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Your character is lucky enough to be working for the queen of the dark Isles, Queen Alexandrite. They will be working as a personal Butler/maid to the Queen herself. Though she does seem friendly and her kingdom quite kind, your character knows the truth about her. You are working with an ex General who destroyed your character's home along with many others with an army of monsters, leaving you home to ash and your family forced to live in the Dark Ilse as you work for the woman responsible just to make ends meet . She has retired and lived her life in calm and tranquility. Do you wish to destroy Harmony to get revenge or learn about Alexandra and see if her motives can justify her crimes?

Basic Stuff:
No smut
Prefer paragraph text
Shipping your character with one of mine is fine just ask first so I can say their gender, sexuality, and availability
LGBTQ+ is always welcome

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Can I get your character's bio? So Name, age, sexuality, gender, pronouns, appearance, personality, backstory, likes and dislikes and how they'll be tied to the rp?))

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Um, let me just..
Name: Donevean
age: 17+
Gender/prounouns: male he/him
Appearance: black hair, redish eyes, 5'8, wears dark clothes.
Personality: Quiet.. just quiet. until you get to know him, then he opens up
Backstory: not sure. Ill figure it out.
likes: quiet, being left alone
Dislikes: females.
ties: Not sure yet.