forum Ways to kill people using telekinesis
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Make parts of their body other than their trachea implode! Squish their heart, lungs, or brain! Cause blood to violently spew out of any and all orifices, or make some more! Break their bones one by one and have them go into shock! Pull a Bill Cipher and shuffle the functions of their face! Cause their limbs to break and twist 180 degrees! Rupture their stomach and have the acid digest them from the inside out! Rip their arms off and beat them to death with them! Invert their genitalia! Invert their EVERYTHING! Rip their skin off and have them walk around like a living anatomy poster! Disconnect their digestive system and make them poop it out! Feed them their toes! Rip their teeth out! Have them beat themselves to death (but you need to have the telekinetic say "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.")! Crush them like a tin can! Rip off their limbs and shove them up their butt!

I think I might need to go see a therapist…


Now I see why ALL many of these weren't included in Star Wars
But wait, here's more!
Burst their eardrums. Literally squish them. Rip them limb to limb….
You know what, I don't want a therapist


Or something really subtle, like taking pieces of scrap metal and wedging them deeper into your victims ears/nose while you listen to their cries for mercy


-Stop/misdirect blood flow
-Block their airway
-Hit/stab/burn/otherwise hurt them with an object
-Idk I think most of the good ones have been said. Unless… How fine-tuned is this telekinetic's ability? Could they manipulate individual cells, or, even better, manipulate light & sound waves? If so, there are many more creative torture/murder options.

@Yamatsu Earthbender

I dunno, man. Making them expel their own digestive system seems pretty creative to me. Mortal Kombat ain't got shit compared to what a deranged writer can come up with!