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In which a Witch and a Witch Hunter are forced to rely on each other to survive when their labeled as traitors and hunted down by the crown. Can they manage to tolerate one another to survive? What happens when personal feeling get involved?

I'll wrote a better intro if anyone is interested


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Like I'll finish the intro. I'll make a more detailed one so the plot makes a bit more since. Unless you want my starter to do that and we just put uo character sheets now?


Magic has been around since the beginning of dawn. The world was created with magic. It was a apet of culture, helping form the humanity around it. It was powerful. It could heal. It could help ease life. But it could also destroy and harm. And only a select few were born with the ability to harness this magic. Only certain blood. Over the centures, the blood thinned and thinned and magic became more sparse. Only a select few bloodlines remained pure. Magic was gifted to the women of several bloodlines throughout the world. It is unsure of why only women possess Magic. Perhaps it was to even the playing field. To give women a way to be stronger than the men that would try to harm them. Or perhaps it was a phenomenon of nature. Whatever it was, only the women born of the bloodline had magic. The men were powerless however their children, should they have girls, would be born of magic.
Magic varied in its usage. Chants could be used for minor magic, ingredients for potions and attraction, and blood magic, the forbidden magic, for the stronger and darker side of things. Each witch has their own specially, what the gravitate more towards. Some witches are powerful healers, some elemental, some potions and herbology. Each witch has their own area in which they're strongest at. They can preform other magic but it wasn't as strong as their primary magic. Their primary magic dictated their jobs in their community.
Kings and men would travel any length to find these witches for their healers to heal their wounded and their magic to fight their wars. And it worked, for a time, until the world turned against witches.

Catastrophe hit. A war resulting in the annihilation of a kingdom. Every man, woman, and child killed. And the blame was put on witches. They were too powerful, too dangerous. It was unnatural to have such magic, such power. It was an abomination. So an order across nations was put out, magic was to be ceased and witches were to be executed. A man hunt was formed. Witch hunters searched across mountains and oceans, finding and burning witches to the stake. Even the mention of magic would put someone to death, unrightfully. Even a few men were reported of being killed. All for hearsay. But just because there were hunters on the rise, didn't mean they killed them all.

Witches went into hiding. They hid among the people. In the heart of kingdoms or in the outlying villages, they hid and suppressed their magic. They used it only in secrete, only in their delegated areas the head of their family dictated. Some even forbidden them from using magic at all.
Aurora Greene was the former. She was from a long bloodline of witches, one of the only pure ones left. Her surname had been changed when the world had taken over, the ordinal a secrete only certain members of her family knew. Meaning not her. She was a disappointment to her family. At almost twenty-two years of age, her magic had yet to mature and her primary power had yet to reveal itself. Her magic was weak and inefficient. All the women on her family had come into their magic and their primary magic revealed as they came into womanhood. She was odd the one out, the abomination. Her two sister made it a point to exclude her, her mother just always had this disappointment look in her eyes, and her grandmother verbally berated her. Her brother was the only one in her court. The only one that encouraged her and lifted her up when it all got too much. She likely would have run away if it wasn't for him.
Even with her brother's encouraging words, it became to much. It was time to take action. One that would have dire consequences.

Blood magic.
It was forbidden but Aurora didn't see a choice. She was tired of being abused and cast aside because of her weak magic. Blood was powerful. Blood was strong. She would search for the right books, the right spell to cast, and she would give herself magic. She would give herself power and her family would never look down at her again.
Except it would all go wrong. A hunter would find her and the spell would go wrong, sending them into a world of chaos.

@JustALostM book

Name: Darius "Day" Lloyd
Age: 23 (Can change depending on age of your character)
Weapons?: An Estoc Sword
Appearance: Darius usually wears a buttoned up white shirt with a leather vest and black pants. He has scarlet eyes and dark brown curly hair. Due to a previous fight between Darius and a witch, he has a scar on his cheek going all the way down to his throat.
Personality: Darius is serious when it comes to witch hunting. If one thing foes wrong then he is done for, right? When he's not out, hunting witches he enjoys going to the local tavern to socialize and just in general have a fun time.


Name: Aurora Greene
Age: twenty-one
Weapons?: A small dagger with an engraved blade.
Apperance: Aurora has chestnuts hair that falls in waves down her back. She usually has it braided and pinned so it's off of her neck. She has soft, feminine features. She has a lean body with soft curves. Her eyes are green with a brown rim. She resembled a soft, feminine woman and yet her personality was completely different. She stands at about five foot three. Her clothes consist of dresses shades of deep blue, green, and purples, with some neutrals thrown into the mix.
Personality: Despite her looks Aurora can be a bit if a spitfire. At home, she's docile and distant. She had learned long ago it was better to hold her tongue and keep quiet. It wasn't worth the pain of it. However, now and then a few choice words slip between her lips. In public, she enjoyed a good tavern or two, out drinking some of the burliest of men and swearing like a sailor. She bit back at any man who tried her and had gotten several warnings to tone down the threats. The only reason she wasn't kicked out was because she knew the owner. Anger has been building for a long time, just looking to explode.
Other: She has a black cat named Bean.


Aurora had started the day like usual. She woke up, fed Bean, her rescued cat. His Mather had been trampled by a horse and she had swooped in to save the kitten from the same fate. She said hello to her brother and joined the table for breakfast. Her sister ignored her, per usual. It was better than if they acknowledged her. They would snark and whisper and when she responded, it was Aurora that got in trouble. Her mother had that disappointed look in her eye and her grandmother told her what a disappointment she was. That was a quiet breakfast in the Greene household. A small miracle in Aurora's opinion.

She finished her chores per usual, house cleaning and tending to the garden outside. It was hard work, demanding, but it kept her occupied and out of everyone's way, for the most part. She had to do it the mundane way. If she attempted magic on the plants, they always died. If she attempted on the household chores, let's just say it was utter chaos. Not worth the try nor the disappointment she felt and received.

But tonight, that would all end. She had a plan. Her book was stowed away along with the ingredients and supplies she would need jn her little cave off in the woods. Her own safe haven. No one knew about it. Not her family, not her brother, no one. It was all hers. Her safe space. And the prefect place for this spell. Far away where she wouldn't cause any harm.

The sun had begun its descent in the sky and Aurora had changed into a navy gown and a simple pair of boots. It was easier to trek through the woods in boots than her usual shoes. It was too early to go to her cave. Her spell required a full moon as it peaked in the night sky. She still had several hours until then. She would head over to the Maiden's Tavern for a drink or two and a few rounds if card. Gambling was how she afforded most of her nights off. She got a few coins from working. Her family owned an apothecary, her mother a healer and her sisters with an affinity for plants and potions. They brewed all sorts of concoctions they sold to the town. Aurora would run their delivers and make a few coins off of it. But not enough to support her drinking addiction. That cane from gambling.

She received a grunt in acknowledgement as she announced she was leaving. She took the familiar path to the tavern, the bell ringing as stepped through the bar. She sauntered on up to the bar, grinning at Eldra, the bartender and owner. The woman tusked at Aurora. "Weren't you just heds last night?"

"And now I'm here tonight. Just a pint of ale, please." Auaroa gave her her best smile. Eldra shook her head and poured the pint, setting it in front of her.

"You need help," the woman said.

Truer words hadn't been said. But Aurora only shrugged her shoulders. "That's why I'm here. Alcohol makes it all go bye bye." She gave a smile and wink and she found her usual spot in the tavern. Eldra already knew to start her tab. She grabbed her deck of cards out of her small bag and began to shuffle them, waiting for someone to sit down at the table with her.