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Kangdae covered his mouth as he attempted to stop himself from laughing. His shoulders lightly bounced up and down. Just the way her eyes got big in seconds was enough to make him chuckle. Plus when her mouth dropped, it is adorable. More adorable than he would have thought. Never has he seen anyone in his life be so stunned by his response like this. The shock in her face was just too good to be true.

He had to wait a few moments in order to for the laughing to stop. Finally, he gave a nod in response. Obviously he believes her. Jimin does not seem like the kind of person who lies very often. She did tell him something about herself after all. At first he was caught in disbelief, but now he wants to hear more. Out of all the aberrant things he has heard, never would he had expected this. No one gets so fascinated with a story they just made up. It was easy for him to tell.

Resting his chin in the middle of his palm, he listened. His head tilted to the side while his lips fought the urge to turn into a smile. He was not sure whether or not to give in to the instinct. Evidently that is how they can get away with tomorrow morning, but it wasn't just for that purpose. And he wanted to maintain his usual facial expression; this wasn't how he regularly acted around others. Although, he cannot help with the fact that her chuckle is mellow.

"There's no need to be wary about it. You should be noble, be proud of yourself. I'm sure if Bam could talk, he would have thanked you," he assured, "I assume you really like horses too, don't you? Makes sense to me."

Something had come to mind as he spoke. Her taking care of the animal had to be a long time ago. Had she ever rode one? He is guessing she probably hadn't ever since she came here. That is an awfully long period of time. "Speaking of which, when was the last time you rode a horse?"


Jimin watched him incredulously, her eyebrows quirking up and her mouth changing from hanging slightly open to an uncertain smile. For a moment it seemed like he was making fun of her, but then he stopped and nodded, and she relaxed some. No one has ever really reacted to her childhood stories in this way; she was uncertain how to respond. She felt her ears grow hot at his compliment.
"Thank you, Your Highness, that's nice to hear," she said, rather unable to make eye contact with him now. "Yes, I think horses are magnificent creatures. My, I don't think I've ridden one since I was young, maybe the age of eleven or twelve? Why do you ask?"
She had to wonder why he was so interested in the first place. This was so different from the previous nights, he had even attempted to get away from her. What had changed? Was it simply because she knew his secret now, and it was only natural to get to know her in return? Perhaps, but the kind of fascination and interest she got from him felt deeper than that.

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His breaty hitched as the smell of blood. Kangdae was not sure how he randomly noticed it out of nowhere. It was not like he couldn't smell it before. Why now out of nowhere? He stared at Jimin while taking a deep exhale. A small chuckle escaped from his mouth as he bit his bottom lip for a moment.

"No reason in particular, I was only curious I suppose," he answered. He has no idea why he is starting to become more intrigued. His intentions were derailed almost immediately after she responded to his first question. Besides, talking about her is much better than discussing about him and his condition. "Oh dear, nine years ago is a long time. What a shame."

Now, Kangdae did not know what to say next. His eyes could look anywhere else they so pleased and yet they decided to gaze ahead. They refused to look down no matter how many times his mind them to do so.

He couldn't help but notice how she was avoiding eye contact. How can someone be so straightforward but not dare to look up at him? It doesn't make sense to him. He doesn't think he did something wrong. Did he?

Clearing his throat, he managed to glance over to the left. "Are you feeling alright? You seem a bit timid," he asked. He rubbed the back of his neck.

An unfamiliar notion inside of him kept saying to get closer, to gently grab her chin so their eyes can meet. He refused to move a single muscle. If it was anything like the first night, he shouldn't. His fingers curled up grabbing the cloth from his robe.


She tsked, shaking her head as it turned into a chuckle. "Some would say it's a shame for a lady to ride a horse at all."
She tucked an imaginary strand of hair behind her still warm ear. She went quiet, nearly afraid that this would become like the awkward conversations she would occasionally end up in with the other court ladies. It didn't sit right with her that the prince should have to carry the conversation, but she didn't know what else to say other than answering his question.
"I'm quite alright Your Highness, though I appreciate the concern. I'm just…" she hesitated. "I'm just not used to talking about myself, is all."
For a moment Jimin was quiet again, staring down at her lap. Then she found herself murmuring something that sounded like, "I guess you aren't like my brother after all…"

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Kangdae raised a brow as his head tilted to the right. It doesn't make much sense to him. He began to wonder, "And what do you think? Is it a shame for you as well or do you like it? I am guessing you, nine years ago, did not think it was. Why care about what some would say now?"

Riding horses is that much of a problem as falling off of one would be. He is not sure why all the old men in the kingdom would uphold such foolish things. Oh how he cannot understand humans sometimes, especially all the senile ones. Even his mother owns a horse yet she has never ridden it. It wouldn't be a problem if he was there, would it?

Glancing over out into the balcony, his eyes narrowed. He wondered if his mother had given Jimin a rule to not go anywhere outside of the bed chamber. Well she is already breaking a few anyways. And being outside of this dreary room might mean less talking about being a vampire.

As he was about to say something, he managed to listen to her murmuring. In an instant he laughed again. Whether or not it is over the fact he just caught what she said or how she has a tendency to mumble her thoughts, he found himself laughing. Maybe he is sick after all, never has he burst in this way before. "I'm so sorry about this," he chuckled, "When did you start thinking I'm like your brother?"

Leaning closer to her, he used the tips of his fingers to lift her chin up. "Obviously I am more handsome than him. Wouldn't you agree?" Kangdae stared into her eyes for a brief moment. Gazing curiously till realizing what he was doing. He let his hand drop onto his lap as he sat back down.


Jimin decided to look back at him, studying his expression. "I did like it. Very much. But I was young, to me my parents… they could do no wrong. So when they decided to send me here, away from my uncle and Bam, well, I let them. They thought it would do me good, at least in that regard. Being a lady-in-waiting doesn't allow for many opportunities to go horseback riding anyway."
A small sigh escaped as she exhaled through her nose. She saw his gaze drift over to the balcony and was about to ask about it when he burst into laughter, and she realized what she had said. She stuttered, struggling to respond, and his frozen touch only made it harder for her to do so. At least it gave her a good view of his face, so she could actually assess how the prince compared to her brother. She went silent, her breathing quickened, and her stare bore straight into him. Her ears felt as hot as ever.
At last, his hand gave way, and she was given a moment to think. Her breathing steadied, and gradually her skin cooled. She rolled her eyes at him.
"Don't make me decide that Your Highness, though between you and me, I would agree." Her lips pursed, then they spread into a smirk. "Do you remember what I said? Your frustration amuses me. It was the same for him." She paused. "Ah, might as well be plain and explain myself. When I was young, I thought my brother never went through any struggle or problem. So when he did manage to find himself in one, it was like he was finally going through what I was, and I guess it gave me some sense of fairness to the world. I don't know. So from the moment you expressed frustration around me, I thought of my brother, because, well…" she chuckled to herself. "Surely the crown prince has never struggled or faced uncertainty a day in his life, until now."
Her gaze traveled to her lap again. "I… I know that's silly. Being a lady-in-waiting has at least given me a lot of time to self reflect."
Her finger traced a pattern on her chima. Was she just supposed to expect the prince to touch her like that at some point during the night? The hand holding was already awkward. Why not just keep his hands to himself?

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"That is no good. You should go riding again someday, I'm sure you'll still love it as much as you did then," he lightly smiled. The light in his expression faded gradually. Staring down at his hands, he shook his head slowly before crossing his arms.

Kangdae saw her smirk and forced a small piece of laughter out. So he's more handsome than her brother, how funny. Right after, his focus kept shifting around between the details on his robe to her as she spoke.

Ah, his frustration being funny to her. How could be forget about it? The more he remembered, the more he was about to become frustrated again. A mixture of things arose in his mind leaving him to raise his brows in curiosity. Whatever was happening to him in these last moments made him completely forget. Now he is truly wondering if he is sick. Irritation and not knowing what's going on, his two favorite things.

As he was listening, he was not able to keep his focus off of one thing she said. Well he took in every word that fell out of her mouth, but that last line stood out to him. The one about the struggles. Has he gone through any? Would him being a vampire be one? No. It is more like a burden than a barrier to break through. Although he supposed it was all greatly amusing in a way.

"I suppose in a way you are correct, it makes sense. Given my title, I do not need any pity so I can be of someone's amusement for once, might as well let it be a lady-in-waiting," he sighed giving a shrug, "I hope your time with me leads to ponder in that time."

Making someone laugh was something he never set out to do. Odd how he completely did not remember right away how his confusion was amusing to her. He was not able to determine how it made him feel. Clearly he had no idea to start off with, he isn't like Jimin or anyone else in the palace. Half of him went back to the previous notion he had before; send her away immediately so the doesn't have to deal with it. While the other wasn't sure. Just keep her here till time's up.

"Aside from seeing similarities with your brother in me, what else do you see me as? Do you see me as a monster perhaps? Or something else?"


Would she still love it? She thought so, but it had indeed been far to long. The fear of doing something wrong was somehow present when she thought of riding again, and not just in the breaking-the-rules sort of way. And yet she still felt pulled to do it anyway, someday. Perhaps. Maybe.
She sighed, shrugging back at him. "I hope so as well, I suppose."
She didn't want to admit that his wording confused her slightly, but she didn't want to think too much on it anyway.
Looking at the prince with a studying gaze, Jimin went quiet, having to think on his question for a moment. He was certainly more than what she saw of her brother in him, that was certain. It was hard to think of him only as the crown prince now, too, after all that has happened. A monster? She had to admit that his company was a tad too enjoyable for him to be that. And he had promised not to hurt her; she figured it was quite rare that a monster would demonstrate such self control.
Aside from that, she couldn't help but wonder again, why? Why did he want to know what she thought of him? Perhaps she brought it up with her brother, and now he was curious. Maybe that's all it was. Maybe. That answer didn't exactly satisfy her. She bit her lip.
"I remember… I saw a ghost once. Or at least, I thought I did. I thought you were the same, at first. A ghost encased in flesh." She paused, a small smile creeping up on her. "I don't know why you think I see you as a monster, Your Highness, but let me dispell that notion for you. If you were a monster, why did you promise not to hurt me? Why did you listen to what I had to say? Why did you agree to help me?" she tilted her head.
"I can't disregard the fact that you are also the crown prince as well, but I think you've proven that you are much more than that. But I think–" the smile dropped, and she looked away from him with her ears growing hot, suddenly embarrassed. "Would it be alright if- I don't know, maybe I'm overstepping my boundaries, just tell me if I am- I think I see you as… as a friend? I don't know… how else to describe it…"
She was stiff, refusing to look at him, almost afraid to, for some reason.

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A ghost stuck inside their body. Kangdae wished he was a ghost instead. Being a spirit sounds very much better than being a vampire. He glimpsed up watching as Jimin's eyes gazed back at him attentively. The small gap between his lips closed as she began to speak.

So she does not think of him as a monster. The conclusion made a look of perplexity spread across his face. But he isn't like her in any way nor does have the same type of appetite like the rest of them. It makes no sense to him, not one bit. He even finds it funny watching others being scared. Plus, he is a bloodthirsty being. If he was this way as a human, he'd still be terrible; not like he isn't now.

Her words swirled around in his head. Only the moon and stars above may have a clue why he has done those things. Out of fear for himself and possible sympathy for her are the only reasons he can think of. Other than those reasons,, he doesn't know why. Feeling pity for someone made him go through a motion he has never experienced before.

"I did all those things, because I want to survive, as silly as it seems. If I hurt you, everyone will know and I can tell I'd regret it. I agreed to help you since I thought there'd be another way for me to get my way; I am worried you'll tell my mother. Also I felt some need to. I listen to you because my ears are intrigued by your words. They carry ease even if I don't like it," he answered.

More words built up on top of his tongue. They wanted to spill out without any resistance. A weight pinned against his chest as he whispered, "I want to know what's it like to be human once more and monsters always want something they can never obtain no matter what." He remembered being told that monsters would do anything to save themselves while still striving for their goal. As a vampire it only made sense.

Despite his jaw tensing up, he managed to let a beam appear with his lips. "A friend?" he repeated. He would've never thought a lady-in-waiting such as herself might see him in that way. The fact made him happy. Was that strange to think?

Kangdae shook his head as he waved his hands slowly. "No no, I do not mind at all. You are okay," he assured, "I am not sure what boundaries you think you're overstepping, but I believe you have seen me undo my under-jacket. Why be embarrassed when you already are blunt? It is alright."


As she listened, she slowly turned to face him. Her expression grew serious, almost sad. The sorrow really showed once she caught his whispers.
"I suppose that is all true," she sighed. "Of course you wanted to survive. I- oh. Really? Well then, I'm glad you find my words intriguing." She paused, her brow knitting together. Sighing again, she said, "Monster is such a vague word, really. When you said that, my mind went to what vampires are in the stories. But thinking on it, humans can be monsters too, though in the more metaphorical sense. Although…" she trailed off, lost in thought. "It's easier to not think of you as bloodthirsty because if I did, we wouldn't be having this conversation." Her gaze on him became more focused. "Perhaps someone who does monstrous things to survive would suffice?"
Jimin wasn't sure if her words came out right. Her mind went to many different places at once, which she supposed proved her remark on the vagueness of the word 'monster.' As she listened to him, he made it sound like he believed he was indeed a monster. Was it her place to try and dissuade him of that? And she wasn't sure how to respond to his desire to be human. There was no feasible way to make him human again, and she had obviously been human all her life, she couldn't quite understand why he wanted be one again, aside from the whole bloodlust thing.
Just as Kangdae finished, she laughed, her eyes squeezing shut and her head dipping downward. "That is true! I have seen you in your underjacket, how silly of me. Thank you, Your Highness, that makes me feel much better." She calmed down, looking at him teasingly. "Now allow me to be blunt once more. I find you occasionally annoying and confusing, but yes, I think of you as a friend."

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An unclear feeling settled over on top of his cheeks. It was not warmth, clearly, but as he cupped his own face, he was not able to figure out what it was. A strange wave of happiness must have blanketed over him; that must be why he couldn't stop smiling.

Kangdae gave a simple shrug but nodded right after as response. He broke his gaze away from her, not wishing to appear so vulnerable in front of her at this moment. Suppose it did made some sense to him for now. He wondered if the monstrous things he did really were actually monstrous from his perspective. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. If he was able to ask others, they would agree so it must be true. Estranging himself from the concept of having to kill a human in a brutal way to survive is not what a regular person does.

"Monster is truly is a strange word depending on how you look at it," he said, "For almost eighteen years I believed the meaning my mother told me till I started to become it in every single way. I am just glad that, despite the oddities of this situation, you see something completely different in me all while trying to ignore my more sinister qualities."

Sinister qualities? Did that even sound right? Conceivably, he hoped so. Well he cannot help but remember the fact he is always taking in the smell of everyone's blood no matter where he goes. And surely a friend does not have to worry about their self-control wearing down to the bone. Nor do they have to constantly push away the thoughts of their fangs piercing through their friend's neck.

Jimin's laughter brought him back into reality. In a way, it sort of startled him. He jumped back a bit before managing to collect himself and process what was going on. Watching her made him break out into laughter himself. Kangdae had to rest his hand on the floor as he used the other to cover his mouth.

Abruptly, he stopped laughing right away. His mouth dropped to the floor in surprise. He should have seen that coming after brining up her straightforwardness. "And even though it irritates me how you get under my skin so easily, you fascinate me and I'd like to be your friend very much."


(Jimin: (headpats Kangdae) friendo)

Jimin looked at him curiously, then smiled at his words. "Well, I'm glad you're glad."
For a moment it looked like he was offended, and she was ready to regret her words, but then he spoke. Now it was her turn to be surprised. Even though he had already expressed interest in her, it was slightly difficult to comprehend that the prince wanted to be friends with her. She chuckled. "Ah yes, I pride myself on my ability to get under the prince's skin, which I sometimes don't even realize I do. But seriously," her smile grew, "I'm flattered. I'd be… I'd be happy to be your friend as well, Your Highness."
She sighed, her excitement leaving her. Then exhaustion came, turning her sigh into a yawn. She covered mouth, then said, "Oh. How long… how long has it been? Perhaps I should…"

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Not knowing how to respond, Kangdae nodded while smiling. He was not sure why her grins were making such an impression on him. Earlier he only wanted to get this over with as swiftly as possible, but now he has no clue what is going through his mind. Honestly her beams are the brightest things he has ever seen that does not make him want to run away and hide. If this is not odd to say, he would say he is happy at this moment knowing that he has made a new friend in a peculiar way.

The change from joy to sleepiness made him tilt his head. "Pardon?" Again, his eyes wandered and glanced out into the balcony. The darkness outside along with her yawn made him guess that they were very late into the evening already. Gradually, he stood up then proceeded to roll his shoulders back. His body felt strangely numb or sore from sitting in the same spot the whole time. Barely anything about him or their surroundings registered into his thoughts throughout their conversation.

During the other previous nights, he asked her to leave whenever the opportunity first rose. What happened to him throughout this meeting? Yesterday, he still did not enjoy her company. Well, maybe a bit actually yet he doesn't want to think about it. On the other hand, tonight he frowned at the realization of how time passed by so quickly. The fact that she needed to sleep at this hour completely had left his mind as they spoke.

"Perhaps it is time for you to go. My apologies, I forgot the time," he said, "It is much different when you do not really need any sleep at all."

He walked over to her, holding his hand out. Staring down at it, he instantly was reminded about what had happened moments ago. Rushing over to the drawer on the side, he pulled out a pair of white gloves. There were a few pairs he used for touching muskets and swords or if he had to go out. Never had he thought of using them when interacting with others. Kangdae slid them over his hands then rushed back over to Jimin offering his hand once again.


Jimin shuddered, the tiredness settling in her bones now. It had also vaguely occurred to her that she had been reluctant to be here again, she had felt nervous around him. Now, she was leaving, and that fact left an emptiness in her that she couldn't quite place. Was it really so late in the evening?
She massaged her temple and the bridge of her nose. "Ah, of course, Your Highness. I lost track of time as well."
When she drew her hands away from her face, she found herself staring at Kangdae's outstretched hand. She watched as he left and came back with gloved hands instead of bare, and a small, tired chuckle escaped her. Taking his hand, she pulled herself up and winced in pain. She had been afraid of this. "Oww, I think my leg fell asleep," she hissed. She was used to staying still for long periods of time, but it sometimes led to incidents like this.
Her leg felt both numb and buzzing at the same time, and she was afraid to move it. She held on to the prince's hand for a moment, starting small and wiggling her toes inside her beoseon. She didn't like this, and not just because of the pain. She did not want to stumble her way to the door, but she also did not want Kangdae's help. She let go of his hand and took a breath. Despite herself, she began to move the sleeping limb, just moving it back and forth and wiggling her toes. "I'm alright, I'm alright," she murmured.

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Holding her hand, he took a step back and watched her closely. Kangdae flinched closer when hearing her wince before going back again. "Maybe your blood should rush down towards your leg rather than your ears and cheeks," he lightly laughed. Glancing down at her foot, his eyes narrowed wondering what to do.

It was rather surprising to him when she let go. To him, it appeared she was having difficulty getting her leg back to normal. Quite odd in his opinion.

To ask if she needed help or to go ahead and help without asking, that is what he questioned. He already did the same thing the evening before. If he remembers correctly, if one forces themselves to walk, their leg should start to feel fine after a while. Although, he cannot ignore the fact it would be a bit difficult with the potential of falling; plus they both forgot the time and now she must be rather sleepy.

He moved towards the door grabbing at the right door handle. It opened as he pulled back. When there was enough space for him to step his foot out, he stopped. Picking up on her whispers, he glanced over his shoulder while shaking his head. It was not clear to him why she kept reassuring that she's alright. So many others do the same thing when it is obvious they weren't. Why?

Kangdae approached Jimin standing next to her. Delicately, he took her hand then rested it on top of his forearm. "Let me help you, just hold onto my arm as we walk back," he stated, "If you slip and fall or I believe you're exhausted, I'm going to carry you. If you are fine halfway there, I'll let you go. Got it?"

A good king looks after his people. A good person looks after their friend. Whatever a vampire looks after, he surely knows it isn't after another. Yet he cannot ignore this sense of needing to do something. He is just only helping, his mind does not have to analyze this current scenario.

"Do not feel bad or any pity. I do not wish to see you fall on your way back, that is all."


Jimin merely gave a dry, tired smile at his comment, still moving her leg despite the pain. She watched him open the door out of the corner of her eye, then as he approached her. By now, the buzzing pain was starting to dissipate, though it was still present, and would probably really only go away once she put her weight on her leg on the floor. Silent protests rose up in her as Kangdae gently placed her hand around his arm, but she was afraid that if she tried to speak, only moans of pain would come out.
As surprised as she was at the prince's willingness to help, she was still reluctant to take it. She shouldn't need help. She was supposed to be helping, not needing help herself. It felt as though they had switched roles, and that was strange and discomforting to her.
"Your Highness…" she managed, though her voice strained. "There's no need, please… I'm alright…"
Yet despite her protests, she didn't move her hand from his arm. Perhaps subconsciously, his help would be appreciated.

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Was it wrong to insist on helping? Is he overstepping his boundaries? His eyes wandered off of hers down to her hand. It stayed still, perfectly wrapped around his arm.

His bottom lip came out as his eyes narrowed. Kangdae was not able to make out the tone in her voice. Is she uncomfortable or simply tired? Hearing it felt like someone stabbing him in his chest; he didn't like it one bit. At that moment, he wanted to ask what was going on, but his lips twitched with confusion.

"Jimin, you may be alright, but I can sense that you need sleep," he said, "I will gladly assist you if you so wish. It is your decision, although I want to stress, I am going to keep the offer if you need it again."

It is rather unbelievable how he is acting that the moment. All his thoughts not pertaining to what was happening were pushed aside. He felt worried about her. Not in a dire stressful way, more like in a concern kind of sense.

Kangdae went back to looking down at his arm. The more time they stood there, the less time she would have for resting. He is sure that she'd be able to make it through anything, but a decision needs to be made. Yet he doesn't want to make any haste without her word.


It was so strange to her, but Jimin also realized that they were wasting time. Now was not a good time to be stubborn. The movement of her leg slowed, and her frown deepened for a moment before she sighed.
"Okay," she said grudgingly. "If you insist, Your Highness, I'll let you help me."
She set her leg on the floor, which might have been a mistake. The pain seemed to spasm for a moment, then starting building up in her foot, and she was afraid to move it again. Despite her chest beginning to tighten, she took a breath, and let Kangdae lead.
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All he do at that moment was offer a light smile and a nod. He really wished there was something else he could do for her. It wasn't a good idea to get too carried away in their conversation, yet he completely forgot why he purposefully changed the course of it.

Kangdae took a step out in the direction towards the door. Instantly, his eyes flashed over to Jimin. He watched her meticulously before they were right in front of the door. With his free hand, he moved it so the opening was wide enough.

Both guards turned their heads. While they did not react right away, he could still tell they had no idea why he stepping out with her. He didn't say a word, all he did was hold out his hand like the night before. The man to his right handed over Jimin's binyeo to him.

The binyeo felt warm in his hand like before, even with the glove on. The metal did make his hand twitch, but it wasn't enough for him to drop it right away. Not wanting to force her hand off his arm, he placed the binyeo in her other hand.

Giving the men a small thanks, he closed the door behind him then gently set off. First his steps were regular to him, but he rapidly decreased them in order to match with hers.

Every step he took, his head turned to face her. He couldn't tell how she was feeling at the moment. The fact he isn't able to made him frown. His other hand jerked as he stopped it from resting on top of hers. "I'm sorry Jimin," he sighed, "Are you feeling any better?"

(No not at all, it's okay!)


With the first step she took, Jimin couldn't stop a sharp intake of breath as the pain in her foot spiked up her leg like lightning. Small, almost inaudible whispers of "Ow, ow, ow," left her lips as they continued to the door, but she went silent once the prince opened it. Taking her binyeo, she managed to feel around her bun and get it in place before they continued.
She had thought Kangdae meant that the door was the halfway point. Swallowing down protests again, she walked with him, gradually feeling the buzzing in her leg dissipate. The only sounds she made now were rhythmic breaths. When he spoke, she finally thought to look at him; her gaze had been entirely on what was ahead of her up until this point.
She nodded. "I am. And it's alright, I was being stubborn. I should apologize for that, not you."
She couldn't help but marvel again at how different he was from the first night. This was not the prince she remembered, the one who sneered and tried to get rid of her. Now he had insisted on helping her, even when she initially refused. She stared into his eyes, trying to figure him out, but then her pain seemed to force her to look ahead again.

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Is he really going to walk her all the way over or is she going to stop him? Since he already is ambling along with her, there is no use of him worrying. Well, it is not any trouble for him walking from the west side of the palace to the east. What are his two major concerns are Jimin and whatever is going on with him currently. His mind kept going back wanting to end this right away yet it kept diverging into a completely different path. A path he never had seen before.

Kangdae focused his gaze straight ahead. Constant glimpses over to his right would only slow him down. She is fine and she will be when getting some rest. Repeatedly, he kept going over the obvious in hopes it may be of use to him. All he knows is what he can remember from when he used to be a human a while ago. Not once does he recall going through the same pain Jimin is after his leg fell asleep.

"You do not need to apologize, I only did so because I was being a bit selfish," he sighed. Noticing how she brought up being stubborn made him chuckle. It was not much of a problem to him for saying sorry. "Funny how you're stubborn and blunt at the same time. I am confused wondering why you appear to be so amiable then."

When he turned his head to steal a glimpse, his eyes flickered up to the night sky. The almost full moon. He almost came to a stop as he continued to stare up at it. The sight of it was complicated enough. How dare it shine so bright in front of him. It's doing nothing but being a pain in his left side.

Out of nowhere, he stopped. There still a good enough distance for them to go, but he could not ignore this sense floating around in his head. Kangdae moved so that he was facing Jimin again. "What do you want to do now?" For a brief moment, he stared her before lowering his gaze.


She chuckled as well. "You apologized to make yourself feel better? That's funny." Then she quirked her eyebrow at him. "Well, I don't see why not. But my family wondered the same thing."
The pain was only a dull static now, and even though her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy, Jimin felt confident that she could walk without stumbling or help. She covered her mouth to yawn.
Her eyes drifted to the moon as well when she noticed Kangdae slowing down. The cold light kept her eyes from feeling so heavy, but other than that it didn't mean much to her, except for its beauty. A breath of awe escaped her, and then the prince moved so that it was obscured from her sight.
"Well, I think my leg is better now, Your Highness," she murmured. "I can go the rest of the way on my own. I do appreciate your help."
Her hand fell away from his arm, curiosity crossing her face when she noticed him averting his gaze from her.

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"I am not sure if it was for myself, although it'd be counterintuitive to my reason," he sighed. Kangdae gazed at her watching as her eyebrow moved suddenly. A grin broke the neutral expression on his face as he held back a small laugh. "In that case, maybe it is up to your own interpterion then, since you are the one igniting the curiosity."

It was hard to admit that he kept his eyes on her for longer than he wished. Whether or not he had a reason behind it, the smile grew as he noticed how she looked under the moonlight. The light reflected off of her Truly was mystifyingly breathtaking.

Although, his thoughts changed once he stared back up at the moon again. It was beautiful, sure, yet on the contrary he did not like it. He almost frowned once again recalling the bloody impulse biting at the side of his neck. The familiar satisfying iron smell filling his senses as his eyes lit up.

Only when Jimin removed her hand did he go back to the situation at the moment. Biting the inside of his lip, he attempted to not let his bottom lip come out. His other hand sat on top of where hers was for a few seconds before dropping to his side again.

"Oh, I am glad to hear. See you in the morning. Rest well." He took a few steps back, gave a simple head bow, then turned away from her. Taking one step, he hesitated. Kangdae quickly glanced over his shoulder for a second. Soon after, he left.

As he walked away, his fingers tugged on the collar of his ebony jacket making sure it was folded. His pace was much faster than previously. Instead of continuing his way down, he made a left turn, going down a few steps and disappearing.


She grinned back at him. "Maybe so."
Jimin cocked her head as she noticed how his expression changed slightly as he faced the moon, but sleepiness kept her from really registering the change and asking about it. Her attention became focused on the way his eyes seemed to light up, how his skin seemed almost opalescent in the moonlight. She vaguely wondered what he would look like in sunlight if he could even survive it.
Kangdae's voice brought her back into focus. She bowed as well. "See you in the morning, Your Highness." At least that let her know he did not forget their plan.
For a moment she just stood there, under the moon's light, staring after him. She couldn't name why. The hollow feeling had returned. She took a breath, which turned into a yawn. "Silly girl," she muttered, then turned and made her way to the east side of the palace, the buzzing pain now a mere memory.