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This rp is about a detective who is trying to solve a mysterious case of mass murders. Several people have fallen victim to a serial killer who has remained unknown for years. Several die…several in jail…all innocent. Little does everyone know…there’s someone behind the scenes hiding in plain sight.

This probs will contain tons of romance! If things get spicy, either do a time skip, or take it to pms! This will definitely not be pg 13 so viewers be warned! No one liners if you can handle it! Be nice. Id like it if this were a mlm kinda ordeal. Just to make it fun. I’ll create my oc and set him up here real soon!

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(this song has haunted me for the past ever. can i take this one?)

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Name: Russel Kinsley

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: black hair, green eyes, tall (6'2) light dusting of freckles across his nose and cheeks

Likes: order/organization, quiet, the smell of apples, cats

Dislikes: chaos, loud noises, anything that can't be explained or defined

Other: he has adhd, and is only half human. other half is unknown

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Antonio had recently just been to court with another suspect. And his master manipulation skills had gotten that suspect into jail for a month. He grinned as he sat down in a nice restaurant, ordering spaghetti and wine as he spoke to his ‘friend’ about the court case. Well…’spoke’. More like signing. Even if he was wearing hearing aids, he still couldn’t fully understand what the person across from him was saying.

Crazy day at court, yeah? he signs, taking a sip of wine. I have a strong feeling about this one. They just seem…off. No?

His friend nods, signing as he spoke. “Yeah man. Just…really off.” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Hopefully this is the one we’ve been looking for.”

Antonio nods, *I know right? This case has been going on for years…it’s already over 100 or so people dead. It’s…honestly sad.

Antonio’s friend nods and agreement, sighing. “I know. Hopefully all this madness ends soon.”

Antonio…however…couldn’t just couldn’t agree…

After a while, his food is presented to him and he smiles, thanking the waiter. He then eyed them as they walked away. His newest victim. He had heard reports that this person had molested their younger siblings over and over again…and have only gone to jail once. He was going to make sure they perished. When his friend wasn’t looking, Antonio had slipped a tracking device into the persons pocket. Like magic…soon…there would be exactly 147 deaths from the mystery killer.

Antonio grins softly, slowly eating his food and enjoying the peace.

Him and his friend spoke for a while longer, then once the food was done, the bill was paid and both said their goodbyes. As Antonio walked, he couldn’t help but catch the eye of a very attractive looking young man walking by. He smiles warmly at the man, a seductive look hidden deep within those eyes of his.

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(i dont know where to start)

Russel walked across the restaurant, noticing a man staring at him. When he caught the man's eyes, the man smiled warmly. Russel noticed the man's eyes. One black and one gray. How strange. Those muscular arms, this man took the time to perfect his image. The rich clothing and finery draped across the man. And such a handsome face.

Russel walked over to where the man was sitting because honestly? He was curious. He noticed the man using sign language to his friend, and noticed a hearing aid in his ear. Probably deaf, he thought to himself. He walked up and started signing while he spoke. "Hello, my name is Russel. I noticed you watching me from across the room."

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(Hey this is great! You’re fine ^^)

Antonio smiles, nodding. Nice to meet you, Russel. I’m Antonio. he looks around, then offers to sit with this boy outside, motioning to a bench. Sit with me? he grins, sitting down. It’s easier to understand when idle.

Antonio couldn’t help but think how attractive this boy was. He looked into the strangers eyes. So…where are you from? he smiles warmly, making sure there was enough room for this man. Antonio did take up a lot of space, and hey…he was usually considerate. I’m from Italy. he added. He would usually circle back to himself in any conversation. Usually subconsciously. He had no idea why…just that he couldn’t help but crave attention. Probably why he decided to become a detective and lawyer.