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are there any like specific characters you want?


  • the raging witch
  • the air headed blonde golden retriever boyfriend

it can also be as nonspecific as you want obviously.


Name: Isera Welyn
Age: 20
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Species: dragon shifter, light
Occupation: young heiress to her father’s coffee shop company, assistant manager
Appearance: Isera is about 5’4” tall with a plump, curvy body. Her skin is a warm, honey brown color with olive undertones, and her face is round, with full cheeks and a softly curved nose. Her lips are full and always in a vague smirk, and her large amber eyes have curved slits for pupils, giving her this catlike look. Her hair is buzzed short on one side, and the other side is white in color, a stylish mop of short dreadlocks that sometimes covers the right side of her face. She wears a lot of jewelry, and her clothing style would likely be considered business casual. In her dragon form, she’s about 11 feet in length and 6 feet in height. Her scale and eye colors are consistent with her human form, and there are little shocks of white feathers on her head, her shoulders, around her hips, and at the tips of her wings and tail. She also has a crown of horns on her head and a short muzzle. Her wings are shaped similarly to a bat’s.
Powers?: her skin can glow in the dark, she can conjure and manipulate existing light, and her light is strong enough to blind a person. And, as her species name implies, she can shift between human and dragon forms. In her dragon form, she can breathe fire.
Personality: at her most basic, Isera is the snobby rich kid. She was born privileged and a little spoiled, and she tends to take that fact for granted. She’s demanding and bossy, and tends to prioritize her wants over others’. However, she’s also has a cheerful, happy disposition, in addition charismatic and intelligent, to the point of being manipulative at times. Her parents raised her to be picture-perfect, to create a mask of put togetherness and poise, and she uses that mask to hide her insecurities and doubts. Often she’s motivated by self preservation, food, or fancy clothing.
Likes/dislikes: good food, fancy clothes, being taken seriously, people doing as they’re told/ not getting her way, being in general discomfort, defiance unless she’s the one doing it, people treating her as a joke
Backstory: Isera was raised in a wealthy family, the daughter of a businessman who owned the coffee shop company Light in a Cup. Though her parents were doting and indulged her as a young child, they also became more strict as she got older. At first they spoiled her often, getting her whatever she wished for. But then, when they started setting more expectations and responsibilities onto her, they used her greed as a way to get her to behave; promising her jewelry or shopping money if she cleaned her room, for example. Later these responsibilities would extend to such things as familiarizing herself with all the Light in a Cup locations and policies.
In school, she was popular. Between her late middle and early high school years, she was a bully. For as many friends she had, she had just as many enemies. This, along with going through puberty, heightened her need for material objects and comforts, as this was a time where her insecurities were most pronounced. Later in high school though, the expectations of her parents were higher than ever, and Isera had to shed her involvement and ideas about high school politics. She realized how immature it all was compared to what she would be dealing with later in life, and stopped bothering with it. She was still popular though, and there was still drama.
Once she graduated, her parents assigned her to be an assistant manager at one of their locations in order to give her experience in the work force. It was at this point Isera’s “performance” as a daughter began to slip, because she was so tired of being told what to do all the time and having her life all planned out. She became whiny and complaining, unwilling to do work. Her parents decided to keep her as an assistant manager as punishment, never allowing her to move up until she behaved. She’s still learning how to balance her job, college, and her personal life.
Other: she has a major in business and a minor in social media analytics


Name: Donelle Maguysia
Age: 21
Gender/pronouns: female she/her
Sexuality: pansexual
Occupation: a sales assistant for her older sisters clothing line.
Species: Nāga Human
Appearance: this
Powers: the ability to charm people using her voice.
Personality: Donelle is silent and observant, timid and unlikely to be insertive unless she is comfortable.
Likes/dislikes: stargazing, cloud watching, soft lilac/ loud people, neon green and dirty restrooms.
Backstory: a Nāga Human, she has the ability to shift from her human form to her Nāga form, where the lower half of her body is the tail of a Burmese Python, her eyes suddenly turned beaded and black, much like a snake's.
this is her clothing style.
Backstory: a Nāga Human, she has the ability to shift from her human form to her Nāga form, where the lower half of her body is the tail of a Burmese Python, her eyes suddenly turned beaded and black, much like a snakes. She was born to a Nāga mother, and a human father, in the finding of what Donelle and her mother could do and their Nāga blood, Donelle's father left her mother in eyes that his family had been switched out with demons. When she was young she went through constant bullying from her older sister because she was Nāga, and her sister was not, though this was died down and eventually ended when Donelle was in her late teens and her older sister, Dysstasia; realised she would rather be a full human than part Nāga
this is her clothing style.

  • Donelle attended college for a degree in creative writing, so far her creative writing services have yet to land her a writing related job, though she has multiple manuscripts for books she has never finished.

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Name: The Host (Host) [ known as The Author in the past]- Not my OC, but a Markiplier Ego
Age: 32
Gender/pronouns: Man- Pronouns: He/They/It
Sexuality: Demisexual- Bisexual
Occupation: Editor for the towns (or citys?) newspaper/ Library shift coverer (Like if someone couldn't come to work, it'd step in)
Species: Seer
Appearance: 5''10 with a semi-lean build. They have tan skin and oval-shaped face. It's black hair is usually combed back and gelled- there is a blonde streak of hair on the front. It has a couple moles dotted along their face. The Host always has a white cloth wrapped around his eyes that is stained with blood. Under their long, light brown trench coat, it wears a black shirt. He wears a pair of old blue jeans and black work boots.
Powers?: Clairvoyance but nothing major/ affecting them directly. For example, seeing that in a hour a strangers pen will run out of ink. After narrating (see below) for six or so months, his ability to write reality will come back. Whatever they write, the event will become more likely to happen (although not definite). All events increase in chance unless whatever is written harms or significantly helps (physically/ emotionally/ mentally) any being and the environment. Once he writes, it'll set the paper on fire and in time they'll see if the event happens or not. He's stealthy.
Personality: The Host is sarcastic but never with ill-intentions. "Hurt me and I'll hurt you'' mindset. Spends most of it's time alone but enjoys hanging out with a couple people from time to time. Their an Aquarius. Content where he's at in life but wishes for adventure.
Likes/dislikes: Likes- Books, tea, art, animals, train rides. Dislikes- Rude people, taxes, hot weather, E-books.
Backstory: (Trauma train. Whoo-whoo!) Was known as ''The Author" ten years ago. Used to be extremely narcissistic/ cocky/ and sadistic. He was bonked on the head with a bat and left to die. It experienced a mental break down for three weeks and rebuilt his life as "The Host".
Other: He has a brown cat named Waffles that likes to walk with him and be in public. Waffles has a purple collar.