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Something happens, something horrible. While driving back home from a party, a drunk driver crashes into a girl’s car. Bystanders immediately call the ambulance, and when they arrive, they take her to the hospital. Hours later, she wakes up to see her best friend and her family in the room, but something is off. She doesn’t seem excited to see them, instead, she looks confused. She asks two questions that shock her family and her best friend.

“Who am I? And who are you, people?”

Amnesia. That was the word that went through their heads. Now, their little mission is to bring back her memories, and of course, with help of her best friend.

Of course, this roleplay will have romance. I would prefer it if it was lesbian, but if you’re not comfortable with doing a lesbian romance, then that’s alright. I'd also prefer to be the one with Amnesia.


  • LGBTQ+ characters are welcomed
  • Please try to avoid one-liners. I understand if you do it when you're tired, but don't do it every other post.
  • Respond with at least three sentences.
  • Ask to join
  • Please notify if you're going to be on vacation, take a break, etc. Also, please notify me when you're going to drop out of the RP
  • Cursing is allowed and welcomed
  • This will (obviously) have mentions of gore, violence, etc, so if you're not comfortable with that, then I'm afraid this isn't the right roleplay for you.
  • Be active. I'm not asking you to be on every day, but at least respond twice a week
  • No smut. Not comfortable writing that.
  • No slurs
  • Have fun!

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And also for the sake of other people please make it say closed. It confuses everyone.

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Yeah, sure! I have no problem with this being MxF. Yeah, I was just doing that. Here's the template!








Normal Outfit:





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(I usually work off of the other person's character so is that fine?)

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Name: Jacqueline Waterson

Nickname(s): Jackie, Jacky

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity: White British

Appearance: Jacquline has long brown wavy hair. Her hair reaches to her waist and It’s styled in two buns on the bottom. There are times where her hair isn’t in two buns and when it’s not, it’s in a half down with a crown braid style. Her eyes are a beautiful honey brown. She has two piercings in each ear, and she wears silver round glasses. She’s roughly about 6 foot 4 inches and weighs 170.6 pounds. Her face has some freckles here and there, she has a greek nose, goldilock lips and she’s slightly muscular.

Normal Outfit: A yellow shirt with a flower design on it. She usually wears black denim jeans and black converse high tops with flame print. On very cold days, (which is very often.) she wears a long sleeve shirt, sweatpants or warm pants, a sweater, and then another sweater.

Personality: She’s smart, sharp, and speedy. She is shy around people she doesn’t know, but when she’s around people she knows, she’s energetic and social. She’s also Naive, but at times, she’ll act like she isn’t Naive at all.

Likes: She really loves anything that has the color purple in it, because she thinks it makes it looks a bit mysterious. She also likes almost all types of chocolate, especially milk chocolate.

Dislikes: Dark chocolate, annoying siblings, family vacations, and being pretty much alone in a huge house.

Other: She has three brothers and one sister. Her brother Richard (34) is a professional basketball player, her sister Amaya (10) wants to be a teen pop sensation, her second brother, Jackson (15) wants to be a writer when he grows up and her third brother, Adam (4) is an adorable toddler.

Her family moved from the United Kingdom to the United States when she was ten because her father’s new job was located in the United States. She had a hard time making friends, but she soon befriended a lot of people.


(Um…if this died…may I join…? I found myself being slightly too late… If not, may we do this in PMs, possibly? If not, I will just stalk. I thought I'd ask.)


(Okay! i do apologize for my schedule. I can be on during weekdays, but not until after three in afternoon Eastern Standard Time. I have school and my school blocked this. Before then, I was most active during school. I am available all day weekends, whenever I have e-learning, and anytime after three Monday-Friday. However, since the requirement is only twice a week, I assume this is fine. Still, I am incredibly sorry. My spare time in school is much more boring without role plays, and I miss being active. That aside, I shall start my form soon! Are we doing it in PMs or here, by the way?)

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(Oh, that's fine really. I understand. You're ahead by at least three hours. I can create another thread. Or if you want, we can do this in PM's. I don't really care where we're doing it.)