my boyfriend Jude two weeks ago.." Her voice shook as she said it. Silver clenched her fists and her head drooped down to her lap


Ezra gave her a sympathetic look and smiled softly at her.
He was the next person, since both the seats next to him were empty.
"Hi, I'm Ezra." He said, wringing his hands slightly. "I lost my mom three years ago."

He then listened patiently as the rest of the group answered and Ms. Glanowski smiled at them all.
"Okay, so." She said slowly. "Losing someone is always going to be hard, especially a loved one or someone you were close too."

"I want you all to recognize that you are grieving and healing—or attempting to at least—and that you might always be grieving and healing, it may even become part of who you are." She finished.

"Now today," she said, "I want you to turn to a person around you, and tell them at least three things that reminded you of the person you lost. It can be today or the minimum of the past week. You can say more than three, but I want a minimum of three."

She waved her hand in the air and smiled.
"Now go." She said, grinning as she looked down at her clipboard and began writing something.

Ezra looked around him and frowned to himself, people were very quickly getting into groups, he turned to the girl to his right, Silver, her name was, he recalled.
"Do you want to be my partner?" He asked curiously, and hopefully.


She looked to him and nodded, "Sure, I'd love to." She stood and moved seats closer to him, "Would you like to go first..?" Silver questioned Ezra


Ezra nodded.
"Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so that was definitely number one. Yesterday was a weird day for me," he told her. "I went to the store to get groceries and got a whiff of vanilla perfume, which was what she always wore when she went out. And when I walked out I saw a black cat, she loved black cats, always thought that they were good luck because she couldn't believe they could be bad luck to anyone."


"I'm sure she was here watching you," She said with a warm smile
"For me, well, I'm not sure." She paused, "Well my ring," Silver lifted her hand so Ezra could see it, "The wind was blowing rather cold today, that reminded me of Jude always telling me to wear warmer clothes," She said with a laugh. "Lately I've been finding quarters laying around my house, Jude always loved collecting coins.." Her voice cracked a little at the end, Why do I have to talk about you..


Ezra placed a warm hand on Slivers shoulder for a few seconds and then pulled it away.
"It's okay," he reassured her. "It's always going to be hard, I lost my mom three years ago, almost four and it's still as if it's fresh pain."