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Honestly, I'm just a little obsessed with House of Dragons and Daemon Targaryen. The only similarities between him and my character are gonna be the description and it's a fantasy world. This is open for a male or female love interest.

The kingdom of Vallisaria was the only kingdom of dragons and magic. It was the strongest kingdom in the nation, and because of that, was always under constant attack. Fear of their power or gree of their resources fueled the attacks against the kingdom. Thousands of soldiers and civilians had died on all sides of the war. It was time for a stop and yet the fighting never ended. King Everand had exhausted himself on political alliances, only for them fall apart no less than a couple years later. It was time for a more permanent alliance. A marriage between his heir and a member of Enisan kingdom. Their naval fleet could be a tipping point in the war. It was essential this marriage worked. The problem lay with the crown prince.
Lucian Callasistar was a name that striked fear or pride in men's hearts, depending on what side you were on. The crown prince protected the people that belonged to him, hurt them, and the dragon rider would rain hellfire on them. He was ruthless and tended to do as he pleased, whether or not it was the king's wishes. It had caused more bloodshed than necessary, but Lucian thrived in it. The stench of blood had his heart racing, his hands twitching. he would kill and kill again until all of his enemies were dead. No marriage would stop him or reign him in. He knew his father wanted to use this as a means to control him. He go through this yes, for his kingdom, but it didn't mean it would be a happy one. Nothing, not marriage or love, would stop him. He could not be stopped.

Character Form:
Sexual Orientation:
Magic (if any):


(It is pretty explicit. Feel free to join. But with having multiple rps together I might end up favoring one more than another, and responding to that one more if you're okay with that.)

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Name: Ruby Kizuki
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: straight
Magic (if any): she can talk to animals, she also has the ability to heal if she gives her own energy up.
Personality: she's very shy and timid, think fluttershy but a little but more insecure. She's got a nice personality and likes to hang around animals but she just gets too shy around new people.
Other: she's not used to being without her older brother so her generally reputation is her being too sheltered for her own good.


Name: Lucian Callasistar Crown Prince to the Vallisarian Throne
Age: Twenty-sen
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Magic (if any): Lucian is fireproof with his own magic grasp on fire. He is limited on his use of fire but with a bloody dragon, he doesn't need to call on his magic often.
Appearance: Lucian is a fine specimen. His body was pure muscle from years of war. He towered at six foot two, taller than most men in his command and at court. His platinum hair lay just to his shoulder blade, usually plaited so the strands remained out of his face. He had deep blue eyes that could pierce your soul. He had a strong jaw and a crooked nose from it being broken one too many times. His body was riddled in scars from his victories and he wore them proudly. They showed that he survived. That he was not someone to be trifled with. His face was hard structured. Not many would call him handsome. he was not a dainty prince who lounged at court. He was a warrior. Appearances had no value to him, only skill.
Personality: Lucian fulfilled his nickname quite well. Rogue Prince. He could not, would not, be controlled. He was reckless and violent. He did not think about the consequences that his actions would give. He did not care for others' feelings. He did what had to be done, whether it was a decision supported by others or not. He was bloodthirsty. He enjoyed the sight of seeing his enemies bleed before him. He loved to hear their screams as his dragon burned them alive. He was abrasive and rude. He was never one to conform to court etiquette. he could care less about winning over pussies and cowards. he was a man of action.
Other: His dragon is a beautiful girl, a color so dark blue she was almost black. She was a slender dragon, leaner than many of the others. It was an advantage to get through tight valleys and take sharp corners. Her size did not diminish her power. She was a warrior. And she was Lucian's. He would kill anyone that dare harm Rennil.