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In ligh of most of my roleplays flopping or just never starting at all, here's another. Anything goes here. That being said. . .


This roleplay will contain a bunch of mature and/or triggering themes. I suggest keeping well away if you are sensitive to: gore and graphic violence, vulgar language (i.e. lewd messages, cursing), mentions of sexual assault (though actual depictions of such won't happen); other triggering themes include stalking, death threats, mentions of abuse and/or mentions of suicide and/or self-harm.

Now that's all done and over with, here we go. (Sorry for the length in adavnce.)

Project: "Star".

That's the name of the project the media uncovered after various bits of classificated information by hackers. A project designed to experiment on humans and the effects the newly discovered material, dubbed sitarite after the Hindi word for "starlight."

Discovered first in the year 2025, it became known relatively quickly due to its affects upon flora and particularly fauna.

Rapid growth in biological matter.

Increased size in animals.

Higher yield in fields during harvest.

Not only that, when an atom of sitarite was split it had a higher energy yield than anything previously known to man. Soon, it became the base for many reactors, generators or even just common every day items.

Until, of course, the adverse side affects were discovered when it was exposed to human flesh for too long.

Rapid cell mutation, birth defects, reduced virility. Some special cases even had altered skin tones, bright as silver or as dark as quill ink. Nobody knows why it only had this affect on humanity, but its affects were quickly felt around the world as the affects of sitarite decimated countries.

Now, in the year 2142, the world is scarred from years upon years of war, famine and drought.

The new global power became what was formerly Russia, now known as the Soviet Republics of Earth, which controls most of what used to be Europe, Asia, and parts of the American continents.

Because the main source of sitarite had been in what used to be the region of Siberia, the Soviet Republics had a monopoly on its mining, refinement and even how much the taxes on its shipment were.

Project: "Star" was, simply put, a way to see if humans in the late stages of illness brought on by sitarite could be militarized, and if the affects it had could be replicated synthetically or in a controlled environment.

Because not only did sitarite slowly kill who it was exposed to, it gave extraordinary powers to some.

Space, time, matter, gravity. . . all of it could be manipulated by those who were affected by star sickness.

Of course, until they died. That usually happened after 5-10 years.

Except in two cases.

Patient 01-C, "Cygnus."

And Patient 02-L, "Lyra."

Cygnus, with the power to call storms and shake the world with lightning.

Lyra, to balance and keep the peace with her power to control the very soul of beings.

The had been experimented on for years, being two of the first to develop different skin tones, and different hair/eye colors. More importantly, the first two to develop powers.

When the facility they were being help in was suddenly assaulted by a terrorist organization known only as "Andromeda," they took the chance to escape, their bodies and minds scarred.

Now, it's time to choose. Will they live a peaceful life and try to heal?

Or will they embark on a tempstuous journey of vengeance, discovery and hardships, and attempt to destroy the world that had kept them hostage for so long?

As stated earlier, there's no real rules here. Just be nice OOC and no slurs. That's it. I'll post the template once someone joins.

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(i second Davadio, if it's too stressful/too much all at once definitely limit yourself to one or two. i don't mind stalking at all, but if you're okay with having extras then count me in as well, just whatever you're feeling at the moment)

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(It isn't. Trust me, it's unnerving as all hell. Anyways, yeah. I'll get the secondary and tertiary versions of this up.)
(And, just as a sidenote, the only things that are set here are the powers of each. "Cygnus" and "Lyra" are the names they were given when they were being experimented on, so. . . shrug.)

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Basic Info

Nicknames (Optional):
Gender (Biological):
Gender Identity:


Skin Tone:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Body Type:
Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.):
Usual Outfit:


Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description):
Physical Conditions:
Mental Conditions:
Backstory (optional; only write until they get captured, please):