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The year is 1992 and you just graduated high school. Your aunt and uncle wanted to invite you to his home in Syracuse, Italy to spend the summer before going off to college. While you never have traveled outside of America, you always dreamed of traveling, so of course you go.

A day or two after you arrive, your aunt and uncle are throwing a party for you cause why not? It's nice! You know, you get to wear a beautiful dress, meet some people your aunt and uncle know, and listen to nice music. The problem is that you run into the same boy you accidentally bumped into when you first arrived. Well, you accidentally ran into him again, but we digress. You both get bored of the party then he asks you if you want to sneak out.

It's weird. The two of you don't really hit it off at first, but girl, there is just something about him, something about you two together that just makes sense. You know he knows too. Even despite the initial fact you two detested each other, there is something more to it.

Little note: I don't know why, but I took inspiration from those romantic coming of age movies, especially "10 Things I Hate About You" and Pride and Prejudice. Why not make it into an rp set in the summer in 1990s Sicily?


  • This is a bxg rp for starters. For clarification, my character will be the Sicilian boy.
  • Experienced rpers
  • At least one paragraph per response with good grammar/spelling
  • Try to be active as possible, at least response once a day or so
  • As this is a romance one, there will be no sexy times. References to it are okay.
  • Andrew's rules as always
  • Ask any questions if needed. Have fun! :)

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Name: Adone Domenico Bellini
Age: 18
Gender: Cis male (He/Him)
Personality: Adone may be a bit too stubborn for his own good, but this fact tends to do more good than harm; although, it gives him a closed off presence whenever he meets someone new. A firey person, he is passionate just about anything he likes. If he is motivated enough, he'll go beyond the extra mile, yet he is usually discreet with his more compassionate doings. Adone loves, cares, and looks after people. He does not mind risking himself for situations, just as long as there's some outcome worth the while. He's more so closed off about personal, emotional things; it takes him a while to open up.
Appearance: There's a reason why his name is Adone. Taking after his mother, he has sculpture-like features. He has a Roman nose shape along with an oval shaped head. Adone stands at 6'2" with a rectangular mesomorphic build. His skin is a honey tone, but it appears darker due to it tanning easily. He has jet black hair that is short, messy, and parted to the left. His eyes are a dark brown, but people always mistaken them for being black.
Background: Born on November 3, 1974, Adone is the youngest out of four children; he has three older sisters. He always was spending time with his mother or older sisters since the boys in the city always left him out. Growing up, he had a hard time connecting with others. His grandfather would tell him stories about Sicily and the rest of Italy, especially during Mussolini's dictatorship. His grandfather gave him old history books and would take him to the library every Saturday morning until the afternoon. Something about his grandfather and the history lessons sparked something inside him; he wanted to write and teach history to others, hoping to inspire others too.

Adone's father was closed off to his son; sometimes it seemed like the man wasn't even there. He actually passed away when Adone was thirteen years old from an accident with some Ndrangheta guys trying to run away from the police. The police eventually caught the mafia members, but the suspects were killed before trial. Adone brushed the death of his father off as if it wasn't a big deal, especially since his mother was greatly upset and he needed to look after her.

Eventually, Adone began to feel more fit in with people. Through his school career, he had the highest grades, even though he was a bit of a troublemaker at times. He even is the only one in his family to be somewhat fluent in English. When he graduated, he could not afford to go to a university, so he took on some jobs to save money. From helping his uncle at the dress and tailor shop to waiting tables to tutoring, he does it all. Sometimes Adone looks after his niece and nephews for money, but he really just does it for fun. Life just takes him through all these strange passings, he hopes that they led him somewhere all worth while.
Other: Adone can do pretty much about anything. Jump, swim, climb high walls, run away from someone at a great speed, drive a motorcycle/scooter, translate English to Italian/Sicilian vice versa… He really enjoys going out on late night walks or reading a book during any time of day especially at the beach.


Ooo, I've got someone perfect for this. I'll need to edit her a tiny bit but I think I can make her work. Someone can be very Italian without ever having been there, right? 😅


Name: Francesca “Frenchie” Eireann Russo
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Frenchie is an absolute spitfire. Her exterior is very defensive and protective, showing how she won’t let her small frame define her as weak or needing someone’s protection. And her interior isn’t much softer. She’s sarcastic and a bit of a smartass but only to balance out how fiercely she cares about people. She has massive trust issues but if you can get her guard down, she’s a total mama bear. She’s loyal to a fault and is unwaveringly stubborn. She cares very deeply about people, more than willing to jump headfirst into danger to protect those she loves. When she’s on your side, she’s in for the long haul until you give her a reason not to. Plus, she gives the best hugs.
Frenchie’s entire personality is to the absolute extreme and she jumps to extremes just as quickly. With her short temper and “swing first, ask questions later” attitude, it’s safe to say that she doesn’t like new people, especially when she considers them a danger to her friends or family. She has, can, and will knock people’s teeth out without a second thought. She has a killer intuition that never steers her wrong and trusts her gut over anything else.
She’s a total chatterbox, never knowing when to shut her mouth and loves to talk. She knows both Italian and Gaelic from her childhood. Unfortunately with her accents and endless bounds of energy, she talks incredibly quickly and switches languages often so people often lose what she’s saying.
In the end, Frenchie is incredibly resilient, a warrior in the face of adversity but can and will give up her own life for those who’ve earned it. She’s seen as a wild and dangerous nomad, an ace in the hole or a joker ready to stab you in the back at any second.
Frenchie is small, 5’4” and 110 pounds of pure muscle and spite. She has strong shoulders and arms but isn’t particularly built in her upper body, more so toned for power than absolute strength but still packs a hell of a punch. She has a prominent set of hips for her size and thick thighs along with it; her legs are pure muscle and hold a lot of her strength.
She has slightly darker skin, somewhere between type 3 and type 4 (Google the Fitzpatrick scale for reference) with russet brown eyes and dark golden brown slightly wavy hair that falls to the middle of her back. She usually keeps it in either a high ponytail or a braid/braided bun to avoid it getting in the way but refuses to cut it.
Frenchie is both very Italian and very Irish, causing a heart shaped face with a small, upturned button nose and a healthy smattering of freckles all over her face and body although they heavily pepper her nose and cheeks. Not to mention a constantly switching accent between a softer, r rolling Italian one and an aggressively American one. With full lips and a gap between her front teeth, her smile makes her look 5 years younger.
Frenchie’s eyes look too big for her face, round and piercing as they stare into your soul. They’re extremely expressive, only helped by her equally as expressive thin and high arched eyebrows and seemingly never still hands and arms.
She has two tattoos, technically four if you count the second one as three. The first is a phoenix with a bright red eye on the back of her neck and the second is her name; written on her right arm with her first name in her father’s handwriting, her middle name in her mother’s handwriting, and her last name in her little brother’s handwriting. All of them are fairly recent, only done in the past year or so.
She has two piercings, a normal earlobe piercing and a helix piercing.
(I think I got everything?? Descriptions are hard y’all)
On July 27th, Frenchie was born to be the older of two children, with her little brother being 5 years younger than her. She spent a lot of her time outdoors, exploring the woods behind her family home and generally being a child menace. Because of this, she never had many friends her age, choosing to hang out with the older kids of the neighborhood that were more her speed. But when she wasn’t being the neighborhood terror, she loved to spend time with her father, always asking about the summer trips he took as a child back to his parent’s old home in Italy and he always loved to indulge her. Frenchie always loved stories, her father’s being her favorites but her mother’s stories too which were usually about her and her 5 siblings being an uncontrollable Irish disaster. Both her parents say she gets a bit of both, with her dad’s exploration and love of adventure and her mom’s inability to stay out of trouble and affinity for chaos.
Frenchie’s family is very close, with the house always being loud with conversation and laughter. She loves to get into heated debates with her retired lawyer turned author father, although her mother always interjects when they start yelling at each other in Italian. She also loves to help her chef mother in the kitchen, particularly with her baking since her mom isn’t much of a baker. Plus, though sibling rivalry will always plague them, her and her brother Conor are constantly having little competitions and driving each other crazy. Frenchie is very protective of her family since she is very close to all of them and loves them very much.
Frenchie was never much of a scholar. She never did particularly bad in school, mind you, but it just wasn’t where her focus was. She was an athlete, had been since she was young. From flag football with the neighborhood kids to her first youth soccer team to her knack for throwing a ball leading her to the middle school softball team, Frenchie did a lot. And that didn’t stop in high school, being on both the soccer team for the fall season and the softball team for the spring season. She rose to be captain of her girl’s soccer team, leading them to and winning states for the first time in 15 years and vice captain of her softball team, gaining them yet another county title and keeping them on their 8 year streak. Frenchie was a star athlete, skirting by with her grades to keep pursuing what she actually loved.
She lives life to the fullest, never slowing down or taking a break. Unfortunately, that means she lives a pretty lonely life. Frenchie has never dated, never bothered to. She never wants to have to slow down for someone, believing they should be able to match her speed if they really care about her. Her closest friends are her teammates, never really being able to reach out beyond her sporty bubble. Her parents believe someone will come by one day and yank her out of her comfort zone whether she likes it or not, she doesn’t think so. If there’s truly someone out there who can give her a renewed sense of adventure, they better hurry up cause she’s getting bored.
Other: Frenchie hates being called any shortened version of her name that isn’t Frenchie. She despises Fran above all others and has legitimately kicked someone in the teeth for calling her it. She doesn’t particularly mind being called Francesca but doesn’t prefer it, she considers it too formal for her personality. Also, she hates wearing shoes. She will be barefoot at every possible opportunity.

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Parties were always either something Adone would rather skip out on or go, but sneak out halfway through. This time he was not able to. Not because he initially couldn't, but rather, he did not want to upset Mr and Mrs Russo in any way. He always helps them with gardening and moving things in and out of the house; they're good people, and they always treat him kindly. So when he got the invite to this party for their niece, he secretly reluctantly agreed to go. He even tried working to help with food or something, but the kind couple declined, saying that he is there to enjoy the party and himself.

The place was not too crowded. Adone kept to himself for the better part near the sides of the space. Every now and then he saw someone familiar and talked to them. Even random people came up to him then just started talking. He didn't mind it really. And whenever he was just by himself, he listened to the music while drinking from his glass of wine.

Not once did he get the chance to see who the party was for, but he did not care. In fact, he was more interested in the semi-formal light brown jacket he wore. There was an inside pocket where he kept a small book about the world because he thought he would have the chance to read it. The pockets of his black pants would be too obvious to hide a tiny book.

Adone stood away from the wall. Deciding to make use of his time, he began to wander around, mostly to look for people to talk to. A decent portion of guests were older than him, yet he didn't mind. His eyes glanced around as he walked.


Francesca was absolutely glowing. Her aunt and uncle had decided to surprise her with a welcome party and a fancy dress, she was ecstatic. So she wandered around the party, her dark blue dress with the black trim and ribbon a bit girly for her taste but it was still pretty. And she had abandoned all elements of footwear half an hour ago.

A lot of the guests were friends of her family so she didn't know them. There were a few younger people, kids and teenagers, but none really caught her attention enough for her to purposefully go up and strike a conversation. Honestly, she was a bit overwhelmed. The most people she was used to having in one space were the times both the soccer team and softball team would hang out and those were far and few between.

So she decided to take a breather, step outside and get some air. So she slipped through the crowd, just trying to find a door so she could get a break from all the people.

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(Ahhh, I'm so sorry. I was really busy the last two days.)

The sense of boredom had begun to settle in. Restlessness danced along with the urge to leave. His eyes gazed around the room, watching all the people who were mingling and drinking. Adone found himself at the left corner near a door.

Every now and then, he found himself looking over at the exit. Now, he is not that far from it. He can easily slip out without any trouble. Besides, he has been here for at least an hour, probably more, but who's really keeping track of time here? It was a nice hour, but he's had better ones; at least that's what he wants to believe.

Adone downed the rest of his glass. As he had brought his head back, someone had caught his eyes. Brown hair, freckles, big round eyes, short in height, tattoo on her arm, and has to be around his age. From afar, she was familiar to him, but his mind was too preoccupied to understand why. Some worker passing by took his empty glass, then a new one filled halfway was set into his hand.


(Nah, it's all good!)

Francesca finally spotted the exit, near sighing in relief at finally being able to get some fresh air. And with the exit, she spotted a familiar figure.

She wasn't totally sure why she remembered him other than thinking that he was far too tall for his own good which had made her irritated. But that wasn't unusual, all tall people made her irritated. But there was something about this one that had caught her eye.

Well, Frenchie was never one for subtlety and hated dancing around things so up she goes to talk to this familiar stranger. "Hi, so sorry to bug you but have I seen you somewhere before? You look so familiar."

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Oh Dio, lei sta camminando verso di me… The closer the girl was to him, the more the realized why she looked familiar. Ah, it's the American girl that he literally bumped into downtown. Wasn't that a day ago? Two days? She must be the Russo's niece; he remembered Mrs. Russo talking about her niece graduating high school and coming over here for the summer. Adone did not expect to run into her then and even again at this party.

Once she spoke to him, he bit the inside of his lip as his brows furrowed. English is an interesting language. Despite being decently fluent in it, his brain loads worse than computers do every time he has to speak it; do not even get him started on his accent, he knows it's thick. His head slightly tilted to the left before he gave a shrug. "I am not sure. Not everyone gets run into by an American girl like yourself, but everyone always runs into a Sicilian boy like me," He chuckled. Adone took a sip from his glass. "What? Want to run into me again, Americana?"


Francesca's eyes narrowed, her temper already flaring up. Right, I'm about to dropkick this bitch. Second day and I'm already going to get deported. Wait, do they even do that here?

"Hardly. But civility is a must given this family so I guess an introduction is in order." She took a breath and smiled. "Francesca Russo. I go by Frenchie. Call me Fran and I kick your teeth in."

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Holding the glass up to his lips, he tried to cover the faint smile on his face. Only a few lines in and he is already making her frustrated. The way her eyes squinted at him is just a funny sight to see. Adone had to use every muscle in his body to not laugh out loud. It just wouldn't be nice to laugh at a guest.

"I would like to see you try that." He finished the rest of the wine then sat it down on a table close to him. Light laughter arose from him. In his peripherals, he glanced over at the door before returning back to Francesca. He went on with a sigh, "Well, Americana, my name is Adone Bellini. Just call me Adone" then finished with a wink.


(I will warn you right now, I can hardly speak English so please forgive my Google translate everything)

"Signore, dammi la pazienza di non prenderlo a calci nello stinco." She muttered under her breath before straightening. "Well, hello. Now, I'm getting some air if you so wish to join me." Although I'd prefer if you didn't.

She flashed another sweet smile before heading outside, taking a deep and calming breath of the fresh air around her. This was already much better.

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(It's all good, personally, I only know so much Italian lmao)

"Prova mi," He whispered. Not even a whole conversation in, and he already has this girl wanting to fight him. Adone doesn't even know Francesca that well to find ways to further the agitation out of spite. He knows he has a way with people; he just never expected for a girl his age to react to him in such a way. It's weird, it's funny actually.

Adone watched as she walked outside. A minute passed by where he just glanced around at the other people before running outside. He stopped across from the home, purposefully bumping into Francesca's shoulder in the process. "Wait…I thought Americans were all about parties though." He tilted his head at the sight of her feet. "And sneakers…"


She gave him a deadpan stare before rolling her eyes. "Okay, one, America is very different than what the TV may lead you to believe. I don't really do parties. I've always been too busy with practices to attend any. And two, shoes are for losers." She smiled a bit at the second point, wiggling her toes in defiance.

This dude seemed way too confident in himself for her personal taste but he was the first person she'd met here around her age so until she found someone new, it seemed like she was stuck with him.

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Adone stuffed his hands in the pockets of his pants. A faint smirk rested on his face as he stared at her. "Oh come on, you are in Italy now, Sicily to be specific. Although that," He motioned to the party going on inside, "Is not the right way to party. Party the right way and like it."

In his peripherals, he noticed that it was just them outside on the streets. This part of Syracuse is alright, so it looks like he can bother her for awhile unless someone from inside notices them. "Ah, you must not be a loser then." He nodded. "Even when at practice? What, do you do soccer?" He tried doing an American accent when saying the word 'soccer'; it is one of the most strangest things ever.


She broke into a giggling fit at his accent. At least he tried, right? "Yes, I do soccer." She mocked his attempt, still giggling before letting her laughter die out. "I do soccer and softball. And while I do wear shoes then, it's only because I have to."

She leaned back from her spot, resting her shoulder blades on the wall. "If you're so confident about your whole party point, why don't you prove it? Not like they'll know we're gone."

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His nose scrunched. A shiver bolts down his spine. Goosebumps covered his arms. Soccer, what a disgrace of a name to a beloved sport. Adone ruffled his hair, giving a disapproving head shake. "Ah, us Italians are really good at soccer and softball," He went on with his purposefully appealing American accent. "You are….ehh what's the word…..Strana? Ah yes, strana. You, Fran- Franny? You know what, I will call you Farfallina. You, Farfallina, are strana."

"Wha? Prove it?" His lips jutted out into a pout. Adone looked down at the bottom of the hill. He knows all it takes is to run down there, make a right, continue running, and boom, he can find a party outside a restaurant or a club or wherever.

Walking forward, he squeezed his pockets while doing a rigid twirl. "Alright, let's go then. I will race you down to the bottom of the hill and then I take you to a better party. I, as a Sicilian and Italian, know how to party very well. Trust me, Farfallina."


Frenchie watched him struggle, crinkling her nose at his butchering of her name and calling her weird before he landed on the nickname. And then her face exploded in a bright red, sputtering as her brain short-circuited.

Did he just call me butterfly? I mean, it's certainly better than Franny. Would've had to punt him into the stratosphere if he kept that one.

She took a breath, trying to calm herself before stepping forward, finding the shoes she had put out on the deck that morning and slipping them on before kicking him in the shin. "That's for calling me Franny. But you're on with the race, sciocco."