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4 People
3 Days
2 Dead Bodies
1 Murderer

You're on a train, probably for business or personal reasons. You just expected 5 days of peace and quiet. Then came the 1ST body, they had found her body in the cargo cart, 5 stab wounds, dead. They tried to keep it a secret, in order to keep everyone calm. They found the 2ND body in one of the bathrooms, 5 stab wounds, dead. The train is now on full lockdown, no one is allowed to go in or out of their carts, only security and police personal. You are now stuck in a cart with 4 other people.
Little did you know
1 of them was the murderer.

I really hope that people know the etiquette of role-playing by now
Swearing is allowed
Blood and some gore is to be expected
Andrew's Rules
If I don't know you, I'll need a writing sample from you
No means No
Don't try and do anything important when I'm not there.


Age: 18+
Reason they're on the train:

The clocks ticking
I'll be waiting


(this gives me full Murder On The Orient Express vibes and I'm 100% down for it, if you'll have me that is)

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(Here's a creepy writing sample, I'd love to join if you'd let me: The warehouse was dark, the air dank with the smell of car exhaust. It had been a mechanic's shop before the Reveal that had put people like her in danger. Before the Reveal, Adira had worried that her powers would be found out or that she would lose control. Little did she know that there were so many more people just like her. She supposed it was good she didn't have to worry about her secret as much; now she just had to worry about dying.She was brought back to her surroundings by the sharp, heavy clip of heels on the concrete floor. It was the sound she dreaded, the sound she knew like companion. It frightened her. Adira breathing quickened, her chest rapidly fighting against the rope that bound her to the cold metal chair. The rope itself was special, preventing her from using her powers to escape.The footsteps grew louder and louder, growing closer and closer to their victim. Then she heard it, the musical sound the was in between a whistle and a hum. Always the same tune, never the same torture. Her captor was a large man, tall and lean yet still with a commanding frame. In other light, he may have looked handsome, with his clear caramel skin and thick, wavy, brown hair. In fact, many women idolized the hero they called Jaguar. But to Adira, he was a monster of the worst kind.)


(I end up sounding dramatic, or depressed, or something that adults whisper to each other when they turn away to discuss whether or not my feelings are valid. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, I know that, or at least the bad things that did happen to me happened so long ago that the only psychological implications are impossible to pin down, name and solve. The only thing anyone has ever told me that specifically concerns them about my well-being is my eyes, somehow, no matter how hard I train my lips, the gleam of an elated expression is fixed with the eye and mine are always lifelessly empty. People always tell me my eyes look sad. It’s because they are. But that’s not what I say.)

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"You know what I've wanted and you know why I do what I do.", Lucien stated,"So, why is it that you keep asking me the same questions over and over again?" He uncrossed his legs before standing up out of the chair; the screech coming from the bottom of the iron broke the silence for a second. Those ice bleak eyes stared down into the investigator's as the man stood still.

A small tingle feeling crawled up Harper's neck making the sides of her arm twitch momentarily. She couldn't face looking back at Lucien with the pure purpose that reflects against his stare. How it made her froze with not having a clear direction to pull herself out of this. Harper moved her seat back as she managed to get a glimpse back at the suspect who's somehow still waiting for an answer.

What Harper finds interesting is how the silence in the room is not affecting him at all. Lucien has his hand lying flat over the dark yellow file; he's not dragging it over to him or her, it's still. The lack of emotion in his face is what makes the eyes stand out to her. His posture is perfect yet rigid, she isn't sure if he is going to lunge at her or if this is all a waiting game to gain power. Lucien doesn't have anything on him to attack her with, so what the point be to kill her right then and there? Harper also noticed that his suit jacket is still buttoned; the past times he always opened it or placed the jacket behind the chair.

She bit the corners inside her lip trying to hide any possible sign or sudden smirk. "It's simple Mister Wildgrube, to see if you have anything new up your sleeve.", Harper remarked," You know, any change of interesting habits or people that could possibly be missing. Anything."

Lucien broke the gaze he kept with her, a grin appeared as he shook his head. How does he manage to overstep this time? Bringing his chair back, he sat down pushing the file closer to her. "Come on Harper my sweetheart, if you're smart enough to work on case with twenty people dead or missing, I think you would know by now."


(Alright, I know I haven't posted my character yet, lol, I want everyone to have their character up by tomorrow so that I can pick a murderer, sound good?)

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Name: Claude Jeong
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Claude has fair skin and a lean build. His hair is off black and his eyes are dark brown. Usually he has on a black baseball cap to cover his short neat-styled hair. He likes to wear long sleeve shirts or turtle neck sweaters to cover the tattoos he has. The only tattoo that is somewhat visible is the rose that he has on his neck. His ears are pierced; he only wears tiny silver hoops or studs.
Personality: To keep it simple, he is a calm and collected type of person. He rarely gets stressed or is on the brink of freaking out. Claude is an introvert that doesn't really mind being around others or going to large gatherings, but he prefers being alone. He breaks down things step by step or detail by detail; the guy likes to analyze things even if it's just something simple as a pen. With that, he's not afraid to share what's on his mind or pointing out things yet Claude doesn't like to share closely personal things or even his own emotions.
Reason they're on the train: Claude's mom is in the hospital so he's going to see her as a surprise.

(Sorry this took a while, let me know if there's anything needing editing :) )


(so very ironically, I have posted my character pretty late, but I'm hoping that everyone gets their character up soon, it doesn't have to be descriptive or anything and links are allowed.)
Name: Naomi Lee
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Medium, wavy, hazel hair; blue eyes; pale-to a lightish tan skin; is usually wearing makeup; Stands at 5'5; Athletic. She is usually just wearing baggy clothes like sweatpants and hoodies, and she has little smiley face earrings.
Personality: Cautious, she likes to take her time with things but isn't afraid to speak up and speak her mind. She is an ambivert and is usually chill and always trying to do her best. She always tries to be honest and is willing to stand up for what is right.
The reason they're on the train: On her way to University.


Name: Drew Peyton
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Standing at about 5'4, Drew screams upper-class, the only visible imperfection is a long scar the peaks around her neck on the left. She's fair skinned with blue eyes and dark straight hair that reaches the back of her knees. Clothing is always tight and quite usually black. The only jewellery she wears are helix earrings.
She's submissive in nature and will let others lead the conversation, but would never be called shy. She gains most of her status by befriending everyone around her and wriggling out their secrets. She'd probably make a good information source for any detective. She was adopted into her family and wasn't born into wealth so she knows and respects what both lives are like, she's generally kind unless she takes a disliking to someone.
Reason they're on the train:
It was the train or a private plane and she doesn't like heights. She didn't tell any of her family that she was catching public transport. She's travelling to meet her Mother for an art auction.

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I'm sorry it took me a while, but here he is:
Name: Alex (Alexander) Ferguson
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Alex has a lean build and is 6'3. He has dark skin, curly, black hair and deep brown eyes. His hair is cut short and he doesn't have facial hair. He is always very neatly dressed and seems very put together.
Personality: Alex is ambitious and wants to make a life and grow past his low income background. He is clever, intelligent, polite, and a hard worker. He is also optimistic and desperate to create a better life for himself and his future family. Alex is very kind to everyone he meets, but will do whatever it takes to accomplish his dreams. His worst fear is being dragged into the world of crime that surrounded him growing up.
Reason they're on the train: After receiving his business degree, Alex decides to move away from home and start a new life. His childhood neighborhood has a strong gang presence and Alex refused to let himself be dragged into it. He is hoping to move on with his life and forget his past.