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(Just vomit up a character? Lol, I have a lot of characters that I prefer to match with others. (I don't have sheets for most of 'em) )


Name: Gray Jest
Nickname: Justin
Age: 20
sexuallity/pro: Gay he/him
Gender: Male
Appearance: (I’ll throw up a picture later)
Body type: Very lean
Height: 5’6”
Personality: He’s always angry, fighting back, yelling, but on the inside he’s like a sheep, running away. (will reveal more later)
Background: Once his family found out he was gay, they resented him.


(Gosh I really don't know, I was thinking someone that is like a little puppy, you ever read BL's like that? But then I don't know how your character would hate mine if he's like that, you know? What do you think)