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Evander Weylyn's people have no idea what their young king did to defend them when their country was on the verge of defeat. They have no idea how much the young man lost, the monster that he became to keep them safe. They have no idea what he sacrificed for Aven, their country, how he gave up his soul, body, and mind for them.

And he intends to keep it that way.

Someone new has arrived in the palace. Someone who doesn't know not to ask, someone who doesn't know that he doesn't want to talk about it. Someone who keeps asking questions about everything; every little thing, every little strange detail.

Evander is so tired of fighting himself. He is so tired of deflecting questions and hiding how deep the breakage is. How fractured his soul has become. And so when this new person arrives, he isn't sure what to do. Isn't sure how to keep his damage hidden.

Your character is the new person. They could be an ambassador, visitors from another country, a noble, pretty much anything. I will be Evander. This will be a Romance, it takes place in a fantasy world. Pairing can be whatever you like.


  • All of Andrew's rules apply
  • This will deal with dark, heavy, mature themes, so please let me know of any triggers you have
  • Smut will go to PMs
  • No one liners, please be descriptive and have good grammar/spelling; three sentence replies at the minimum please
  • I reserve the right to say no to requests to join
  • if you have any ideas to add drama/suspense/angst to the RP, throw them out there!

I will post the templates once someone joins

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Five minutes. That's all Louis has to get the journal, sneak out, give it to Jasper, and slip back into the party without any trouble. This should be easy as long as everything goes according to plan. 

After he shut the door, he quickly glanced down at his watch. A quarter to ten which means that Alagona should be walking over at any moment now. He shook his head, trying to calm his nerves, and crept over to the desk.

Just as he was told beforehand, he knelt down and opened the second drawer. When he removed the pile of paper, there was a small string laying underneath. Louis glanced over at the door before pulling it. There was a secret department in the drawer that held the black journal. His eyes lit up as he picked it up. Oh thank the heavens above.

The moment of joy had come come gone. Next thing he knew there were footsteps coming from down the hallway. They were heavy. After a few, he heard a low grunt. Merda merda merda.

Louis swiftly lowered the divider and placed the papers back in the drawer. Once he closed it, he dashed over to the side of the door. The journal was wrapped in his arms, pressing against his chest. He leaned over hearing as the steps got closer and closer.

"Ah, Signore Alagona," He heard Mark call out from outside. "Forgive me for bothering you, but I was wondering if we could talk for a moment or two."

Every single second that passed by in silence was another moment pushing him towards the edge. It was hard to hear with his heart practically beating out of his chest. Louis made the sign of the cross. A small wave of relief overcame him despite waiting in anticipation.

The older man must have nodded his head or something of sorts for he heard a low hum. "And what will be discussing?" Alagona asked, removing his hand from the door knob.

"Well, I was wondering if we could perhaps talk about the deal that the Nagels made with the Cassanos. My boss is very concerned about it you see," Mark stated.

It wasn't long after till another hum was heard from Alagona. Louis pressed his ear against the wall, hearing as the two men's footsteps grew quiet as they walked away. He could hear them talking, but it did not matter. All he needs to do is get out and they'll be closer to completing the mission.

(My apologies for the wait, but here it is!)


Gender and Sexuality:
Age: (between 20 and 25, please)
Backstory: (optional)
Theme Song: (optional)

Name: Evander Montgomery Weylyn
Nicknames: Ev, Evan
Title(s): King
Gender and Sexuality: Male, pan
Age: 24
Looks: Evander is 6' even, and is white, with a light tan and a faint scattering of freckles across his cheeks. He has ash blond hair, which is straight, without curl or wave, and is trimmed to only about three inches long. It is usually a bit messy, but he does his best to tame it when necessary. He has light grey eyes, which flash red when the monster takes over or is on the verge of taking over. He typically dresses in plain, serviceable clothing, that bears a faint resemblance to the cut of a military uniform. The clothing is usually either grey or dark blue, dark blue being one of the colors associated with the Weylyn line and, by extension, all of Aven. He is trim and lightly muscled. He typically wears long-sleeves or a jacket, in order to hide the scars and marks that line his arms and torso, both from the war and from being a monster.
Personality: Evander is usually rather quiet, but is often very emotionless and distant. He has presence, yes, but that presence often comes across as brooding and commanding, and he doesn't try to get close to people. Indeed, he does his best to push people away so that there's less risk of him hurting them. He does his best to protect people, but unfortunately his method of "protection" often translates into pushing people away and alienating them.
Backstory: (optional) not gonna fill it in, it'll come out in RP haha
Theme Song: "Twisted" by MISSIO, "Hero" by Family of the Year, "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay, "Little Poor Me" by Layto
Other: ~

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Name: Dacian Zente Alexandrescu
Nicknames: Darcy, Csoda, Kis Angyal
Title(s): Ambassador
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Omnisexual
Age: 24
Looks: Dacian stands at around six foot four to six foot five. His body is a inverted triangular shape with a mesomorphic build; he also has an oval shaped head. He has icey-blue hooded eyes. His hair is jet black and it's long and pushed back; he keeps it neat as possible, though it gets messy whenever he's out and about. His skin is a pale ivory due to the lack of sun in Sceivania, it doesn't really tan. There is a large burn scar on his right shoulder blade. Usually Dacian wears a black or deep crimson long sleeve nobleman jacket along with black trousers and boots. Whenever alone or in the late evening, he wears a white linen shirt, evening trousers, and a silk robe.
Personality: Dacian is one big ray of sunshine, he practically has his heart stitched on his sleeve. He loves being around others and making them feel better. Compassion is key for him. Some may say that he has an eye for reading others. He isn't really afraid to standing and speaking up, actually he isn't afraid of much. While Dacian tends to be loud and vibrant, he knows when to be quiet and calm when necessary. He's persistent and meticulous with everything, from work to relationships.
Backstory: Despite descending from mighty warriors, Dacian was born incredibly weak. Doctors had told his family that it wouldn't be very likely for him to live past six. So for the first six years of his life, he was stuck in his home, spending time quietly with his mother and older siblings. It was a shock to everyone that he made after his seventh birthday. From there, he grew brighter and brighter, continuing to surprise everyone. When he was seventeen, he was sent to live in the capital of Sceivania with his uncle while attending a university. One night after supper, a fire broke out in a home down the street. His uncle was called in to treat people, but Dacian followed him. When first arriving, only four out of seven people were saved. While not being advised not to, Dacian ran into the fire to get the rest. When saving the last person, a beam had fallen and hit his back. He ended up being fine, but it left a terrible scar. Dacian went on to graduate and became a translator for the ambassador from Aven. Just a month after he turned twenty-four, he found out he would become the new ambassador to Aven.
Theme Song: "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen, "Still Into You" by Paramore, "After Dark" by Mr. Kitty
Other: N/A


(alright! I was thinking we could start with Dacian arriving and being brought before Evander?)

Evander was seated on his throne, his blond hair combed back and out of his face, a golden crown perched upon his head. He wore a blue jacket and black pants and deep brown leather boots. He looked well-groomed and tidy, his hands resting along the armrests of the throne. He sighed faintly, reaching a hand up to brush a hand through his hair, before settling down again. The war that had racked Aven had lasted for seven long years, only ending last year, and the country still bore the scars. Homes and towns and cities, still slowly rebuilding themselves. A young king, with shadows under his eyes and a darkness in his gaze, from the things he had done and been through and seen, during their war with Farrantil. The war that had ended only when Evander had led an army marching through Farrantil, burning and salting the fields, right up unto the gates of their capital. And then he had threatened them with the monster, reminded them of the creature that had terrorized city after city. No one but he knew that he was the monster, that he had no control over it either. Now, back home, victorious at great cost, he still struggled with the beast within.

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(Alrighty, sounds like a plan!)

Dacian walked in long strides alongside a servant who was taking him to meet His Highness. Just only half an hour ago, he had arrived to the palace. From there he had met a few people that would be working for him along with a translator and the servant who is with him now. His first duty as the new ambassador of Sceivania, and he has been giddy about it ever since meeting with his own king about it.

Even though he is the top official from Sceivania, this was his first time ever being there. His condition always kept him from traveling and then the war in this country only enabled it further. As the carriage had arrived in the towns of Aven, he had gazed out to notice that they were all still reeling in the aftermath of the devastation. Some were better than others, but it heavily contrasted with the ones back at home. Nevertheless, he hoped he could serve both the people at home and the people here very well.

As they walked closer to the throne room, he wondered what the king would be like. Dacian had only heard things from others including the Avenian ambassador. Not to mention he had saw a few portraits of him as well. In each portrait, there was something in the king's eyes that piqued his interest. The expression was something that he never saw before, it was a mixture of emotions he couldn't name. He wondered if he'd be seeing it in person so soon.

The servant had taken a few steps ahead and stopped at the door. Dacian followed in suit, making sure that his hair was neat and that all his clothes did not show a wrinkle. His heart began to race as he watched the other young man walk up to the door and gave a letter to the person standing at guard.


The guard took the letter, reading over it. "Go on in." He said, opening the door. The throne room was empty, save for the king on the throne and a few guards. Evander was currently reading through some papers, holding them carefully in his hands. A signet ring was perched on the pointer finger of his right hand, the crest of the Weylyn family on it. When the door opened, he looked up, setting the papers aside to observe as they came in.

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As the guard skimmed over the letter, Dacian made the sign of the cross to himself. Keeping his eyes low to the floor, he looked up as he heard the door creak open. The servant stared at him, giving a nod to go ahead. A soft yet bright expression swept across his face as he strolled in. He kept gazing forward, making eye contact with King Evander. Though a chill shot down his spine, he remained calm and collected before stopping at the middle of the throne room.

So many thoughts ran through his mind as he bowed then proceeded to kneel. Will his accent be too strong? Will His Majesty not like him? He could not help but stare into His Majesty's eyes; there really is something about the monarch's gaze that makes him wonder. He wasn't sure where else to look, if there were any other proper place. Quietly, he let out a small exhale before he began to speak.

"Your Majesty, my name is Dacian Zente Alexandrescu. I will be the ambassador of Sceivania, and I will do my utmost best to maintain and strengthen the relationship between our two countries," He assured. "Thank you for blessing me with your grace to work in your kingdom."


Evander studied the young man for a long moment. "Yes. It's good to meet you, it's been…a while since Iast had the chance to speak with someone from your country, seeing as how the war made that… difficult." He paused for a moment, gathering himself. "Has someone shown you to your rooms yet? You will be housed in the same wing as the other ambassadors." It made it easier, to keep all the ambassadors in the same area. Evander himself had a whole wing to himself; it was designed to house an entire royal family, which right now meant just him. Might mean just him for the rest of his life, really. He wasn't sure.

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The gentle smile on his face dimmed a little, noticing how His Majesty appeared at mentioning the war. Just like in the paintings, there was enough sense of loss and perhaps even loneliness that shined. Slowly he nodded in the brief moment of silence seeing it that it'd be inappropriate to add a comment. Dacian had broken his gaze while getting up for his body was still adjusting to not being in a carriage.

At the king's question, he immediately shook his head. "Not yet, Your Majesty," He responded, "I have come here right after arriving to the palace." He assumed that he would be shown his rooms right after; he felt as if making a first impression was more important. So, the corners of his lips naturally rose causing him to smile in a professional yet elegant manner.


Evander nodded a little. "I have nothing on my schedule for the next hour or so. I can show you there myself. Give us a chance to talk a bit more." He got up from the throne in a smooth, easy motion, coming down from the dais. Now that he was standing, it was easier to see that he wore a dagger belted at his side. A sword would have been too threatening, and would have given off too much of an air that he felt he needed to protect himself, whereas a dagger, especially a decorated one like this one, looked more ornamental while still being something he could use to defend himself if need be. As he came closer, he moved with the easy grace of a trained swordsman, someone who knew exactly what his body was capable of doing.

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In an instant, his lips parted ready to say that he would be fine, but for some reason, he found himself just nodding. "Of course. Thank you very much, Your Highness," He beamed. Well, it would be a great opportunity to talk and get to know His Majesty after all.

Dacian just smiled as he watched the king. He took note of the way the king walked over to him. It was perfect, graceful and yet powerful at the same time. Then there was the dagger at the king's side, but his attention was gravitated at King Evander's gaze. Now that he was closer to him, the sight of it just lit up his curiosity. He bit the inside of his cheek as questions swirled in his mind.

With his left arm, he opened it and motioned at the door. "After you, Your Majesty."


Evander nodded a little, leading the way out the door. At the sight of the king, the guards outside snapped to attention, watching as Evander led Dacian through the halls. They were well-lit, light streaming in through tall windows, other light coming from lit chandeliers or lanterns, in hallways with less windows. Aven's capital city, Soleil, was one of the few that had not been conquered in the war, though it had been under siege for two years by the end of the war. Only secret tunnels running out of the city had kept the citizens alive, food smuggled in at great risk. As a result, the palace had sustained little damage, most damage being cosmetic or from lack of repair.

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Dacian glanced around as they walked. While he already did look at the hallways on his way to the throne room, he didn't really take in all the details. A small sigh left him as he would look up at the chandeliers or out through the windows. "My heavens, every part of Aven is goregous," He whispered to himself, "I am so lucky to be here and thank the heavenly spirits for the war being won by the people of this country and their king."

Looking over at His Majesty, he tilted his head. The silence in the air was strange to him so was the king himself, but he couldn't understand why. Sure people can be bleak and to themselves, and yet, something about the king sends a shiver down his spine. Questions and more questions just kept floating around him, but he wasn't sure how to steer their interaction to promptly ask them. "Your Majesty, it has been a year since you and your men won the war, yes?" He asked, hoping to start a conversation. "It is an amazing wonder how much time has passed. I wished I had arrive earlier to celebrate with you and your people. I suppose I shall by admiring this beautiful weather in Aven today."


Evander dipped his head. "Just over a year, yes." He replied, looking over at Dacian. "We celebrated the one year anniversary about a month or so ago." He smiled a little bit, the expression almost strange on his face. It didn't seem like his features were made for smiling, almost, like the seven years of war had hardened him into something unaccustomed to smiling. Which, to be honest, was true. He was not used to it, not at All.

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Dacian hummed quietly while glimsping over at the king. For a moment he paused when seeing him smile. It appeared a bit unnatural, he wondered why, but it certainly caught him off guard. His breath hitched for a second, following a trail of light laughter as he nodded.

"Splendid! Just simply splendid I must say," He chuckled. "Although I am not well informed about war and its strategy like someone as yourself, I wonder how you were able to defeat Farrantil against the odds…. How did you make it happen?"