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Lux took a closer look at the ring. "Hmmm, there might be something like that. Baxtor's siblings own a museum of magical artifacts, they might have something, or at least know something. " The girls looked excited.
"We get to visit Aunt Win and Wen?!"
"We being Me, Farah, and Baxtor. You and Diamond are grounded for going in the vents; Again." Tiara huffed, and sat down. Lux ruffled Tiara's hair and smile, turning their attention to Farah. "Baxtor's twin siblings, Winifred and Wendel, own a collector's shop in the Dark Isles. They might have something like that ring of yours. Lux handed Farah a photo, a normal one. No futuristic device with a hologram, but a simple, glossy photograph of Baxtor and the twins. On the left was Winifred, a tall black woman with short, curly black hair and cyan eyes. She had a slim gray pencil dress with lace trimmings and black heels. On the right was Wendel, similar to his twin sister but with longer wavy hair and a loose silk jumpsuit. In the middle was Baxtor, standing tall and musclar. Ironically, Baxtor was the youngest out of the three.

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Farah smiled at the affectionate exchange between Lux and Tiara before focusing more on Lux's explanation. "A collector's shop?" she asked curiously. "How far will it take to travel there? And what kind of artifacts do they collect?"

She paused a moment to take in the picture, able to recognize Baxtor and distinguish the twins.

"I can't wait to meet them," the fairy said, handing back the photo. "I was given my gateway ring from… Luna, actually."

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"Oh a shit ton of things. From weapons to jewelry to journals. Anything you won't find here, it's in their place. It's a short train ride to the Dark Isles, but we're gonna have to go tomorrow." The train halts to a stop to the home. The kids ran out the train doors as if they were racing, with Brooklyn following them, eyes glued to her phone. Lux came out with Farah by their side. "It's better to get some rest for tonight, we did overwhelm you today with everything, we should have taken a better approach. For that I apologize. But don't worry, well get you and you friends back home." Lux followed the rest inside and sighed. Baxtor smiled at Lux and picked them, hugging them tightly. "Mmmmmmm, hello my love, you are crushing my ribs." Lux coughed.
"Sorry my dear!" Baxtor placed them down. "But Clem is back from vacation! She's resting upstairs." A warm and content smile grow on Lux's face as she closes the door behind Farah.

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As the train stopped, Farah was quick to get up and stick by Lux’s side, even if they did make her a bit nervous.

“It’s alright,” Farah insisted. “I’d much rather know about things than be left wondering. But would you mind if—“

“Farah!” Saul’s voice called out to her a second before he engulfed her in a tight hug, just like Baxter was doing to Lux.

“Saul, please,” Farah groaned before he set her down. But before she knew it, her Specialist partner was whisking her away and back to the room they’d been given. Saul was determined to keep Farah from getting too attached to this place. He knew what would happen to the Otherworld if Farah didn’t return and Rosalind was free to wreck havoc over the Seven Realms.

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Baxtor and Lux watched the Saul race off with Farah/ When they were out of ear shot the two walked to the kitchen to talk alone. Baxtor kissed Lux's shoulder and sat they down. Lux's ears fluttered at the kiss. "Bax!" They yelped with a swirl of rosy red appearing on their cheeks. Baxtor chuckled.
"Bax? Haven't heard that nickname in a while. So, how was ZQ?"
"As weird as when I first got here….I talked to her about Nova and Luna." Baxtor raised a brow
"Nothing really, but she knows Luna. If we find Luna, she might know something about Nova's disappearance."
"And if she doesn't?" Silence, only for a moment, but still silence. There was a gut turning feeling in Lux's stomach.
"…I don't know. They aren't dead. Nova isn't dead! I know that, I just know"
"I believe you, I don't think they're gone. But… we might have to wait on them. We can only meet them halfway, they have to do the rest. Please, don't be brash. These people want to go home, at least the other one does. You can't use this an opportunity to get closer to Nova." Lux leaned on Baxtor's shoulder, holding his hand and resting their head.
"You're right, I just…I miss my husband."
"I know, I miss them too. But besides Luna, there's nothing we can. There's nothing wrong with this, we did everything we could. You did everything you could." Baxtor kissed Lux's head. Lux smiled and nudged Baxtor.
"We're going to see Wen and Win to see if they have anything, you wanna come?" Baxtor went to the stove to brew some tea, walking with a skip in his step.
"You know? It be nice to see my siblings. Plus Clem came back, they should come with us! Also Brookyln can see they're girlfriend." Lux started laughing.
"You being happy somehow makes me forgot my troubles." With a tail wag and a smile, Baxtor started talking about travel plans for tomorrow

(This is kinda a filler bit I thought it would be nice. If you would like you can have a filler for Farah and Sul or we can time skip to the next day)