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To Farah's shock – and she guessed Eli's as well – the woman that was handling her tossed Farah back into the same cell she'd been in before. However, with her wrists tied, Farah was unable to catch herself as she fell, and she hissed as her hip painfully stuck the concrete floor.

"Shit," she moaned, wincing at the pain and the bruise it would surely make.

The woman entered the cell behind Farah and haphazardly cut her zip tie off. "Try anything, and I'll paralyze you. I have a remote too."

Farah was silent at that, but she was sure the woman's blade had nicked her skin, and she was bleeding.

(Sorry for the curse, if you're not okay with it, I can change it)


(I'm fine with cursing lol, doesn't bother me at all)

Eli wished he could speak to Farah, but at least the sound of her footsteps and voice were enough to sooth the rampant thoughts. Yes, they were back in the same cells that they had started in, but at least Farah hadn't been taken away. It was more unlikely that they would have a chance to try again, but they were together.

Fighting to move against the paralyzing effect of the cuffs, Eli got nowhere. Even trying to do something as simple as speak to his sister, or move his hands was useless. Whatever the man had done to make their cuffs, they worked well. If he got out of this building, he would personally show the man how it felt to wear them and feel their effects.

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(Kk! I know some people don't like it, and I was just making sure. Also, sorry I've been MIA recently, my life has been a literal shitshow for like 3 months, and I'm just now getting back to mostly normal.)

Farah glared at the woman until she had shut the cell door and made her way back up the stairs in the direction they'd come down from. Once she was gone, Farah finally relaxed and pushed herself up. She checked her wrist, and sure enough, a little cut was already beginning to bleed down her forearm.

"Lovely," she muttered, but she paced quickly over to the wall and pressed her palm to the cold surface. "Eli, I'm here," she said quietly. "I'll figure something out for us, I promise. The effect will wear off soon. You'll be okay."


(You're all good, no worries. I'm glad things are getting back to normal! Also, do you want to do a timeskip at all to when Eli is able to move around? I'm not sure what to have him do until then lol)

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(Um… hey lol. I'm back! Yeah, we can timeskip a bit. I'll steal Farah away for her first round of testing, and then Eli can follow… O.o)

Farah had dozed off into a light sleep for the first time in what felt like days when the woman who had stopped her escape returned. She took her time working the key in the lock for Farah's cell, then swung it open with a loud clang that woke the poor girl with a jolt.

"Let's go," the light-haired woman snapped, waiting strictly in the opening.

Farah clutched her head and slowly stood up, still groggy from sleep. "And where exactly are we going?"

The woman smirked. "Your first test."


Eli had settled into a restless sleep, curled on his bed with his arms wrapped around himself. Still, it wasn't long before a clang from his sister's cell opened and his eyes flew awake, the sound enough to make him vault from his bed to see what was happening. "Farah? What's going on?" He questioned, trying to peer around the wall to see her. Unfortunately he couldn't see a thing.

Still, his eyes widened when he heard a different voice mention testing and a ball of worry sunk into his stomach. Before long, there was a similar person standing at the door to his cell, opening the door with a matching clang. Even though he tried to stay in his cell, the man at the opening wouldn't let him, forcing him out with the help of some guards and soon leading him down a hallway to who knew where.

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Farah jerked her head at the sound of her brother's voice. "Eli?!" she cried, wrenching against the guard's grip, but the other woman held fast and kept Farah restrained. "Eli!" she called again, desperate to hear something in response. By the time she realized she was being taken through a complete maze, it was too late to try and memorize the turns. She cursed herself in her head. She needed to be paying more attention.

Eventually, they arrived at the end of a hallway that appeared to go no further. "What is this?" Farah snapped.

"Didn't I already tell you?" the woman replied bluntly. "Your first test."

Without warning, Farah's bindings were released, and the woman shoved her into a doorway that Farah had just then noticed. She stumbled through the threshold, and a metal door slid into place behind her, barring her path back and forcing her to look ahead. The room before her was separated by a glass wall in the middle. She was on one side, alone. On the other side, there was a group of men holding clipboards, sitting behind computers, and murmuring to each other.

Suddenly, a voice spoke from some unknown speaker above her, causing Farah to jump.

"Please step forward, Miss Dowling."

Farah steeled herself and did as it said. She had no idea what to expect.