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The floor board started shaking again. A little clock popped up from the ground to show the time, Lux stretched her arms in the air and looked down at the floor. "Thank you Casita. Well kid, I need to help out in the kitchen. You wanna come down and help?" Casita tapped the ground under Cyrus feet.

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The area looked different. It was more homey and lively, with more people around. There was a tall, dark man in a button up shirt and a long wavy skirt was dancing around with Brooklyn, his hooves tapping on the tile floors to the light jazz music playing on the record player. A small girl with long white hair, almost dressed like Brook, was drink tea with a tall, pink-hair siren wear a coxy sweater with mushrooms and silk pants. The energy was so calm and relaxing, with a warm atmospheres.

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“ nice, can I help?” He asked, taking a drink from the bottle

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"Of course, uncle Baxtor is making the salsa. You can help with that." He gave Cyrus a bowl of vegetables to stir with Baxtor. Baxtor was a sweet, lovely man, and would get to know Cyrus in the process of cooking.