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Aeyobia is a small peninsula kingdom that has been ruled by the Lee Dynasty for the last one hundred and fifty years. Once a prosperous land with joyful people is now bleaker than ever. The kingdom has gone through hard times and with the help of their king, another may soon follow.

King Jehan has been ruling for the last eight years, and in that time the kingdom has not gotten any better; some even argue it has taken a turn for the worst. The king is ruthless, giving out harsh immoral punishments to the innocent and guilty alike. He has let corruption run through the court. Servants, scholars, and even the queen avoid his presence. The chief secretary, Chae Radu, knows that this is a dilemma that must be solved.

He finds a clown, a performer, who looks and sounds just like King Jehan. Well, the chief secretary meets the clown as he is trying to run away from the capital guards. Chief Secretary Chae gives the clown an offer: either fill in for the king while he silently recovers far away, or let him and his younger siblings suffer. The clown ends up in the king's robes, bearing the same scar on his left shoulder blade, sitting on the throne, stepping up to the corrupted Ursu Council and the queen dowager, and begins to show kindness to others, especially the queen whom he falls for.

Yet his identity cannot be revealed. The chief secretary advises him to not engage in a relationship with the queen, but when the real king mysteriously dies and Chief Secretary Chae leaves on an envoy mission, what is to happen next with the crowned clown?

  • This is sort of like a historical rp since it takes place during the late 16th century. Aeyobia is of course fictional but it draws inspiration from Joseon, Romania, and a little bit of France/Spain.
  • Also this is a bxg. We can discuss roles, although I would prefer having my character be the queen.
  • While we will have our main characters, you may have minor/secondary characters when needed.
  • Experienced rpers only
  • At least one to three paragraphs per response
  • If we do get to the sexy times, we will just skip over it
  • Andrew's rules
  • Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions or ideas too. :D

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(Of course! I snatched this from another roleplay, if you want to see a string of my typical responses here's one of my roleplays and another :D I tend to try my best to at least match my partner's responses if it's a o/o)

After asking for some directions from a not-as-shady looking person, at Kené's insistence, Sars found himself looking up at dark stoned building. Gorgeous in its own right, with towers reaching up as if to pluck the sun right out of the sky. "Smell the air, Sars," Kené interrupted his admiration of the castle, "Salt. Almost like home." It was true, salt tickled his tongue as they approached the entryway to the Imber family's home.

"Sand is not salt, brother," Sars said quietly, his eyes examining the ancient walls. This place wasn't anything like home, and Sars hoped that Kené would never call it home. The servants, the castles, the bride, the materials that his brother would get attached to… it would anchor him down to this place. His mother said that the Esokan were moving on from the old ways, dispersing amongst humans and elves, letting go of their heritage and hoping for the best. That was not the way the Esokan should be going. Their history was not a bright one, but that did not mean they had to be rid of their identity.

Kené put a hand on his shoulder. "Sarsönil, we should introduce ourselves," The younger male said gently, letting his hand drop back down to his side. Kené was good at that, good at knowing when Sars was spiraling. Kené removed his Pillaxian cloak from over his head as he waved at one of the servants of the estate, "Greetings! I am the second born of the Eoiali family, along with my brother. We travelled far to get here, and we humbly seek entry to meet the Imber family." Sars let out a snort at his brother's formal speech, to which he received an elbow in the ribs, and to his credit, Kené kept a straight face.

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(Thank you, I appreciate it. You're in! I'll post the template under this. Let me know if you have any questions :D )

Age: (26-29)

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Name: Jeong Lupu Gyeongsuk
Title: Her Majesty Queen Gyeongsuk of Aeyobia
Birthday: April 17th
Age: 26
Gender: Cis female (She/Her)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Apperance: She has soft refined features that goes with her personality. Her frame is small and curvy. Gyeongsuk has a heart-shaped face as well as pouty lips. She stands roughly around 5'6" to 5'7". Her jet black hair is wavy and goes down almost past her back. Most of the time she has it in an asymmetrical twisted updo, but she usually wears different hairstyles depending on occasions, seasons, and her mood. Her eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. She has ivory skin that feels silky to the touch. There is a small birthmark on the left side of her nose.
Personality: While Her Majesty may be someone with a soft heart, she has strong fortitude masked with her compassion and charms. She is persistent in her efforts, only ever giving up if it is the last and safest option. Her kindness and empathy makes people in the court call her either "wonderful" or "odd". Gyeongsuk keeps her head up, yet she takes in everyone's words and gets hurt by them. She doesn't tell anyone for she knows she has to be strong. Regardless, she is the mother of the nation, and wants to do her very best to protect it.
Background: Gyeongsuk is the youngest out of four children, having four older brothers. Her father, Lord Jeong, is the head of the Lupu Council. Coming from a highly influential and powerful family, she always knew that she would have a fate such as the one she has now. Despite this, she spent lots of time around others, especially given her family history. While her brothers went out to study and train to become scholars, government officials, and military officials, she would go out and help at her godfather's medical service. If she was not out and about, usually to help the people, then she'd be in her father's library reading. Gyeongsuk normally was by herself except for her servant Mina, who practically was her only friend.

It wasn't until she was a young woman when she got engaged to King Jehan. Her father had offered her hand in marriage to the king in order to prevent political issues. Practically over night she was appointed as the crown princess before eventually marrying the king and becoming the queen of Aeyobia. Throughout the engagement period and after they got married, Gyeongsuk tried to connect with the king and be a good wife for him. One day after the king had another anger episode and smashed many plates, she distanced herself from him as much as she could. Nevertheless as queen, Gyeongsuk continues to look after her people to the best of her abilities, although she wishes she could do so alongside her husband, King Jehan.
Other: She enjoys watching sparring despite not being allowed to participate in matches. Gyeongsuk also has a dagger with beautiful details that was gifted by the king as a present; an odd gift in her opinion, but she actually loves it nonetheless.

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(Sorry about the hold up! I got pulled away when I was halfway done with making my character, but I'll get him up within the hour now!)

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(How is he? Anything that I should change? Also, where exactly in the story are we starting, right when he gets caught or after he's gotten fit into the king's role or when he meets the queen, or something else?)
Name: Obid Pennilise
Title: His Majesty King Jehan / Mr. Jester
Birthday: July 30
Age: 28
Gender: Cis male (he/him)
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: He had black but short curly hair and a very square shape. He doesn't carry a lot of fat, but he's not bone thin either with significant muscles built up from manual labor. He neatly maintains a short beard. He has a sharp jawline and thin lips, bright blue eyes and thick lashes. Obid stands at about 6'3". His skin is tanned from working out in the sun most days. The bottoms of his feet are scarred- big, bubbled shapes of scar tissue and calluses.
Personality: He's a kind soul, good with kids, and takes on a protector role more often than he probably should. Maybe sometimes he can be a bit too quick to throw fists, but it's always for a good reason. He likes to serve, giving his mother most of his earnings, some to his brothers, and the rest to other townsfolk in the most need. He has trouble holding himself back sometimes or shutting up when he really needs to shut up. When he was young, he made a promise to himself to never fear anyone again, but secretly he fears people the most.
Background: He grew up as the oldest of three with no father in the house. His mother first told him that he died while Obid was a baby, but later in life he found out that his father ran out of their life not long after his mother got pregnant a third time. He had to take a fatherly role in the household for his two younger brothers and his single mother, picking up jobs whenever he could find them. The only job that really stuck was working as a clown, and he loved it when he walked through town on his way back home and the poor children would stop him and beg him for a joke. That usually ended up with some satire about the capital guards or the king, and that didn't always end well. He tried his best to stay out of trouble for his brother's and mother's sake- it was the only thing keeping him from straight up starting a rebellion from the king. It was no secret that the royalty didn't care about him or the other townsfolk, most were barely scraping by, and Obid was sick and tired of it.
Other: He smells like wheat or freshly baked bread.

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(He's great! I love his name btw. I was thinking we would start at a point after he settled into the king's role and they had briefly met before. Maybe we start when it's night time and she visits him to bring evening tea, what do you think?)

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(Thank you! That sounds good to me! Also, what is King Jehan's first name? And in this royalty setting, would the king and queen be informal enough to use each other's first names or do they address each other by their titles? I'm quite excited to start!)

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(No problem! Jehan is his first name; the order of names in the kingdom just goes surname then given name, but his full name is Lee Dalca Jehan for clarification. Usually they use titles when around others, but they can use each other's first names when alone if they want. I was thinking that Gyeongsuk would call "Jehan" by his titles when we start. If we are good to go, I will post a starter as soon as I can.)

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(Oh thank you for the clarification! Makes sense and sounds good! I'm good to go, though I should let you know I will be busy tomorrow (might be able to get on in the evening), but afterwards I'll likely be back to being regularly active on notebook)

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(I'm glad to help! I'll just have this starter here when you are available to start.)

Another day has passed in Aeyobia's capital, Dalcahrest. While the people predict the weather will be gloomy tomorrow, the moon still shines through the crowds of clouds. Everything is somewhat peaceful on the palace grounds. While officials and servants alike find it strange how the king's attitude has changed practically overnight, everyone actually likes it. They do so much that no one has noticed much. If only it were the same for Her Majesty.

Gyeongsuk knelt as she finished adding the extra touches to His Majesty's chamomile tea. Once she was satisfied with it, she lifted up the tray and made her way to the king's chambers. Ever since she learned of her husband's tea being tainted with small drops of posion because of her stepmother in law, she insisted that her and her servants would take care of evening tea. Usually Court Lady Elena takes care of it, but the poor lady has a terrible headache.

She doesn't mind it. While the sounds of the tea pot, saucer, and cup clattering made her uneasy, the sounds of her skirts swishing as they moved kept her afloat. Besides, every now and then she needed a walk by herself. Though it may be frowned upon, at least she was taught by her brothers how to make any assassin or man regret crossing her. The walk was long since the kitchens are in the far back, but she kept humming to herself as she reaches the king's chambers.

But now, she is lying to herself. Gyeongsuk does mind it, and she keeps noting how many times she keeps squeezing the ends of the tray. They say the king is in better spirits now, but some of it has to be rumors, right? She almost wanted to give the tray to one of the king's servants and dash, but what if they try to posion it then?

It's too late now. She stepped in front of the doors, nodding at the man at the door to announce her presence. Her eyes squinted shut as his voice echoed, "Your Majesty! The queen is here to see you." Gyeongsuk sighed then opened her eyes. The doors opened, and she gracefully stepped inside.

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Obid Pennilise was not meant to be here, dressed in lavish purple robes that did not belong to him and writing with the finest quill and ink in the kingdom. If his mother knew the true origins of this letter, how upset would she be? Upset was a harsh word, but Obid knew his mother would be the last to keep her cool if she knew where he was. The role he was playing. But she had too much to worry about on her own, taking care of his younger brothers. "Please wish them well… I miss you all dearly… and don't overwork yourself…" Obid mumbled softly to himself as he finished off the last of his letter. He had barely finished his signature when the royal guard announced the presence of the queen, and he quickly hid away the letter and envelope within his drawers.

He didn't have time to fix his only slightly messy hair nor straighten the king's clothing on him before the door opened and the queen stepped in. His stared at her for a moment, trying to process why her majesty was here, while his face bore a puzzled expression. Tea. She was holding tea- yes, tea. The king must've liked his tea, considering he had it every day. The fact that the royal queen herself was here delivering it to him was new. Obid had to keep himself from bowing as he said in greeting, "Queen Gyeongsuk. What brings you here?" His eyes went back to the tea, and he rushed to add, "Oh- I mean, you- why am I seeing you today instead of Miss Elena?" Obid looked more like a child that got caught stealing candy rather than a king. He didn't know what to do with his hands, he didn't know whether to stand or sit so he was captured in an awkward position standing right next to his chair, and there was that little fear that she would know. Surely, as the queen, she probably knew countless little details about King Jehan that Obid didn't fit. She didn't mention it in the brief times they'd talked in the past few days, but he held his breath. He was waiting for the moment this whole act would come crumbling down. Despite being provided infinitely many more luxuries than he'd ever experienced before, Obid couldn't shake the feeling that one day he would walk out, all dressed up as someone who was not him, and someone would point out he was an imposter. So far all he'd gotten was 'King Jehan this and that' or 'Your Highness', and maybe that was scarier for him. For every day he lasted in this foreign castle was another day that he added to the list of infractions that may be held against his family on day if the real king came back to his life.

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Her chin was lowered, almost pressing into the turquoise blue of her jeogri, or top of her dress. Queen's are to have their chins parallel to the ground or lifted up, but for her sake in these parts of the palace, she would rather have her eyes to the ground. Besides, she's able to see the king in her peripherals if need be. Her shoulders were stiff and drawn into her sides. She stopped once he began to speak.

Gyeongsuk looked up at him, but only for a few seconds. She went back to looking down at the floor. Clenching the sides of the tray, she delicately bowed to him then went over to the desk in order to out the tray down. She froze afterwards, hearing all the china on it clinking. Lightly patting her heart, she took a deep breath then turned to the king.

"Your Majesty, Miss Elena has a terrible headache so I sent her to bed and took care of your tea," She stated. Poor Elena, the dear woman. Gyeongsuk actually made the lady-in-waiting some tea to take care of it before making the chamomile. She added, "It's done how you prefer it, I changed nothing."

Lifting her chin, she positioned the cup then wrapped her hand around the tea pot's handle. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of His Majesty. The messy hair, the robes, his stiff manner. Setting the pot down, she went over to stand in front of the king.

"Excuse me, Your Majesty…." Her eyes rose up as she got on her toes to reach the top of his head. Gyeongsuk did her best to fix his hair, running her fingers through it and trying to put it back to where it normally is. Resting on her feet, she then went to adjusting the collar on his robes and fixing anything that look messy and uneven. "There…" She whispered to herself. "Much better…"

She was about to massage his hands afterwards, but her hand stopped halfway then returned to her side. Once nodding with satisfaction, she returned to the tea and poured His Majesty his cup. Carefully, she held it with two hands, holding it out to him.

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Obid watched the woman carefully, tracking her stiff movements. She honestly didn't look very different from any other servant, in the way that she hardly looked at him and addressed him. It was as if King Jehan held his own wife as terribly as he regarded every other person he came across. Obid would've thought in the very least that- well, Obid didn't know what he truly thought of the queen. He certainly didn't expect what he got.

Obid went very still as the queen approached him. This was the closest he'd ever been, he realized, and then she put her hand in his hair. If she truly knew that he was nothing but a penniless jester, would she be disgusted that her soft and delicate fingers were touching his head? "I…" Obid was at a loss for words for a moment, his eyes taking in the heart shaped face of the queen for a second longer. A twinkle of humor reached his eyes and he said, "I'm sorry. I suppose I've forgotten how to keep myself tidy since I'm so used to barking orders at people to do it for me." A smile had grown onto his face by the time the sentence left his lips, and he took a couple steps closer so he could meet Queen Gyeongsuk halfway, in the middle of the king's room.

"Thank you, Gyeongsuk," Obid said softly as he looked at the queen -the unapproachable, beautiful, royal queen- with a gentle smile. He carefully took the cup from her but didn't drink it quite yet as he said sincerely, "I would offer to pour you a cup, but it appears I don't have any spare teacups lying around. A shame. Would you care to sit and talk with me anyways?" He couldn't help himself, the queen had both served him tea and straightened him up, the least he could do -it was actually his pleasure- was share company with her.

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Gyeongsuk does not remember the last time those big sky-blue eyes have laid on her in such a manner. A less frustrated, angry, annoyed way that he usually looks at her with. The matter of fact kept leading her to make quick glances at His Majesty; technically she can all she wants for he is her husband after all. She knows it is not normal to avoid looking at one's spouse, yet she hates the sounds of plates and china crashing and falling onto the floor. Anything but those sounds.

Her fingers wrapped around the light green double rings she wore as a symbol of their marriage. They gently twisted the rings, a habit she had developed to help her breath. She decided to lift her chin up again to make eye contact with His Majesty in order to speak, but she stopped once her lips parted.

She wanted to step back away, and yet, her feet were planted into the floor. When was the last time she had seen him smile like that? It must have been around the time they were to be married. Oh how that was four years ago; she couldn't believe it. "No need to apologize, my king," She assured. In all honesty, fixing his hair and such has to be one of her favorite things. She likes how curly and soft his hair is.

This mustn't be reality. Her foolish mind must be dreaming. His smile…The look in his eyes…How his voice is so gentle….It all has to be a dream. She cannot believe what she is seeing. Gyeongsuk rested her right hand above her heart. No, this was reality.

She tried to smile at him while nodding.Then again, he might just be nice to her for some other reason. Maybe this is the calming before a storm. She pondered for a moment or two. "It is alright, my king. Chamomile makes me sleepy almost immediately," Gyeongsuk attempted to smile again. "I would love to, Your Majesty."

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Even if she was the queen, even if this was temporary, Obid wanted to pretend that Gyeongsuk was talking to him, not King Jehan. After all, how often would a nobody like him get to chit chat with a woman of her esteem? Obid quickly pulled up the chair from his desk for her to use and plopped himself on the edge of the bed. With one leg bent underneath the other and a slouch that spelled back issues later in life, he was sitting rather improperly for a king, but oh well, at least he was trying.

Obid took a sip of the tea, taking in its rich and aromatic flavor. It was quite calming, it felt like each sip went straight to his heart. It was like staring into the eyes of a bird, so delicate and graceful. He'd never had tea such as this before his whole debacle with the royal guards that led to his situation here, heck, he'd never had tea before he donned the king's clothing. He wished his mother could have tea like this one day. He wished the entire town could have tea like this, but that would be a fantasy world. Obid learned a long time ago that wishes didn't come true, not unless he worked until he couldn't take another step.

Obid refocused his attention on the beautiful woman before him. "Will you tell me a story, one about you? Just a favorite memory, or one of your dreams, or even just a story of a day in your life?" He asked gently, eyes bright with curiosity but soft with sincerity as he studied the queen's dark eyes, her hair that looked carved from obsidian, and… was that a small birthmark by her nose? A face that he'd seen before, from a long distance away, but now with so much more detail. She looked meek -not weak in any sense- and pure. Like a newborn fawn with the heart of a full-grown doe.

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Despite his new state of calm and gentleness, she kept making steps back or to the side in order to avoid him. She felt conflicted every moment she stood there. Part of her likes this new part of him while the other is afraid. Then there is the way he keeps looking at her. She is afraid. Not to mention the fact that the way he is sitting now is amusing to her; it makes her feel afraid still. Fear, all this fear makes her feel foolish in the end.

Gyeongsuk wearingly sat down in the chair. When it creaked, she became tensed until she took a deep breath. She does not like sitting in it, and it's not just about the sounds the chair makes. Now she is more than aware of the current state of their relationship, but she does not like sitting across from him. Is it strange to want to sit beside him? Too foolish to rest her head on his shoulder?

"A story?" She whispered underneath her breath. He could not be asking to hear such a thing from her. All her dreams and memories are either too foolish or a waste of time; part of it was told by him over a year ago. And yet, Gyeongsuk felt his gaze on him again. His eyes that she wants to look into deeply, to let the waters of them consume her and drench her entirely. Shivers ran down her spine. Her cheeks lightly turned red.

Her eyes began to water. Gyeongsuk gasped at herself, quickly lightly dabbing her eyes with her sleeves. What did he ask for? A story, right. She supposed that she has one that His Majesty would enjoy, and not mock her for. "Alright…Your Majesty," She said. "I am not sure if you remember this, or even want me to retell it to you…but I always think back to that evening when you saved me from my nightmare after we got married. It was a terrible storm, and….the thunder….the thunder….it was terrifying. It affected my dreams, making them unbearable for me and I ended up waking in a state of panic. But somehow, you were there like you sensed that I was not okay. And I remember you wrapped your arms around me, telling me that everything is alright. You wiped my tears away. You ran your hand through my hair, and kept kissing the top of my head. You just held me the entire night and into the morning. Oh, how I remembered missing being your arms after you left. I felt so much better then, I always feel better everytime I dream about that moment. It's my favorite."

She sighed to herself. All the tension in her body was gone by the time she was finished with her story. Gyeongsuk knows it's not a stupid or foolish one. Her fingers stopped fidgeting with her jade rings. It is funny how it happened years ago, but she kept thinking about it since. She likes that story. No no, she loves it.

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Obid watched intently as she spoke, and her words conflicted him. The thought of King Jehan showing anyone mercy seemed outlandish, but at the same time, the thought of anyone letting the woman in front of him suffer seemed impossible. Especially from nightmares. The way they could twist all reality into something so monstrous was quite scaring. Obid's youngest brother struggled with nightmares when he was very, very young. He would wake up screaming and wailing, thrashing so hard that he gave the other brother a black eye on more than one occasion. Obid had always grabbed him, squeezing him tightly in his arms, and quiet him down to a point of tears and snivels.

Obid always asked his brother one question first. "Do you remember what the nightmare about?" He said aloud, his voice still very gentle. When he was awake with his brother in the middle of the night, the younger would tell him whatever monstrosity -realistic or nothing of the sort- was roaming around in his head that night. Obid would then explain to him why there was no demon ripping open doors in their house, or how Obid would steal food before they could ever die of starvation, or how, yes, they were all alive, and how mother was sleeping right across the room on the floor, breathing. Sometimes, when it was a cool summer night, Obid would take his brother outside for a breath of fresh air and he'd point out the stars to him. Obid used to pick out clusters of stars and make up his own constellation, a whole new story, for his younger brother to listen to.

It didn't always fix things- waking him up and holding him, explaining away the nightmares, falling into stories of the stars. Sometimes they'd go right back to bed, and he'd wake up an hour later to his brother screaming and thrashing again. Obid was patient though, most nights at least, and he would walk his brother through the process again until he could fall back asleep. He'd since grown out of his nightmares, thankfully, but there was always the occasional time when Obid would wake up to the soft sound of sniveling.

(sorry it's a little short, I got cut off for an appointment!)

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For once in what felt an eternity, she kept her eyes on the king for longer than a couple of seconds. Gyeongsuk wondered what he thought of the story. It was odd to see him with a conflicted face, it was a bit worrisome for her. Although it was true, and King Jehan was there, unless he had forgotten about that moment already.

She frowned. It truly was a favorite memory of hers; practically one of the only good ones between them. "Oh, I am sorry, Your Majesty," She said, her voice growing quieter. "Please do not raise your voice but I know you say dreams are foolish and I know you really are not interested in them. I just thought you would like to hear of a good memory of us while you drink your tea. I-"

Raising her sleeve up, she lightly dabbed it against her watery eyes again. Sniffing, she lowered her head. The chair is a bit tall for her so Gyeongsuk moved to the edge in order for her feet to touch the floor. Though she wanted her focus to be on the floor, his question left her pupils widened.

All her nightmares have been the same since they married. Thankfully she only has them every now and then. Half of the time she believes it isn't his fault. Why would he want to hear about this? They all are about her failing her duties as queen, not providing heirs, her family shutting her out, losing her father and brothers, and sometimes it's just frightening thunder storms; the list goes on. She promised herself to keep it all a secret. What's the use of King Jehan being married to a delicate coward? It is only her burden to carry.

There must be a catch to all of this. Should she trust the gentleness of his voice and let her guard down? Once again, she went back to fidgeting with her rings. The coolness of them pressed against her warm fingers. "I am not sure if I can recall," Gyeongsuk responded. "They're all the same for the better part. I am a failure and no one wants me. All my nightmares are like that one way or another."

(Oh no don't worry about that. It's all good!)

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Obid heart dropped at the queen's apology. An apology. For a hot moment, all Obid wanted to do was to meet the real king face to face, to confront him with fists before words, but he cooled back down as he watched the queen carefully. The sniffle had him moving, very slowly as if not to spook her but very purposely as he stood up from the bed to kneel on both knees before the queen. He looked up at her beautiful face, like a man looking up to the heavens for an angel.

"I… I am so sorry," His voice was so genuine, even if he was apologizing for someone else. "I am a truly terrible, horrible person, my queen," Obid said gently, reaching out a hand to lightly take Queen Gyeongsuk's, letting her pull away if she wanted. If what Obid suspected of King Jehan was true, then he wanted to make if very clear to the queen that she should be safe and comfortable to make any choice regarding their closeness- even if Obid didn't mean to go farther than platonic comfort.

"I'm so sorry if-" Given how King Jehan ruled, Obid was willing to bet that 'if' wouldn't be necessary, "I'm so sorry for all the times I've made you feel that way. You are a good queen, Gyeongsuk. You really are. I mean look- you've brought me tea, you're willing to share this moment with me… You are not unwanted, at least by me. I'd be willing to bet the entire value of the royal palace that I'm not the only one." He reached up a hand to lightly brush at her smooth hair, once again a very gentle and slow movement.

Obid had never gotten this close to a woman, in an innocently intimate way, in the past five years. This was different than that time, but regardless, this was something out of the ordinary for him. He was living in someone else's life, and the role he was playing was of a man who was married to this woman, and of a man who had a lot of apologizing to do. King Jehan didn't deserve Gyeongsuk. At most, he deserved a sewer rat, because if he had done this woman any harm… the thought made Obid want to kill him. The love and kindness of someone such as Gyeongsuk was something to be honored, to be pursued healthily, and something of a gift. If the king didn't treat her with every bit of respect that she deserved, or any woman for that matter, then he should rot in misery someday.

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Something within the depths of her heart told her to stay. Every second the king got closer to her sent her closer to an edge of panic. She ignored the welling of tears in her eyes and the other sniffles that soon followed. Her pupils widened as she moved her arms out, as if to help His Majesty up. "Oh Your Majesty, I am sorry. I am terribly sorry. Please forgive me. Are you alright? Do you need help-"

Gyeongsuk forced herself to relax back into the chair. She did not know how to take his apology. Is it true? All of this feels like a dream to her. The fact she is taking in the light glimmering in his eyes. He is even holding her hand! Her fingers want to recoil, to slip away from him, but they stayed. Deep down, she missed this, she missed it so much.

But why now? Why is he acting this way all of the sudden? And why is she falling for it? She could not help herself for her heart is as sensitive as it is strong; it yearned for things like handholding. "Do not say such things, my king…." She whispered. Her lips trembled, fighting to find the right words to say. Is everything that she is hearing true? "You are too kind for me…."

She wondered if there is anything for her to say. The only way for her to truly take in every word he is saying is to keep breathing deeply, looking back at King Jehan, and to ignore the nerves. His hand felt like a heating metal rod against hers, not to mention the one that is gently brushing her hair. Her heart was confused, yet it happily continued to beat on; it was overwhelming.

Gyeongsuk used her other hand, delicately resting it on top of the king's and gave it a little squeeze. A tear escaped when she blinked. It gradually rolled down her cheek. She tried to chuckle softly, "I am not sure what has gotten into me just this moment. I have no idea at all." Her eyes lowered to their hands; her breath, though shaky, drew out from her lips. "I do not know why…But your hands are a bit rough, I wished that I could do something for them other than massaging them."

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"I could never be too kind for a lady such as yourself," Obid said quietly, his heart aching with sympathy and care for the woman in front of him. He wished, he desperately wished, that he could right all the wrongs that King Jehan performed. An impossible task, but something Obid wished he could do nonetheless.

Obid caught the tear with his thumb, gently rubbing it off her smooth skin before letting his hand fall down to cover the queen's other hand. Right. His hands. That was one thing that they could not replace when the dressed him up the king's clothes- his callused hands were a testimony of his not-so-royal upbringing and lifestyle. "My hands are fine, you need not worry about them Gyeongsuk- you've already done so much for me today and every day before," Obid said softly, giving the queen a gentle smile.

In some ways, Obid wished he could've been king his whole life. He could've been pampered all his life, he could've made a lot better decisions than King Jehan, and he could've been actually married to Gyeongsuk. In another world, Obid could've gotten to know this woman, maybe even fallen in love with her. At home, he didn't have time for love. Obid needed to provide for his family first and foremost, and even though it would be an incredible thing to fall in love, it wasn't a practical option for him. One day this would all be over, King Jehan would come back, and Obid would have to go back to making jokes, chopping lumber, and working at the bakery- and whatever other jobs he could find.

With that thought, a small flicker of sadness shown on his face, but he stood up not a moment later, taking Gyeongsuk's hands with his own still. "Would it be of any interest to you to go down with me into the village tomorrow and see the townsfolk? Maybe buy some of their goods?" Obid asked, his eyes carefully searching the queen's face in hopes of an honest and hopefully affirmative answer.

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Maybe he is right. She isn't sure. Her mind was partially cloudy from all the confusion, yearning, and the hate of her reactions, her sensitivity. So far she isn't regretting her running away so soon, but the fear of what's to happen next hangs over her head.

A small sigh passes through her. Gyeongsuk never noticed how rough his hands were. Oh how he must have been working so much for his hands to be in a rough state. She likes how they contrast with the softness of her skin. She likes the feeling of it. "But….But I…But I have not spent much time with you recently. We only have seen each other passing through hallways and the courtyards," She whimpered. "I have been purposefully avoiding you out of my selfish fear, but at the same time it has been keeping me from you and fulfilling my duties as your queen…as your wife."

Turning her head away, she frowned; mostly just at herself. Her face burned from the regret of what she said, but there is no use of constant bowing or getting on her knees to apologize. She has been regretting her absence from him anyways. All the more reasons for Gyeongsuk to cry, yet she does not let herself do such a thing. Another tear rolls down her cheek.

Slowly, she stood up the same time as King Jehan. Since he is holding her hands, it only made sense to, but oh heavens how it is odd to say that he is holding her hands. With her chin darting up, she gazed into his eyes. "The village? Tomorrow? With you?" She asked. Confusion lit up in her dark watery eyes.

Is there some motivation behind this? Perhaps her father had stopped by and chewed the king out; her one older brother, Jaeseong, had done so a while ago. Or maybe the Chief Secretary recommended His Majesty something before leaving on the envoy trip. Maybe the king is growing from his pains and is changing. Is it so hard to believe? Is it wrong for her to question all of this as his wife?

Her lips scrunched together, fighting back more foolish tears. Lowering her head, she took a quick glance at their hands then stared back up at him. She did her best to give her husband a sincere smile. "We haven't done such a thing in years," Gyeongsuk said. "Yes….Yes…I would love to."