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In a nice little town called Coffeeville in the middle of nowhere other than woods and forests.
It wasnt that small though. The population was good along with everything else.
The crime rate was really low, and the jail only had a few people.
Yeah, with the occasional death row and the little electric chair. The green mile.
Well people say thats where it all started.
They were rumored to break out of the lab that they were looking at a survivor from the electric chair. But nobody really knows what actually happened. Nobody could possibly survive that…right?

Its been three years now and about three quarters of the worlds population had been wiped out. Only a few survivors in each town, though most abandoned.

Jezariah was one of the survivors in coffeeville, but now on the run after it was fully overtaken by Screamers.
That's what they were called. Screamers. People called them multiple things. Monsters in black, reapers from Hell, but most called them Screamers. Known for their deathly sounding screeches. They varied in sized but could look like anything you could imagine. Your worst nightmares come to life and eat anyone in their path.
Any meat they can find, they'll eat. Their favorite meal….human.
Close to nobody knows why. As if anyone tries to study them, they never lived to tell anyone else. A few destroyed shelters contained documents on Screamers. Which fell into Jezariahs hands, who now keeps them as safe as he can. Notes, torn journals, and one hardcover book he protected.
Now in another town, hes found a few survivors. Could he trust them? He would have to find out.
If not, he would have to try to find out what's happened to the world by himself.

No OP characters, please
Be active. At least one reply every two days? Itd be great if more.
Make your characters unique please. No Gary Sue's.
This will have some romance in it, take mature writing to the pms please.
There will be gore, so if you cant handle that, dont join. Thank you.
Be descriptive please. And give everyone something to work with. If you dont have a lot to work with, I understand short replies or if theres not a lot going on but please -_-
I can say no if i want to. But I most likely wont
I will ask for a sample of your writing before you join, and please ask to do so beforehand
I think that's all, but I can add to this ♡


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Here's the character template;

Appearence: (links are welcomed ♡ if not please be discriptive)

Here's my boiyo lol

Name: Jezariah
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight


Tall, standing at 6 feet exactly, he would argue hes 6'1 though. Hes dark and handsome with a darker caremel skintone with red undertones.
Defined jawline like nobodys business, looks like he chews gum.for a living. Which he basically does. He always has some.gum on him.
Bright, daring green eyes seem really warm and kind until he glares are you..intentionally or not, he has a natural glare. Full black eyelashes matching his naturally more arched dark eyebrows, a black piercing through his right eyebrow and a stud on the side of his nose. Frizzy.soft hair, can stick so many pencils into his afro.its not even funny.
Hes fit, as he makes sure to go to the gym quite often actually. A few tattoos on his body, but hes never told anyone about them. A shadow of a small raven midnight on his chest and his dads signature in ink on his wrist, the others random stuff. An alien head with the words "AREA 51" on his finger along with some tribal patterns sleeping his right arm from his elbow on down, with dark flowers stitched through.the patterns.
Big manly looking hands, full plump lips and a wider nose with defined cheekbones.

Personality: cocky, shady, ready for a fight anyday but pretty cool overall. Hes chill, but can get real fired up and quick. Small bit of anger issues and doesn't have a ton of self control. He has morals dint get me wrong, but hes kind of an ass. He needs to be put in his place every now and again. Will try to find any ways to get in trouble or piss someone off. Doesn't care about what.others think of him. Protective and terrifying when hes mad
Likes: cats, nice sweatpants, piercings though he doesn't have many, fire, boxing, flowers.
Dislikes: people complaining, marshmellows, dogs, bright lights, fishing, and small cars.
Background (optional)
He was thrown from abusive foster family to foster family, running away his whole life, separated from.his sister after his dad killed himself and his mom got put in jail, he stayed in a nice home for a little bit until all of this happened three years ago. Everyone died (of course) and now hes on the run.

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(arighty ^^)
Name: Nina Drafter
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: (I only have a photo of her hair lol)
She's very petite, maybe 5'0", with fair skin, shoulder-length brown hair, and forest green eyes. She's slender and lacks much muscle, but can sprint or climb easily for short amounts of time. She has a rounded face with soft features, large eyes, and a sweet smile.
Personality: Her defining trait is her huge heart. She's very caring and empathetic, and always does her best to make others happy. That doesn't mean she's weak, though. She's very smart and knows herself well, and isn't afraid to stand up to someone if she thinks they're wrong–even people twice her size. She's also a hard worker and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Her philosophy is that there's a bit of good in everyone and that a good attitude is her strongest weapon.
The downside to this is that she tends to trust too easily and wear her heart on her sleeve. She can exhaust herself trying to please others sometimes and is easily upset by the cruelty and brutality of the world.
Likes: Gardening, reading, being outside, making friends, birds, flowers, wearing pretty clothes sometimes
Dislikes: People who are overly rude or aggressive, being laughed at, being lied to, cynicism, violence, loud music, gossip
Background: She grew up in a happy middle-class family consisting of herself, her parents, and her younger brother Neil. She planned to become a nurse before everything happened, and as such she has some basic first-aid training and a decent amount of book-knowledge on the subject of medicine. In the initial chaos, she got separated from her family, but she firmly believes they're still alive and makes it her goal to find them.

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(Hey sorry guys I got locked out of notebook for a but. I was finally able to get in (remembered my password lol)
Anyway, @PrettyLittlePyro you can join
@Mosis and @Dragongirl2468 could I have a writing sample? I might have seen it before but I forgot


(Hey sorry guys I got locked out of notebook for a but. I was finally able to get in (remembered my password lol)
Anyway, @PrettyLittlePyro you can join
@Mosis and @Dragongirl2468 could I have a writing sample? I might have seen it before but I forgot

Sure! I'll just go grab one real quick.


Ebony realized she had been staring, and gave the girl an apologetic look, before looking back at the teacher. "Today we'll be studying the biological differences between different types of animals. I have charts of the ones we'll be looking at. All you have to do is look at them, and make sure you remember the differences between them." The teacher said, as she began to pass out the charts. "Once you finish, compare your results with someone else's. You can start." Ebony looked at the charts she had been given, and jotted down the differences that she could find, which was a lot.


Name: Serenity Moor
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Ace
Appearence: Face and hair: She is 5'2 in height, with an hourglass figure. She normally wears a shirt, a black leather jacket, leggings, and knee-length combat boots with a pair of fingerless gloves.
Personality: Serenity is definitely not girly. She loves climbing, running, and athletic activities in general. She is quiet, but very competitive, and is more talkative once you get to know her. She is loyal, though it takes a while to earn her trust.
Likes: First of all, snakes.(Bit weird, she knows. Not many people like snakes.) She also likes music, art, and running, climbing, etc.
Dislikes: Chocolate. She hates it. Not only does it taste bad, it smells bad.(This is also my opinion irl.) She is terrified of spiders, and you will never see her touch one on purpose.
Background: She used to live in the Upperwest side of California with her family, and would spend most of her time in her room beating up her punching bag, or outside with her dog, Mocha, a mostly black and white rough collie. Her family died when she was 12, soon after the Screamers escaped into the world. She has spent the last three years traveling around with Mocha, doing her best to avoid the Screamers.


Name: Riynelle "Riyn" Mastion
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, although relationships are the farthest from her mind.

  • Hair: A really pale blonde, almost white. It's fine, but not too thin, and if the sun hits it right, it can look like melted silver. She usually keeps it up in a ponytail, with some hair falling loose to frame the sides of her face. Let down, it's kind of wavy, and reaches to the bottom of her rib cage.
  • Face: A little bit like a doll's. She's not the most beautiful person in the world, nor does she want to be. She has delicate features, a nose slightly crooked because of all the times its been broken, and plump lips. Her skin is pretty pale, which is unusual for people of her job. She has long lashes and her eyes are a silver-blue color. She has a scar on her right eye from when she was attacked by a wild dog when she was younger. It doesn't affect her vision, though, and it makes her look pretty cool.
  • Body: Slender and scarred. She's about 5'5'', and not super curvy, but not flat, either. Kind of average. She has scars all over her back, arms, and legs, as well as her hands. It's a sight to see.
  • Distinguishing Marks: The scars all across her body, especially on her face. She also has a piercing on her left ear and a tattoo of a wolf on her left thigh, a snake tattoo on her left ankle and lower leg, a crown tattoo on her collarbone and a tribal tattoo on her back.
  • Links: Riyn One, Riyn Two, Riyn Three
  • Usual Clothing: Something revealing, and very easy to move in. Usually, a pair of short shorts, held up by a belt. Her top is a tank top that hangs down in the back, so that her tattoos and scars are all visible. It catches the eye a lot. She also wears boots that lace up to her knees. On her belt, she has several weapons and pouches hanging from it. She has a jacket that she carries, but rarely wears.

Personality: If there was one word to describe Riyn, it would be fierce. She is independant, and hasa quick temper. She can never stand for being insulted, and if she is, then that person is better off dead. She can control her temper if she wants to, but she doesn't usually. She feels like it takes too much energy. She is a bit of a masochist, motivated and moved by pain. She is ruthless, cunning, and never to be underestimated. She is a helpful allyand a deadly enemy. She can be very helpful, but you have to convince her to work with you first. She's pretty loyal, and quick-witted.
Likes: Pain. She's a bit of a masochist. Scaring people, being underestimated, the color blue, fighting. Wood carvings, the scent of freshly cut wood, green plants, coffee.
Dislikes: Tight spaces, being humiliated, the scent of roses. She thinks it's too suffocating. Someone assuming that she's a girly-girl, being chased, assholes, the color pink, tea, unicorns.
Backround: Tbd

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Could I have a sample of your writing please? Doesnt have to be super long (though if your writing isnt how it was in the sample I have the right to kick you. That goes for everyone who's writing I dont know. Just a warning ♡)

Also I love everyones characters so far!!