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Gabriel growled at Kaz, brandishing his knife at the man. He drew closer to him, the tip of the knife pointed at Kaz’s chest. He was ready to pounce, to kill the threat persisting in his life. Gabriel wanted nothing more than to rip Kaz’s throat out, to watch him bleed out on the marble floor. It would stain, but it would only be a reminder for later generations. He almost made the move until the demon appeared. He winced, hissing at his blurred vision. Gabriel didn’t want to communicate with this demon. Nyx annoyed him to all hell, and this was the tip of the iceberg. “Go away. You ruined my strike.” He snarled, wearily turning around. His balance was interrupted, making him stumble at precarious angles.

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Nyx chuckles.

"I thought you wanted help. This is me helping. The poor fools are incapacitated." he replies casually, taking a sip of his tea. "Unless of course, you want them on their feet, in which case. . ."

With a negligent flick of his wrist, the one Gabriel had just dropped is ripped upwards to his feet and held there by black spikes driven through his palms and the soles of his feet.

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Gabriel huffed, his mind trying to compensate for his lack of vision. This suddenly became more difficult than it had to be. “Once upon a time, I did.” He paused. “That was until you ruined my blow by shrouding us all in your demonic energy.” He stomped his foot, throwing the dagger to the ground. Gabriel clutched his satchel, opening it and pulling out the vial. He put the vial to his lip, drinking its contents before dropping it on the ground. “I do like my opponents on their feet and conscious.” He sneered, rolling his eyes. Watching as Kaz’s body was pulled upwards, his appendages speared. He sighed. “This is not helping.” Gabriel turned to wherever he thought the demon to linger, gritting his teeth.