forum I've written a ton about my place... who wants to help me review it?
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wow that's a very developed location! I'll try to ask some questions to help you write even more.

Hmm… Arctic is a very normal name. I would think of a some more complex name, but that's up to you.
The description is okay, but why exactly this country is kept secret from the "surface"? It's important to answer all the 'why' questions (unless it's a spoiler :)).

Maybe you could specify what crops are the most popular? How do plants grow without sunlight?
How does the air conditioning work? Are there colder and warmer days? Does 'weather' exist there?

What differences are there between English languages? Maybe some common grammar mistakes?
I really like how the currency 'sounds'. Everything is good, but I'd like to know more about the appearance of individual coins.

Ranking system:
Very creative! Everything is understandable. Maybe you could write about people's opinions about the system.

Only one question. When a person's rank changes, what do they do to change it on their ID? Do they have to go somewhere and have someone to update their ID, or maybe it changes automatically?

I can't think of any questions here. Everything is clear.

You could elaborate more in the 'Founding story' field. And you could specify what conflicts people were involved in. Economic? Ethical?
Wouldn't the underground be warmer than the surface? It's closer to the core of Earth, so I think the temperature would be higher (but I'm no geologist).

Arctic operations:
The jobs are fine. What people are supposed to know about Arctic?

" (…) some people (generally older) still use the other names for them." oh I love this part! I wouldn't think of that. Eveything here is well written!

No questions here, alles gut!

I love the vibe of this country. I would like to know much much more! 9/10, be sure to answer 'why' questions!

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oh my gosh thank you!!! i will make sure to answer all of the questions i think i did add an explanation to the name on history but thank you so much!! this is very helpful thank you!


I know this thread is like a week old, but I just wanted to suggest a couple things!

First off, the great thing about living underground is that the temperature is pretty constant no matter what the temperature is outside. Polar bears in the (real) Arctic will dig holes to live in because it's warmer than the air above, while creatures that live in the desert dig holes because it's cooler underground. No matter where you are, underground is almost always a constant 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit (12-15 degrees Celsius, which Arctic will likely use). So Arctic won't have that much focus on temperature control, and the people who live there will probably be used to living at that temperature (I wouldn't know, I'm Floridian and 60 F is winter coat-weather for me, but I have friends who live farther north that laugh at me for saying that) (jokes on them though they can't sleep in a room above 70 degrees)

If Arctic is a global thing, it's very unlikely that everyone will speak English. If they were all to speak a collective language, it would probably be Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, which rank higher than English in native speakers. It's more likely, however, that people speak a whole variety of languages, and multilinguality is common there. However, they will begin to mix and match and steal words and eventually form their own collective language to communicate with each other. History has shown time and again that you simply cannot lump a bunch of people together in one place and expect them not to make their own way to talk to everyone.

How is Arctic protected from earthquakes? Do they make sure not to build near fault lines? Because that would mean Arctic is broken up into segments, and that would definitely hinder transportation, and different segments of Arctic would likely develop their own cultures from each other.

Speaking of cultures, what is the culture of Arctic like? What do they wear? Do they value tradition, or innovation? (likely innovation, since it takes a lot of it to develop a whole underground nation.) What is the technology like? What kind of art do they favor?

How do they communicate with people who are far away? Because it's pretty hard to get WiFi when you're underground. Unless they develop a better way to communicate (like making their own service provider on the Surface but not telling anyone about it and using it to send signals aboveground or something like that), those segments I mentioned earlier will probably be very cut off from each other and they might develop their own versions of that collective language they created.

What is the government like? Is it ruled by a democracy? Autocracy (one person in power)? Oligarchy (self-appointed group of people in power)? Is there a capitalist or communist system in place? Or there is a mix of both, which is what I feel you're aiming for.

Arctic will only be able to go so deep without hitting magma, which means they'll have to do a lot of spreading out. This means that either there's a shortage of space, or parts of Arctic are going to be underwater!

Where does Arctic get their energy from? Solar panels and wind turbines seem to malfunction underground for some reason, so Arctic will either be heavily dependent on fossil fuels (which is a problem with dwindling resources), or most, if not all, of their energy will come from geothermal sources. Geothermal energy, while clean, is still expensive and location specific - while Arctic will probably have a lot more access to it, being underground and all, they will probably try to conserve it as much as possible, so, again, I don't think they'll be spending too much on temperature regulation. rip Floridians
(That, or they've made a lot of advancements in geothermal energy and it's a big part of their culture. Still, they'll probably sell that extra energy instead of using it on heating)

How do people get oxygen? Is it pumped underground, or do they have technology that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen? (which already exists, btw!)

Do they use the metric or customary system, or do they have their own measurement system? If they collaborate a lot with other countries, then they will probably use the metric system because they're not idiots who want to make everyone's life harder, but if they're more secretive, then they will still use the metric system, because it's convenient, almost everyone already uses it and why go through the trouble of designing a new one?

Overall, I think Arctic is great! Your worldbuilding is really interesting and I love all the details you went into.

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thank you!! i was actually getting a bit of writers block on arctic so thank you so much for this!! a few of these like oxygen and electricity some friends of mine brought up and i was thinking about so thank you so much for giving examples! i will definitly look at all of your questions and try to answer each of them in my location! again, thank you!!