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If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s music knowledge. Every genre, man. Can’t live without it.

For all my books, I make playlists to go along with them. This way, I don’t lose my inspiration while writing, and I can clearly keep an atmosphere consistent. This helps me write genres I’m less accustomed to, because it greatly helps in keeping consistent setting and feeling. Need any of that? I can help you.

Tell me about what kind of atmosphere you wanna create. What kind of book you wanna write. What kind of feel you wanna give. I will do my best to represent that through music, and make you a playlist of your own :D


Alright, here's a challenge for you.

Tragic high fantasy. Abused prince and nomad half-wolf healer enemies to lovers. Prince and Healer fall in love, take down the abuser and take over the kingdom. Prince disappears on a 5 year journey to figure himself out (breaking Healer's heart in the process since he had no idea) and come back together to officially take over. Things go great until one of the abuser's underlings decides he doesn't like it and starts a war which kills the Prince. Healer goes crazy from his grief, turns to necromancy to try and bring his husband back. Assassin vampire is hired to kill him cause people are scared. Vampire falls in love instead and slowly drags Healer (now king) out of his pit and makes him fall in love again. Vampire eventually gets caught as an assassin and is nearly executed until dead Prince's spirit saves him and he's forced to turn Healer into a vampire to save himself. Now they search for a way to bring Prince back to life together (they've got all the time in the world to do it).

And that's the simple version! Think you can do something with it?

@LittleRiver local_movies

Upbeat Ballroom Dark Fantasy:

  • Lillian — The Dear Hunter
  • Not Yet / Love Run (Reprise) — The Amazing Devil
  • For the Departed — Shayfer James
  • Look Away — The Dear Hunter
  • Villainous Thing — Shayfer James
  • Beneath the Brine — The Family Crest
  • King — The Amazing Devil
  • Welly Boots — The Amazing Devil
  • Sinners — Barns Courtney
  • A Night on the Town — The Dear Hunter
  • Bedroom Hymns — Florence + The Machine

Angst Central (Slow Dark Fantasy Vibes):

  • Dance For Me Wallis — Abel Korzeniowski
  • Ruin — The Amazing Devil
  • Shower Day — The Amazing Devil
  • Solar Waltz — Cosmo Sheldrake
  • Agoraphobia — Autoheart

and i have so much more if you want them!!


Eeee!! They all look so good! Although if I could redirect your idea, the entire thing has an overarching Achilles Come Down vibe if that gives you any more information

@LittleRiver local_movies

Achilles Come Down Vibes (+more):

  • Elsa’s Song — The Amazing Devil
  • 100 Years — Florence + The Machine
  • Out Of The Cold — Amos Lee
  • Talk // Dinner & Diatribes // NFWMB // Sunlight — All by Hozier (i recommend Sunlight the most, it’s so good)
  • Farewell Wanderlust — The Amazing Devil (sorry for recommending so much of them but they just have the best fantasy music imo)
  • Cypress Queen — The Last Bison
  • Blame — Air Traffic Controller
  • Adieu Mon Homme — Pomme
  • Dandelion Wine — Gregory Alan Isakov (one of my favorite artists/songs of all time, specifically the version with the Colorado Symphony)

Some of these are a little more upbeat than Achilles Come Down but all are a little dark and demented, i hope you like em!!


I would also love to point out the use of Hozier in this list (as someone who loves Hozier, I didn't even realize how much Sunlight fits these bois it's so absolutely fallen angel)

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ooooh okay! not sure I'll be able to describe my story very well but here goes:
(also it is set in the star wars universe but really it's just an adventure story)

two jedi padawans - blaze, adventurous and reckless, riyah, perceptive and introverted - who've been best friends since birth, escape an attack on their lives whilst travelling through space and find themselves on the run. while they escape relatively unharmed, they do have to witness the death of their best friends and mentors, feeling immensely guilty that they couldn't save them

they crashland on a lonely desert planet, where everyone seems empty and lifeless. there, they meet a qili, cynical mechanic who reluctantly gives them shelter. she's all alone after a failed uprising against her planet's corrupt government led to the deaths of her family. since then, she's refused to let anyone in, but can't help but feel like she should help these girls - after all, they have nobody either.

weeks pass, and one day they come across a droid wandering the desert, emitting some kind of message. with nothing better to do, they decode it and discover its origins - a secret society dedicated to providing shelter to those on the run, the sanctuary guild. a place that could solve all their problems. obsessed with tracking it down, they follow a trail of clues across the galaxy and come across ceryn, another young woman - an ardent campaigner, pacifist and believer in non-violence - running from her city's war.

the trail leads to a cold, snow-covered world. as soon as they arrive, riyah senses something off about the place. however, so close to the end goal, blaze can't back down now. however, riyah's fears are confirmed when they are ambushed by hostile bandits and almost killed - but suddenly, they're saved (god that sounds way worse on a synopsis!) by karolt, blaze's former mentor, who both had presumed dead. though the danger has seemingly passed, riyah's sense of dread hasn't.

they're led to a safe warehouse by karolt, who assures them he can find a safe place to hide. but when the warehouse doors slam shut behind them, they realise the truth. twisted by desperation, karolt is no longer on their side. (this story sounds so bad on paper!!) they attempt to fight him, but lacking training are no match for his experience. riyah is taken to who knows where - that's a matter for book 2 lmao

I want the book to feel like an adventure, an escape. yes, there's danger, but it's like cosy danger, if you get what I mean. I want it to feel like a medieval quest in space - four brave people travelling, following clues to a mysterious end goal. and of course, they learn stuff about themselves and help each other grow (that sounds so mushy ugh) along the way.

that sounded absolutely terrible. I promise it's better than it sounds.

@LittleRiver local_movies

I would also love to point out the use of Hozier in this list (as someone who loves Hozier, I didn't even realize how much Sunlight fits these bois it's so absolutely fallen angel)


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I would also love to point out the use of Hozier in this list (as someone who loves Hozier, I didn't even realize how much Sunlight fits these bois it's so absolutely fallen angel)


YEEE! I've been listening to it and it's absolutely perfect!!

@LittleRiver local_movies


Space Jams (pun intended), aka Powerful yet Slow/Sad tunes:

  • Sleeping At Last’s entire Atlas: Space (Deluxe) album. (Linked the spotify). I especially recommend Earth, Saturn, and Jupiter! but all are phenomenal and all based off of each planet. Amazing space vibe. Also huge recommend to his Astronomy, Vol. 1 album.
  • Morning Star / Starlit Summer’s Eve / The Astronaut (acoustic version specifically) — all by Vian Izak (highly highly recommend The Astronaut!! It’s a beautiful song)
  • It’s Called: Freefall / Devil Like Me — both by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Perfect for the Burning Desert Sands:

  • Ashina Outskirts — Payu
  • Gentle Blade — Celestial Aeon Project
  • Okatsu I — Yugo Kanno
  • Antwerpen Branle — Andrei Krylov

The Sting Of Angst and Betrayal:

  • Out Of The Cold — Amos Lee
  • Pray — The Amazing Devil
  • Atlas: Eight — Sleeping At Last
  • Straight Razor — Matt Maeson
  • Blood Runs Red — Matt Maeson
  • No Vacancy — Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Genesis (Acoustic) — Armors
  • LUCKY PENNY — JD McPherson
  • Name — Armors
  • Rule the World — Zayde Wølf

Alright so these really are all over the place so if you want any more like a certain one I named then I’d be happy to give more that fit it!