forum How familiar is the average person [AKA You :)] with Irish Mythology?
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I know that’s kinda a weird question but I’ve been thinking about it recently. I feel like most people have a pretty wide knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology from literature and then a basic understanding of Egyptian and Norse myths because they’re so popular in movies, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a lot of Celtic legends outside of a random leprechaun or banshee. I ask because I’m working on a story with some old Irish tales woven into its mythos and want to know how much the average reader would be familiar with already, and what I should explain. Does that make sense?
Haha okay thanks for any input.

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the… the irish have a mythology?

Lmao I’m not at all familiar.


Yeah and it's really kinda cool. Hahaha good that's kinda perfect. Irish Mythology is weird and unlike say Greek where you always know who every one is why they do what they do, Irish is just a soup or random magic and half written legends where creatures and gods just kinda show up and mortals just have to roll with it. It's really fun to try and fill in the gaps ya know, which means I get total creative freedom and no one will know the difference lol. Thanks


I don't know anything about Irish mythology but I would be really intrigued to read about it so I think that is a really great aspect to add to a story.

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I think it would be cool reading something that had a reference to Dagda's Harp, or possibly the Children of Lir – even better if a character is a child of Lir!

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I have read this one book series, that had a whole bunch of random mythologies in it, it's mostly cause of that that I know anything. But it might also be cause my mom made me do the Celtics in my history curriculum. Basically my point is is that I know more than the average person…


That's so awesome that people would be interested! My central character is a actually a modified version of a Cassar the Voyager (who I'm resurrecting into the modern world where my story takes place, one of my other characters grew up in 1990s in a cult devoted to the Tuatha de danann, is part of the bloodline cursed at Stumpy's Brae - I've even got ol' stingy Jack in the mix, it's kinda a hot mess) It's been really fun to pick through a few thousand years and culminate it all. I also thought it could be fun to mix in some traditional Catholic mythos as well to really get the whole picture of the national folklore.