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Rumius, now that he was closer per her consent, since she seemed to have some sort of trust in him now that he offered warmth and the comfort of his lavish lifestyle.
Looking deep in her eyes, he observed soft flecks of moving stars, reflecting that above. It seemed as if the white freckles tickling her cheeks and forehead infested the depths of her gentle, almost deer-like wideness and laughable innocence. With this idea, Rumius spurred his answer.
"Doe," He responded softly, reaching out to set a curious finger onto one of those freckles, trailing it up her forehead. "You certainly are a blessing from the Gods. I, no. I do not think I need them nearly as much as you do." He smiled kindly and stepped back out of her personal bubble, mumbling a soft apology. It was most inappropriate of him to give in to his childish tendencies when it came to such blessings, after all, she was a conduit to the Gods themselves. "I will take the cloak back after we get you to my home. As beautiful as I feel you are, it is much too cold for you to exist without your own clothing. Please, allow me to introduce you to it." He stuck his hand out carefully, at least allowing her a choice in the matter. If she did not want to go with the king, they would perhaps have other issues. The kingdom itself would rumble and crack as tenacious humans tried to get their hands on her. The fact itself got stuck into Rumius' anxiety ridden head, overwhelming himself of images very well within the realm of human cruelty.


The female blinked in confusion as Rumius followed the trail of white specks up her forehead, calling her a doe. A female deer. "Reene" She said, speaking in the foreign tongue again. Suddenly, there was a flash of light as two gold bands appearing around her wrists. A golden ring manifested in the palm of Rumius's hand. Their bond was sealed. Reene smiled at the sight, knowing everything was going just as was suppose to. Her dark eyes went up to his as he spoke. "Perhaps, you do not know how much they could help."

Slowly, her hand went out to his, her frozen fingertips gently grazing over his skin as she took his hand. "Please, introduce me to this clothes you speak of."

@tungsten fastfood

He wrapped his warm palm around her chilly one, gently tugging on her to lead her out of the forest. His feet, sure on the path, took her from the frostbitten snow banks, over tree trunks with a flourish of brief strength, helping her through underbrush and nettles, and over the unsteady hush of a chilly river. He steadied her when needed, lifted and helped her maneuver over roots, pointing out how to carefully go over and through it all, with uncanny expertise for a king.
In the meantime he asked her idle questions about herself. Such things like "have you seen other seasons?", "is it warm or cold with the Gods in the sky?". And every once in a while he'd steal a glance from the golden bracelets wrapped around his wrist, and matching hers. It was so strange, now finally being bound to a Staar. In the meantime, he answered any other questions she had as they came back up on the back end of a castle, looking over the forest. He showed her through a small door hidden by a few bushes, through which Rumius introduced her the cellar. From there, the chilly, abandoned cellar full of barrels and bottles.
"Through here," Rumius whispered, pulling her between a couple of barrels. "There is a hidden entrance to my room. The other nobles must not know you're here." He shimmied through the tight entrance, and opened a small half-door to a flight of steps. After climbing up them, the stone was slowly replaced by more soft and supported cloth, and the biting air turned slowly warmer and warmer, until Rumius pushed open a hatch above them, and they were introduced to his room. A thick rug was squished away after he had first left, a plush bed dressed in greys and red, and several windows also in a similar fashion.