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A reboot of The Bully and the Nerd: A Gay Romance, which unfortunately died…. I plan on using the same character I used before again.

The bully gradually develops romantic feelings for the dorky nerd.
(We'll figure more out as we go….)

  • NAME:
  • AGE:
    2. EYE COLOR:
    3. SKIN (type, undertone, and condition):
    4. BODY TYPE:

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  • NAME: Davis "Davey"/"Pirate" Jones
  • AGE: 18
  • GENDER: Male
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bi Note: He's had some girlfriends in the past, but lately he's been coming to terms with the fact that he also likes guys. If asked about his sexual orientation he will swear that he's heterosexual.
  2. EYE COLOR: Bottle Green
  3. SKIN (type, condition, and undertone): Type II normal skin with neutral undertones
  4. BODY TYPE: Meso/endomorph. Toned, muscular build (he's stronger than he looks)
  5. DISTINGUISHING MARKINGS: A heart shaped freckle on his right cheek, a jagged scar running over his left eye where an ex scratched him, a anti-possession symbol on his left pectoral, and a skull-and-crossbones branded on his right bicep.
    • FASHION (CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES): Wears dark and brightly colored t-shirts, blue jeans, and red and black tennis shoes. Wears a black leather jacket. Has a golden necklace with a cross pendant, and a ring with a peridot gem on his left middle finger.
    • HEIGHT: 5'11"
    • PERSONALITY: Verbally, emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. Deceptive. Malicious.
    • TALENTS AND HOBBIES: Drawing, reading, singing, writing, bike riding, exercising, swimming, playing video games, driving his car
  6. OTHER: He is athletic and is on some of the sports teams.


  • NAME: Akira Nakamura
  • AGE: 18
  • GENDER: Male
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Homosexual, severely closeted when it comes to his parents. Out to his sister.
    1. HAIR COLOR/STYLE: Raven black hair that reaches past his shoulders. Usually up in a casual bun, braid, or ponytail. Has bangs that frame his face prettily.
    2. EYE COLOR: Dark blue eyes with flicks of green and gold.
    3. SKIN: Type I, softer pink and neutral undertones, softer skin
    4. BODY TYPE: ectomorph, skinny but not so much that he's showing bones.
    5. DISTINGUISHING MARKINGS: He has the planets tattooed on his spine.
  • FASHION (CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES): Softer styles that are comfortable. Overalls, beanies, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, whatever he feels comfortable in. He usually has some sort of aesthetic going on. Has big round glasses. He has piercings along his ears, four on his left, six on his right, and his tongue is pierced.
  • HEIGHT: 5'9
  • PERSONALITY: Akira is fun loving and warm. He's considered the 'mom' type, however he's more of an introvert at best. He doesn't like confrontation or fighting, but he has a 'mode' where if someone else is having anxiety or troubles with something, his own anxiety is overridden. He tends to hide himself in his books, manga, or sketchbooks. He tends to shy away from strangers, but can be very sarcastic and straightforward. when angry he gets passive aggressive, and he also get quiet when upset.
  • TALENTS AND HOBBIES: He loves to sketch, read, and is actually pretty talented when it comes to playing the cello and piano.

(I thought, hm… how much bully material can I give Davis? Ah. We'll give him a shit ton)

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

Davis sat at his desk, staring blankly at the paper before him. His brow furrowed as he quietly thought about the answer to the question he was on.

Compare and contrast all the film versions of Carrie to the book?

He let out a sigh, running a hand through his short black hair. He places the tip of his pencil to the stark white paper and writes 'Stupid bitch had her period, moved shit with her mind, and killed people' to compare them and 'She was played by different actresses' to contrast them. He sat back in his chair, relieved to be done with the test.

(Well, he's not wrong. Lol)


Simple enough. It was simple enough. Akira sighed deeply and carefully writes down his answers, his eyes scanning over the paper. He went a little overboard in his answer and he sighed. He hummed as he turned his paper over, glad to have finished it. He grabs his sketch book and sketches quietly, his eyes scanning over the paper as he drags his pencil along the paper. He paused before erasing it slowly and sighing softly. He ties his hair back in a bun and finishes the sketch before shutting his sketch book and shutting his eyes and resting his head on his arms as he waited for the class to finish. He didn't want to deal with school right now.

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

Davis quickly glances around the room, wondering who else was done with their test. His gaze lands on Akira. Davis glared at the other boy.

Fucking fagot probably finished before anyone else did.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the class. Davis gathered his things, tucking his messy, disorganized binder under his arm, and went to the door. He went to his locker, opened it, and waited for Akira to come to his own locker.

Why does the queer have to be assigned to the locker next to me? Why couldn't I have a locker next to Allison? he thought as he looked down the hall to a brunette who had her hair in a ponytail wearing a slightly form-fitting pair of jeans.

(Taking things from the old one because I can. I'm also fine with short responses if you can't think of anything to put. I understand that it can be difficult to think of things for a paragraph at times. 🙂)


Akira really, really didn't want to deal with Davis. God he didn't. He sighed softly and stood when the bell rang. He turned in his paper before walking toward the door and bracing himself mentally. He just needed to deal with Davis for a little while then he could be on his way and leave. He just needed… He swore mentally and took a deep breath. David was already waiting in front of the lockers. He took a deep breath and sighed deeply. He put away his books, his hands shaking slightly and he steadies them. God… Please no more. He just needed to survive this year and then he could to to Duke or Brown… He had already sent his applications in. He was just waiting on the reply. Just… Just one more year.


Akira jumped a little when Davis slammed his locker shut, inhaling softly. Breathe, and count. He takes a deep breath and nods slowly. "Yeah, okay." He murmured softly. Cock-gobbler… could he be any more original… He didn't feel like fighting back today, he just didn't have the strength in him at the moment. He could usually come up with a quick witted response, but today he was just not feeling it. "Give it here." He murmured softly, offering his hands out.

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

"The nerd giving you problems Pirate?" a tall, muscular guy with sandy blond hair asked.

"Not at the moment, Mark. Just making sure that the fag remembers who's in charge around here."

"So you don't need any help kicking the twerps ass? Man, that sucks, I was looking forward to teaching the ball licker a lesson for checking me out the other day," Mark said. "I'll see you in gym class in a bit!"

Davis watched Mark hurry off towards the gym before placing his full attention back on Akira.

"You checking out my friends? You're disgusting," the taller, more muscular boy says before dropping his binders at the smaller one's feet. "Have fun cleaning that up. See you soon, fagot!"


He flinched slightly at the sound of another voice. Great… Mark. But he knew better than to speak or even look at them. He just needed to get through the day. He inhaled shakily and shut his eyes. Gym class… He didn't look forward to that. He hated gym class. Akira shook his head. "I swear, I didn't- even I have standards…" He murmured quietly as he kneeled down to pick up the books. He had grown numb to the bullying at this point. He had grown used to people mocking him. He was japanese, small, rather feminine, and never really spoke up for himself. And to make matters worse, people never really approached him since he was a target for Davis and his gang. Well… Except for his friend "Nova" or Alex Laurens. But they only got to see each other during lunch and their free period. He grabbed the folders and scurried to his next class.