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In the story I'm writing, there are vampires. I'm trying to figure out how humans turn into vampires. Right now, the way it happens is if a human gets vampire blood in a main vein/artery. It makes its way to the heart and changes them from there. I'm not sure if I want to stick with that, though. Does anyone have any ideas for alternative ways I could use? I don't want to copy word-for-word the methods used in other vampire stories, I'd like it to be at least a bit unique if possible. Any help would be appreciated!

(Note: Sorry if this is in the wrong place! I'm new to this website, so I just went with magic since vampires are magical creatures in my story.)

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One alternative I use, and this is perhaps my favourite, is through a pureblood’s saliva.
The way I see it, only Purebloods should have the ability to turn humans into vampires rather than making it so half-vamps can do it as well.
Through this method, purebloods can actually pass on their genetics peacefully, but I also means they have to be a lot more attentive to cleanliness. What do you think would happen if they were out to dinner with a human whom they had no intention of turning into a vampire, and that human were to eat from the vampire’s fork while sharing their dessert? Even the slightest trace of a pureblood’s saliva will cause changes to occur…

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I like the idea of it being a sort-of STD, but it should pass through all bodily fluids and can THEN pass genetically through the father, as a mutation in the X-Chromosome is more likely to be covered up in women (who have two X's).

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Not sure if this fits into the world you have but maybe turning other people into vampires could be done through magic or some kind of blood pact/ritual? It would probably be seen as something done between close friends or family in the more common world to show a lasting bond but that isn't stopping some good old fashioned magic vampire cult stuff and sacrifices from turning people into vampires for one reason or another.

Or you could edit that concept to something more fast and easy? Magical weapons perhaps? Magic as a concept is flexible and as long as you have good strengths and weaknesses it could work.

If thats too formal or magic doesn't exist in your world then having it being transferred through bodily fluids would be a good bet but maybe you could spice it up and have improper burials, cursed souls, vengeful souls, or just anyone who has unfinished business in the living world. Think of it like a ghost point of view for a vampire.

Hopefully this helps give some ideas!