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Name: Carter Lee James
Nickname: Lee
Age: 17
sexuallity/pro: (Doesn't know, just kinda does whatever) he/him
Gender: Male
Appearance: dirty blonde hair, eyes are naturally green but often turn red. He looks pretty average. Has a cut in the top of his right ear.
Body type: average
Height: 5'3"
Personality: He acts very passive, but has major anxiety and other issues. He is rude to people who cross him, not really one to throw hands, but definitely one to throw words, he doesn't have a filter.
Background: He was unofficially 'adopted' by a pair of brother, the James brothers, (James and James aka Jim), he street races for a living, tricking people into giving him free stuff. He got jumped by a couple of vampires one night and has since been one. Something he hates. When he does feed his vampire hungers, he tends to go on a mild 'killing everything in sight' spree.

@CaseyJ group

Carter stood by his car, he had just won another race, and was waiting for his opponent to give him his money. The last guy he beat had accused him of cheating, something that highly offended him. He lit a cigarette, leaning against the side of his car.


Justin walked over, money in hand, he stood right in front of him. Staring down at the small boy, he dropped the money. It fluttered to the ground and Justin stepped back. "Should be easy for you to pick up, since you're so close to the ground," He laughed

@CaseyJ group

"taking stabs at my height? wow what a surprise" Carter muttered, pretending he was not offended. He bent down and picked up the money, carefully counting it, making sure he wasn't shorted. He let a puff of smoke out directed at the taller male's face.