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The city of Ceridwen was once one of the shining jewels in the kingdom of Aurel's crown.


No longer. A plague crept into the city. A magic plague, that kills everyone who catches it. The plague has raged unchecked for years, a cure not yet found. The city is now a husk of what it once was. Ash settles on the buildings; they have run out of space for graves, so the dead are burned en masse.

Those who are Immune are branded on their right wrist, marked with an "I" to show that they cannot catch this plague. The Immune work night and day to try and keep up with the dead and dying, trying to keep the city from becoming any worse. But they are vastly outnumbered by those whose immunity is unknown. By those who can catch the plague and who, if they do catch it, will surely die.

The city has a new name. The city of Ash. That is what travelers call it, in hushed tones when they bother to speak of it at all. Unlucky is the man who must visit the City of Ash.

And the king? The king ignores it, for the most part. He sends no one to help, but sends only funds when funds are requested. He leaves the city to founder, treating it like a circus attraction. Like something to see and recoil from and then leave. Most nobles carry the same attitude.

The "doctors" of Ceridwen? Most aren't really doctors. Most have no formal training, since just those who are Immune are able to visit the ill. Most of the Immune have only rudimentary training; most of their attention goes to those who have the plague. Only if they have time do they bother with anything else. They are simply too overworked and overwhelmed to help everyone with everything, and their pleas to the king go unacknowledged and unanswered.

Most doctors are called "Ravens", because of the beak-like masks they wear, and because they dress head to toe in black.

One of these Ravens is 18 year old Quinn Careth, Immune, lone survivor of his family. He, like the other Ravens, is overworked and overwhelmed, and stumbles home exhausted each night, only to wake up and do it all again in the morning.

He does his best to help people, and is compassionate and gentle when he can be.

Character A is the prince of Aurel, who has heard many rumors about Ceridwen, the City of Ash, and is determined to find out the truth for himself. When he arrives, he is greeted by the stench of smoke and burning bodies. He approaches a cart, and lifts a canvas, only to discover that underneath is a pile of the dead, waiting to be burned. Someone shoves him away. A man in black, with a mask like a bird's beak, who tears back the right sleeve of his clothing, muttering curses when the skin there is smooth and unbranded.

The man identifies himself as Quinn Careth, and brings character A back to his home to protect him. He doesn't know who A is, and that is obvious by the way he talks of the king and the monarchy. Disparagingly, angrily. Saying that the king is a bastard who doesn't deserve his throne.

Eventually, A reveals who he is, and asks Quinn to leave the city with him. Asks him to come and speak to the king and the nobility of what's going on in Ceridwen, to see if maybe that will convince them to help more than they have. Quinn reluctantly agrees.

So one, for the Ravens, picture a plague doctor, essentially. Two, this is going to be a fantasy RP, and a romance. A and Quinn are eventually going to fall in love. I would prefer if this was more of a slowburn, not an instalove sort of thing. I'll be the king, if/when it is necessary. I will be Quinn, you will be A. This may be dark in places, so…be prepared


  • Andrew's rules apply
  • descriptive, four sentence minimum
  • again, this may get dark in places
  • Smutty stuff will be taken to PMs
  • I reserve the right to say no


Age: (between 18 and 22 please)
Magic?: (No OP)

Name: Quinn James Careth
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Looks: Quinn is about 5'7", and slim, with a decent amount of musculature. Enough to carry a body, anyway. He has pale blonde hair that goes to about his shoulders in length, and is straight, without much curl to it at all. His eyes are a medium grey color. He is white, with rather pale skin, save for a very small amount of freckles on his forehead and the bridge of his nose.
Magic?: Ruin and Rebirth. He can cause things to rot/ruin faster than they would naturally (like Marcella in Vengeful by V E Schwab, except not quite as powerful). Can also heal things, though that power doesn't extend to the plague, sadly. His abilities, he has discovered, do not affect those with the plague.
Other: Aesthetic board


Name: Antiono Pearl
Nicknames: Tony, Ant (For those really close to him)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Looks: Tony is about 5'5" with a thinner, but muscular type of body (Prince bod). He's got straight side-swept brown hair with blue tips to which he dyed brown when visiting the city of Ash to be less recognizable. His eyes are a light blue-silver color that seems to shift between the two constantly. He has slightly tanned skin with lighter renditions of a few choice scars from assination attempts when he was much younger.
Magic?: Hydrokinetic like powers. Think waterbenders from ATLA and that's basically his abilities.



Quinn slipped into what once was known as Rose Square. What had once been one of the largest, grandest squares in the city, had become one of the main burning grounds for bodies. He looked at the carts, already piled high with the dead. Flitting through the square were other Ravens, dragging bodies, stoking the fire. He adjusted his mask and moved to assist, guiding one of the carts closer in order to make it easier to reach the bodies lying upon it. The City of Ash was suffering; had been for years, and the king did nothing about it. Just profited off of their troubles.


Antonio had heard the rumors that surrounded the city of Ash. Of how desolate and horrible it was with almost no one living there so it wasn't worth sending supplies or aid. He, being the crown prince and future king, decided to go and see for himself this rumored city. What he saw was nothing like he was expecting. The city had people, almost a decent sized population if not for the plague that effected it. And he would have assumed these people were mearly sick if not for the stench thick in the air as he made his approach on foot. Upon reaching the center of the city, a place once filled with beuaty, he spotted the carts. His curiosity took over and he decided one peak couldn't hurt, there was probably nothing in them anyway, only to be horrified at the result. Bodies, dead bodies, oh it was so much worse than he could have imagined.


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Quinn turned back to the cart, and his eyes widened when he saw a young man standing there. He darted over, grabbing the man's hand and pulling him away, pulling back the sleeve of his right wrist. His lips tightened when he saw no branded "I", no marking that this man was Immune. "Idiot! Do you want to Die?" he snapped, pushing the man out of the square and away from the bodies.


(Okay night!)

Antonio looked at the man with wide eyes. He was waring some type of bird mask for whatever reason and Antonio didn't know why. So he let himself get pulled by the other away from the town square still trying to process what he just saw. His mind eventually caught up and he began to move his mouth knowing he had to talk his way out, probably, "I, I didn't know. I'm not from around here."


Quinn sighed. "Yeah, no shit." he grumbled. "What the hell were you thinking?" he shook his head tiredly. He adjusted the mask, unsure what to do. He pushed the young man down the street; not roughly, but not gently either, trying to get him away from the bodies and the fires that belched ash into the sky, devouring the dead until nothing was left of them.


"I was curious?" Antonio replied in much more of a questioning tone than he would have liked. He started to walk faster so the other wasn't so pushy with him as he racked his mind trying find a more proper excuse to the other's questions. Tony couldn't think of anything still too shaken by the sight of all the dead bodies in the cart. How long had these people been burning there dead? Is that how bad it really was here?


Quinn snorted. "You aren't immune. Curiosity like that will get you killed." he snapped. "Come on." he led the young man to a good distance away, then turned to him. The streets were mostly empty; only a few people scurrying back and forth between the buildings. "What are you doing here? You obviously aren't from Ceridwen, so what business do you have here?"