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For made up names I do some of this techniques:

  • I look around my surroundings and take first letter of every thing that catches my eye.
    e.g. I see a clock, a notebook, some posters, so I'll take Z, E, L… oh, I think Zelthra sounds nice.
  • I do kgswtkckyffiy on my keyboard and try to find letters that are actually readable:
    (kgsw)(tkcky)(ffiy) = Kagesew, Teicky, Effiny
  • I mix translations of a word in different languages.
    e.g. light - lux (Latin), svetlina (Bulgarian), φως - read as 'fos' (Greek)
    lux + svetlina + fos = Fosluve, Liluxo, Vetosu, etc.

For those names you just need a little bit of your creativity and wits!

For real names I can think of some questions.

  • Does this city have a characteristic landmark, building, animal, or some other thing?
    If the city is known for its waterfalls, it can be named River Falls, Bluegardens, or just Waterfall City.
  • Does this city have an important story or legend behind its founding?
    If the city has been founded during a full moon, it can be named Moonshield, Silverglow, or Bright Skies.
  • Do people of this city have any old traditions?
    If the people of the city jump over a campfire every year for good luck, it can be named Fire's Luck, Flame Hill, or Burning Wood Valley.

If those names sound as cringey to you as they sound to me you can just go on Google Maps and rip off some realistic sounding names from real countries.

Hope I somewhat helped!


Ohh those are all awesome techniques! I also use taxonomy names of animals, with a city-like suffix, like -ton or -burg or -city. Throw in a "New" there for added History, lol. Here's a bunch from the Corvidae family (crows/ravens/jays)

  • Garrulusburg
  • Zavattariornis City
  • New Platysmurus
  • Dendrocitton
  • Laniidaeburg
  • New Crypsirininae City
  • Temnuruston


Those are great ideas! I also use google translate (what's North in Korean?), unusual last names of my friends (Badura), or a descriptive term of the major industry in that city or town (Sheep's End, White Port).