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Okay these are all of the people thats asked to join.
Only Mosis and Cheers didnt get their sample and template up.
Since i tagged them, they should come and see this. But if they dont reply soon, lets say within the next day we’ll start without them. And if they still wanna join They can later in the roleplay as new characters or somethin.

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(By the way, theres no "good" screamers. You cant take them or keep them as pets n stuff. Theyre all rabid and will eat you if given the chance. Throughout the roleplay if we want to be able to find new types, we can maybe do that. But for now, nobodies known of a friendly screamer. I thought I should tell you that. Lol.)
(Also, if you want some of the characters can know eachother before hand and they could already be together. But if you want your character to already know someone else, ask the owner of the other character before posting.)

The blood pounding in his ears, his heart racing and his lungs burned from running so much. Five screamers after him. That was painfully annoying and there was no way Jezariah would be able to kill them all. He was able to weaken one before the others showed up but now all he could do was run until he found a safe place.
Entering yet another, what appeared to be a lost town, unable to read the sign as it was knocked down and the metal was completely covered by the vines overgrowing what appeared to be the whole town. He would usually try and cut off the vines to see it, but he had no time. He got a headstart already, there was no way Jez was about to slow down.
Getting into town, a little bit in he came across an abandoned mall. It was decently big and he figured the town had to have been a nice town. Well….before all of this.
Slipping inside of the mall, he immediately tried to find a way to the attic. An attic/storage room if you would. Boxes everywhere, most of them chewed open by rats and bugs. Jezariah got to a smaller area where he was only laying on the ceiling panels above the mall.

Three loud, deafening screeches sounded through the mall, and if anything living were in this town, they would hear. And most likely flee.
He figured he lost two of them, as the others would surely sound if they were nearby too.

One smaller black wolf like creature simply walked into the door way before the other one crashed through it, breaking the glass around the door frame. A Yelp came from the smaller one as some glass flew at it. Growling at the bigger one before it went to wander the mall.
The larger one was human like, but one thing…
Standing up straight, it was almost as tall as the ceiling. Its spine protruding out of it's back and it's long black arms dragging on the floor.
Pure white, yet hollow void looking eyes in its skull and a terrifying big smile to match it.
The last one walked on all fours, but looked as if all of its limbs had been broken, along with its neck as its head hung down. It had spiders crawling all over it, every now and then its long spiked tongue would lick some off of its face.
Luckily it looked like they didnt catch on, and the only one that could fit up here was the smallest one. Which would still be a challenge, but he could still kill. But now all Jezariah could do was wait.
Half of him hoped someone would come, but for their sake, he hoped they wouldnt. With three of these giant things, it would take at least two skilled people to get that one even down to the ground.

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(Thank you)

Nikkō was just cowering in a small ball of almost white fluff bc of his hair, he was looking down at the screamers and noticed how they interacted. He watched for a good while before noticing someone else just crawling onto the area not far away from him and he started to get nervous, he couldn't talk well with people so he just decided not to stay anything or his stutters might give their position away to the screamers. He didn't dare move because he was also worried about weight capacity and how much this thing could hold, if it broke that would mean they were done. At least he would be. He looked at the guy that crawled up obsevering his looks and how old he might be. He couldn't tell and the whole thing just felt futile anyway.

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Time went by slowly in the attic, dust stuck in his throat but Jez didnt dare caught. Managing to swallow it, as that was the only thing keeping his body from automatically coughing.
Soon a few hours went by and two of them left, leaving the smaller wolf like one. He used his dagger to cut a small hole through the tile.
Which he soon realized was a mistake when the cut out square fell down and the screamer looked straight up at him. Shivers went up his spine when before he knew it, the ceiling tile cracked.
He was sure to stay on the frame, but he slipped up. He didnt fall, thank goodness. A fall from this height would surely break something if not killing him.

He rarely, but quickly got down from the attic and fell from there, landing on his back, Jez groaned in pain for a second before getting up.
Coming down to the main lobby, a deep growl came from behind him.
Whipping around, his dagger in hand and his bag on the ground beside him, the screamer dashed towards him as Jez did the same. It was the size of a normal wolf and had the strength of one, but its defense was rather low. So it would be easier to kill.
He slid down as it dashed towards him, Jez only managing to graze its neck.
"Oh sorry, did I piss you off?" He says with sass as the monster yelped. Its blood was black with an electric yellow intertwined.
Ashes fell from it with every movements. It reminded him of the bird like screamers.
A lot of screamers took shape of an animal, but they all varied in sizes. There could be a rabbit looking one the size of a house. Those things are mean, Jez could tell you that much.

Rolling back up onto his knees from his back, then onto his feet, he shook off some ash and the screamer growled. He quickly pulled another dagger from his sheath on the side of his belt where he held a decent amount of tools and weapons. Throwing one of the blades, the wolf dodged to where it hit his side. Which would have to do though he meant to hit his head. That only made it more mad, though weaker as it was bleeding out immensely.
Another screech came from the monster, seeming to call for help, which depending on if theres any more around or not, would come soon so he needed to end this quickly before it could sound another one.
Jezariah quickly ran to the beast and stabbed its chest, getting clawed in the process.
After a few minutes of letting the screamer bleed out and die on the floor, he wrapped his arm which was bleeding pretty bad but he managed to stop it.
A bite mark on his leg, from when it was still struggling as it died, had already turned black. He was no doctor, so he knew he needed to at least find a drug store near by. They usually had first aid kits. Either that or he needed to find somebody. These things got infected really easily and you would have to get it treated quickly before it spread. He wasnt quite fond of the idea of cutting off his on leg because of this.

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Nikko watched everything unfold, including the battle between the two, the human and the screamer. He quickly climbed down, hoping that if he was fast enough he could catch up to the person and finally not be alone. He had stalked up a bunch of medical supplies, and he could help patch up the wounds from the fight. He stopped next to the guy, getting his medical stuff out the bag including anti biotics or disinfectant, bandages, pain killers (only like 3-4 left in the bottle), leaving his beat up sketchbook in the bag.
He quickly kneeled down, putting on plastic gloves and folding up his pant leg. He wasnt good at talking, he never had been, but he could help without doing that. Talking would have to come later. which he was dreading, he felt like his stuttering had gotten worse, and that it wa even harder to approach someone without almost having a panic attack. he would push through it though, he had to help this person. He analyzed the wound, wondering if he could just cut off a slab of flash and then bandage it up or just apply disinfectant to the wound and pray it worked. He took out his excto knife and cleaned it with the disinfectant and cut into it a little bit peeling back the infected flesh and noticing pink flesh behind it.
"S-s-sorry, b-but t-this is g-going to h-hurt a l-lot. H-h-heres s-some p-pain meds." he offered him the bottle. he then took the excto knife and cut of the infected flesh, quickly throwing it aside and apply some disinfecant to the wound and quickly pressing a gause to stop the bleeding and wrapping bandage around the wound.
"S-sorry….I-i j-just figured i-i w-would b-be b-better t-this w-way…s-sorry.>" he seemd like he was reading himself for the force yelling he was going to get from the person.

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Jez sat there in shock first of all. He didnt expect to see anyone around her. He hadnt seen a human being in…well at the very least two years.
And here this kid is, someone who doesnt know him. Helping him??? He could have been a threat. But nonetheless he found himself on the ground wincing in pain as he let the boy help him.
Were there others around here? Did everyone just help everyone?
It didnt seem like this kid had a lot of human interaction. And he woukd be excited too if he saw another human being but…skeptical of course.

He looked at him with a confused look once he was finished, which took a while.
"W-why?" He got out. Jezariah's voice was raspy and quiet. Obviously not used to talking to people with the expectation of someone answering him.
"I mean, thank you" he says shifting his weight to his other hip.

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He seemed surprised when he didn't hear any yelling and he looked up at jezariah before looking away nervously.
"O-o-oh u-um…i-i y-your i-injured a-and I h-have m-medical s-supplies…." He mumbled just loud enough for him to here. He turned back to him with a small glance his way. "y-your w-welcome…." He wanted to ask if he could start traveling with him but he couldn't seem to form the words needed to get what he wanted to say across. He frowned as he cleaned up his medical supplies and put it away in his bag, before just sitting there and staring at the ground waiting for a response.


"You know, this would be so much easier if you didn't exist," Riyn grumbled under her breath, whacking a screamer - a small one, thankfully - with an empty beer bottle she had found on the ground and sliding away from it, her hands stinging from the splinters already lodged in her palms. "I wouldn't have to be climbing all the time. And I could actually get some sleep."

The screamer gave a shriek, shaking its head, and then kept advancing toward her.

"But sleep is a myth, isn't it?" She continued, trying her best to find an opportunity to stand. Maybe then she could kick the thing away. It seemed small enough, about the size of a small dog… and just as ferious. And loud. "So I can't really sleep. Ever. Thanks to you stupid creature." She aimed a kick at the screamer, who jumped to the side and growled. She took this opportunity to jump to her feet and kick the screamer, who flew through the air and slammed into the wall.

Before it could get up again, she picked up the beer bottle and slammed it down onto the creature's head repeatedly, until it lay stunned. Then she surveyed her work, hands on her hips, before pulling a knife from her belt and stabbing the thing through the eye, straight into the brain. It convulsed for a moment, and then was still.

"You know, that was surprisingly easy for a screamer," she said to the dead corpse at her feet. She picked her knife back up, polishing it and cleaning it off with the hem of her shirt before turning to leave. She should get out of here before the smell of death attracted anything else.

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Nina heard the commotion from across the street where she was scavenging and peeked out the broken window curiously. It wasn't often that she heard human voices anymore, and couldn't help wanting to go see who it was. Of course, the stranger might not be friendly, but Nina wasn't one to judge before even giving them a chance.
Cautiously, she crossed the street, holding on tightly to the baseball bat she'd found. She had no idea how to use it in combat, actually, but she wasn't about to tell anyone that. Turning the corner, she stopped short when she saw a lone girl roughly her age, walking away from the body of a small screamer.
"Oh," she said in surprise. "Um, hello? Who are you?"


Serenity pressed her back against the wall, a kitchen knife held tightly in her hand, holding her breath as the screamer moved around outside the building. She could practically feel it looking in from the window next to her. Her rough collie, Mocha, was right by her side, staring at the window without a sound. Suddenly, the four-legged screamer burst in, sending glass everywhere. Serenity ran at it, stabbing it in the back with the knife while Mocha attacked it from the other side.

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(Uhm yeah sorry weve already got a lot of people)

Jez sat up a bit more, wincing in pain. He was a little creeped out by him. Since he came out of nowhere, didnt ask permission, no introductions of any sorts and just started touchin him all over the place and fixing him up.
He was appreciative, that was for sure. But he was still a bit freaked out.
"Uhm thats fine." He stood, straining his voice a bit as he did" im Jezariah…but can call me Jess" he gave a smile and held out his hand.
This dude didnt seem like a threat, and even if he was he would have to stick around. You dont find a human just anywhere nowadays.