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Davis now stood wearing dark blue shorts with a form fitting matching tank top that allowed him to show off the musculature of his arms. He grinned when he noticed that the teacher had pulled dodge balls out.

Perfect excuse to actually hit Akira and get away with it!


Akira took a deep breath, great…. P.E. His least favorite period. Mostly because that's when Davis and his gang would pick on Akira… He still had bruises from their soccer activity from last week… And to make matters worse? Today they were playing dodgeball… He might as well die on the spot. He figured he'd just get hit in the first few minutes so that he could sit down. He didn't want to deal with Davis today- not at all. He pulls his hair back and walks nervously to the side, desperately wanting to talk to the coach about sitting out for today. But he didn't want to reveal why or when… plus he would probably be seen as a snitch even though he wasn't going to talk about Davis… it was a lose lose for him. So he sucked it up and dealt with it.

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"We going after the fairy?" Mark asked Davis, tossing a ball in the air and catching it before doing it again.

"Of course we are, man!" he responded as the game of dodge ball began. Davis moved for a ball, jumping out of the way of one that whistled past him. Grabbing a ball, he throws it with all his might at Akira


He winced at the others words, that was never a good sign. It was never a good sign when Davis and Mark were plotting. He dreaded the moment the game started, but it wasn't like he could pause time. He barely managed to dodge the ball thrown at him and he bit his lip nervously. He absolutely hated dodgeball. He didn't want to think about what might happen if he did get hit. He really, really didn't want to think about it. So he dodged to the best of his ability.

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Davis, unlike Mark, made it a point to target others. He threw a ball at random, hitting one of their many classmates out with a loud thwack.

I love dodge ball! he thought to himself while leaping out of the way of a projectile. His instincts were screaming at him, alerting Davis to the threatening balls. Mark, on the other hand was caught up in setting his sights on Akira. Palming two balls, he launches them, one after the other, towards his target.


Akira hated every second of this game. He always did. He always hated PE… He hated this school. All of it was a nightmare. It was a miracle he hadn't been hit yet- he knew he was doomed the moment that David's and Mark's merciless throws. But somehow he managed to dodge. He inhaled and smiled at that, feeling more adrenaline rush through him. He grabbed a ball and threw it. By some pure luck he managed to hit Mark in the shoulder. A real, genuine smile grew on his face- he hit Mark. By some pure luck.

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Mark snarled in anger when the ball hit him. Davis saw the lucky shot, and launched two balls towards Akira.
I'll actually be impressed if he manages to dodge both, Davis thought. But I highly doubt that.


Somehow, Akira managed to dodge both of them, ducking quickly and almost falling the second time. A relieved laugh left his lips and to say he was surprised was an understatement. He caught his balance and inhaled softly, a small smile on his lips. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad! After all, Mark was out, and he hadn't been harassed too much this morning, which was a relief.

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Davis looked on, amazed by the nerd's agility. Distracted, a ball hits him, knocking him out of the game. A look of annoyance crosses his face as he goes to stand next to Mark, where they attempt to get back into the game.

"Lucky little cock sucking fag!"


(No worries, I've been busy myself. Congrats on getting your job!)

Akira was smiling until the moment he was called that word. All the joy he had managed to work up had dropped immediately. He was such an idiot for getting his hopes up. He got smacked hard in the shoulder by a ball and he hissed out slightly in pain before moving to the sidelines again. He just wanted today to be over with.

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The game of dodge ball continues until their teacher, Mr. Locke, blows a whistle, the sound of it ringing harshly in the air.

"Hit the showers!" Mr. Locke calls out.

Davis struts towards the boys' locker room, pulling out of his shirt the moment he entered the locker room, barring his sweaty muscular torso. Running a hand through his hair, Davis sighs. He catches himself briefly admiring the lithe bodies of the young men around him, and quickly averts his gaze elsewhere

You like girls Davis, not other guys!


(That sounds like the best job ever! I love dogs lol)

He winced at the sound of the whistle, jogging to the bathroom. He usually chose a spot away from others. He let his hair down from its ponytail, and quickly took care of the shower, making sure to keep his eyes away from everyone. A dark bruise was spread over his back, certainly not on that Davis or his lackeys had given Akira. His hair covered the majority of it though, so he wasn't worried and he was away from everyone else. He was lithe, very pretty looking. Underneath the clothes he was curvy, although it was quickly hidden with turtle necks, overalls, anything that didn't give his body definition. He finished washing of, not very intent on enjoying the hot water, and wanting to escape the lockers as fast as possible.

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(Yeah, it's pretty great!)

"About time we get released from this hellhole, eh Pirate!" James, a smaller boy with short hair dyed bright blue calls from his shower stall.

"Yeah," Davis responds while he lathers body wash on himself.

"Got any plans for the weekend? Some of the guys and I are planning on going camping if you wanna join us. Mark's brother said that he'd be willing to get us stuff."

"That sounds fun, but I got plans already," he states while rinsing off, enjoying the feel of the hot water running over his muscles. "I'm taking Allison out for dinner and a movie!"

"Damn dude! You planning on getting some?" Mark asks from the next stall over.

Davis turns the shower off, dries and wraps himself with a towel, and steps out. "Of course I do, man! Hey James, why not ask the fairy boy? I bet that he doesn't have anything to do over the weekend!"

"Nah, I'll pass on that. A-queer-a would likely fondle us while we're passed out! Huh, Queer-boy!" he says, eliciting laughs from the others.

The group laughs at the remark. Davis slides into a pair of jeans, a clean form fitting plain light gray t-shirt, and slips into a black leather jacket. He completes his look by placing a gold necklace around his neck, and putting his ring back on his finger. Exiting the school, his backpack slung over one shoulder, he walks over to a black and red 1970 Cobra Mustang.

"Hi Sweetie, I missed you!" he says as he unlocks the door and gets in.


Akira sneered at the snide comments, "For the record, I do have things to do this weekend. Further more, I have standards." He pulled his hair back up and shouldered his bag before moving as fast as he could to the exit. From one hell to another, school then home. Thank god his sister was letting him stay at her place for the weekend. He doubted he could take another lashing from his parents. He noticed Jackson and moved as quickly as possible to get away from the other, the car was beautiful though. He doubted his family would ever have the money to get that kind of stuff, after all his father was a drunkard and his mother… well. It was hard to decide whether it was better to be home or at school. He usually found the walks home his only safe haven when he wasn't at his sisters house.

The walk home was long, and quiet which relieved him. His home was close enough that the school buses didn't need to pick them up, but it was far enough he could have a nice walk and he would have to worry about it. He knew how to drive and could do it rather well, but he preferred the long walks.