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Kinda basic template, but it's one of my old ones. Feel free to edit/add anything you want.



Name: Malekai Bornalio
Nicknames: N/A (Your character can come up with one)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Appearence: Spiky white hair, waist down is a grey snake tail
Likes: Mice(to eat) and music
Dislikes: Most humans and other nagas(His species, snake people)
Background: His best friend was a human, but they turned against him after 7 years, and him and a few other humans nearly killed him in an alley, leaving him there to die. To this day, He doesn't trust humans.
Other: He is not comfortable with physical contact. (This is changeable ;D)

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Sorry it took so long.

Name:Theodore Lee

Nicknames: Theo (And any nickname Malekai wants to give him)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Theodore has long black hair, but not too long because people still consider it short. It's about a little bit below his ears. (Imagine Luke Skywalker, but with much more tamer hair.) He has violet-blue eyes and wears pretty much whatever clothes Malekai provides him with.

Likes: Nature. Animals, specifically dogs and bears, and on a few occasions snakes. He also likes music, not all genres though.

Dislikes: Gloomy, dark, and rainy days, spiders, clowns, and pretty much chaos.

Background: He had a pretty shitty time as a child. Both of his parents weren't really around and then someone murdered them when he was 13, leaving Theo to take care of Margarita, his 3-year-old sister. (I'm not telling you what happens to the sister. It's very sad.)

Other: Theo has trust issues, so he's pretty shy around people he doesn't know and will take time to warm up to you and actually start to trust you.

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Theodore, in rags, sat on the ground with his head in his hands. It was at times like these where he wished the world where he was born into was much different. He sighed as he wiped the tears away from his eyes. How he missed his sister. It just shows to people what happens when a young naive human, like Margarita, tries to escape their abusive master.

(Is this good enough?)

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Theodore lifted his face and looked at the Naga in front of him. There were two things that could happen next. One, the Naga could just pretty much ignore him and go on about with his day or two, the Naga decides to help Theodore. If he had money, he would have bet ten dollars on the first option.