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The most competent super-sibling duo: the brother has super speed, and the sister has telekinetic and other mental abilities. Together, they cause rampant chaos before one of them gets caught…

I would prefer to be the sister with mental abilities, but if you would like your character to be a girl too, we could change the super-speed brother into a super-speed sister instead! :)


(Wonderful! I’m perfectly fine with being a speed boy, and I have just the character! What’s the storyline with them getting caught?)

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(Great! I have a girl to use too – it's actually Farah haha. She's usually magical, I just took her powers out for the other rp. Anyway, them getting caught is kind of up for debate, so to speak. I don't really have any solid structure for that part yet, so if you have ideas, feel free to share lol)

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(Np, just get your character up whenever. No stress :))

Name: Farah Dowling
Alias: Mistress
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Farah is an attractive woman with dark brown eyes and ash blonde hair. She has a soft but defined jawline, and her figure is lean, curvy, and slightly muscular. Farah is tall for a woman – 5'10" – and has long legs. She has a tattoo on her index finger of a line circling above her knuckle and three dots closer to her fingertips, and she speaks with a British accent. When Farah's powers are in use, her eye color shifts to a blue-grey. She often wears a long coat over any outfit she wears, often button-up blouses and black dress pants.
Personality: Farah is typically a very closed-off and hardened woman, coming off as tough or having a hard outer shell. She has what could be defined as trust issues, but when someone can get past her stoic exterior, she's a total softie –kind, caring, "motherly". This is the side of her that basically only her brother ever gets to see. Even though she has trust issues, if someone earns her trust, she is loyal to a fault. She also can be reckless and headstrong in situations where she needs to be patient, however, she also tends to overanalyze at times as well. She also much more mature for her age than people would expect because of the gravity of the abilities she has and the forced "growing up fast" mindset since she had to defend herself and protect her brother.
Abilities: Empathic perception, pain manipulation, telekinesis, memory scanning/sharing, and telepathic connection
Strengths: Farah is extremely strong in her abilities, and her relationship with her brother is very tight. She also is extremely hard-working, is mentally tough/has strong mental defenses, and is a decisive and smart decision-maker. She is able to keep a level head and level emotions in tense or demanding situations.
Weaknesses: Farah has severe trust issues with people she doesn't know or doesn't know well. She keeps many secrets and is secretly afraid of the wrong people finding them out. Her composure can be very stoic, almost unemotional at times for fear of showing emotion.
Theme Song: Woman - Kesha

  • “This world isn’t safe.”
  • “Runaway fear leads to runaway magic.”
  • “Distraction can cause magic to be erratic.”

  • “Magic can be dangerous, as you well know.”
  • “You focus, you learn, you grow. Eventually, the answers will come.”
  • “They’ve had order for so long, they don’t know what chaos feels like.”


Name: Elijah (Eli) (insert last name)
Alias: usually called Blitz, but some call him Savitar
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Eli is tall. He’s about 6’2”, and built of lean muscle. In general, he has the build of a runner, with long muscular legs, and less upper body strength. He has bright blue eyes, and flashy blonde hair that he keeps short on the sides and long on top. His teeth are straight and white, which adds to his playboy smile, and his jawline is to die for. In his opinion, he’s the more blessed of the siblings, both in looks and gifts. He has a tattoo of a lightning bolt on both of his middle fingers, and once he gets the time, he wants to get another tattoo on his back.
Personality: A bit of an ass, a bit of a playboy and an all around idiot, Eli is a man of many things. He loves to cause chaos, wether it be small or big, and he is a shameless flirt. It’s not unusual for him to piss people off for no reason, and the only one mostly immune to his personality is his sister, and even then he can get under her skin. He loves his ‘act tough’ act, and most of the time he can back up the act. If he can’t….we’ll, his powers are always a backup.
Abilities: Just super speed, but he claims his luck is also a superpower
Strengths: speed and agility, but he also is a decent pickpocket
Weaknesses: he’s human, and can be hurt in the same ways a normal human can be. Also is absolutely repulsed by bugs and Romantic Comedies.
Theme Song: Tic Toc by another Mother, as well as several others
Quotes: probably “I may miss the past, but god how I long for my future”…might change it

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A normal day in the city – there was no such thing. Especially not when the Dowling siblings existed. Each day, a new kind of havoc was created by the pair of siblings, and so far, nothing could be done about it. Today was no exception. Farah Dowling crouched on the top of a building, observing the city from above. The wind whipped around her, causing her hair to billow out behind her, giving her a "hero" moment. But what she was about to do was anything but. She stood to her full height and tapped the communicator in her ear to call Eli. "Are you in position yet?" she asked, shielding the earpiece from the snapping winds at her height.


(I did a little assuming to come up with something, I can fix anything that is out of place)

Eli rolled his eyes as he heard his sister’s voice crackle into his earpiece. “No, I decided to take a day off, go sightseeing,” He replied, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. “Yes I’m in position.”

He blended into the groups of people around him at the river, dressed in a hoodie and jeans, with a steaming coffee set beside him on the rail overlooking the river. As much as he blended in, he didn’t fit with the people around him. They seemed happy, lovely people, all whom he disliked. On the opposite side of the river, he could just make out his sister on top of one of the buildings. Like an idiot, he waved to her, knowing fully well she wouldn’t see him. “Man, you look like a hero up there, that’s stupid.”

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(No, it's perfect, I love it! You just gave me a new idea.)

Farah rolled her eyes. Eli and his sarcasm. She could kill him. "Not for much longer, I won't," she shot back. Somewhere deep inside her, she felt pride at being called a hero. But the feeling was quickly buried as she focused herself on their plan. Her eyes turned from their natural dark brown to a silvery-blue shade. Slowly, the water in the middle of the river began to bubble. Farah felt the same feeling inside her, the bubbling up of anticipation, which only caused her powers to increase. For a split second, the bubbling stopped. Then, a pillar of water burst up from where the bubbles had been. "Now," she ordered into her earpiece. "Make the twister."


Eli sipped at his coffee as he watched the river, and though he rolled his eyes again, he watched as the river bubbled. Some days, his sister was a show off. “God, you’re so bossy,” He huffed at her demand, but he did as she said. In an instant, it seemed like time has slowed down, though to everyone who saw him, he was simply a blur of movement. He jumped up on the railing and in a singular smooth movement he was running fast enough to stand on the water, as well as shape the column of water into a horrifying water tornado.

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(So for the "getting caught," since this is based off of Marvel, I'm thinking a "hydra-like" organization takes them to experiment, like Wanda and Pietro, but while they're there, the siblings have a "moral epiphany," for lack of a better term)

A wicked grin came over Farah's face. Her eyes followed the twister, and she lifted a hand to her face to shield herself from the whizzing water droplets the tornado dispelled across the city. "It's beautiful," she whispered.

After a moment more of watching it, Farah turned and began to walk toward the door leading to the building's staircase. "Great job, E," she said into her earpiece. "I'll be right down–"

Suddenly, she walked right into someone. She jerked back in surprise, which gave the darkly-clothed figure enough time to strike her across the face. Farah cried out due to the shock and fell back, scraping her hands against the concrete rooftop to catch herself as best she could. She tasted blood dripping into her mouth, and she automatically lifted her fingers to her face to touch below her nose. When she pulled her hand away to observe it, the tips of her fingers were stained red. Yep, nosebleed. Her eyes quickly darted to the person who'd hit her. "What the hell?" she spat.


(Ooo I like that idea!)

Eli scoffed, hearing her words echo through her ear, “You better be. And you owe me pizza.” His eyes widened as her sentence was cut. Yes, his sister was an ass, but she wouldn’t do something like that to annoy him. If she wasn’t talking, it meant something had happened.

“Farrah?” He asked, the faintest ounce of concern in her voice, “Not a funny trick. You better be coming down here soon, or I’ll come up there and find you myself. With the tornado.”

Eli didn’t hate his sister. As much as they bickered, they were close, though he would never admit it. If something was wrong, he would destroy whatever he needed to to fix things.

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The mysterious person said nothing in reply. They only advanced on her and grabbed her bicep to roughly yank her to her feet. Farah staggered and blinked quickly in an attempt to shake off the lightheaded feeling she had from being slapped. "Hey!" she yelled, using her powers to shove the person away. "Get the hell away from me." Her eyes blazed silver-blue, and as she prepared to use her abilities, the door Farah was planning to exit through opened, and another person entered the rooftop. She distinguished a man's features, and as he walked towards her, flagged by at least four other guards, she noted the suit void of creases and slicked-back hair. Just the type she despised: a rich boss man who thinks he's all that. But before she could say or do anything, he addressed her first.

"Farah Dowling. I'm here to offer you and your brother a deal."


Eli huffed as he got no response, and he was moving too fast to check the rooftop for his sister. “You have five minutes. Then I’m coming up there. And you’ll owe me a weeks worth of food to make up for the energy I’m using right now.”

Five minutes was a long time though, especially for a speedster like himself. Seconds seemed slow when you were moving so fast. And five minutes worth? That would be torture.

He kept the tornado spinning, unsure if he could even slow it down enough to drop it back into the water without being sucked into the river.

“Scratch that. Three minutes. And two weeks worth of food.”

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Farah gave the man and his cronies a once-over to assess them. "What kind of deal?"

"Mutually beneficial," he replied. "That means we both benefit from–"

"I know what mutually beneficial means," she snapped.

He mockingly raised his hands. "I'm sorry. How am I supposed to know what you and your brother know?"

At the mention of Eli, Farah reached up to tap her earpiece to try and contact him, but she was shocked to discover wasn't there. She quickly pieced together that when the first figure had smacked her, it must have fallen out. Her eyes darted around the ground, trying to pick out the black piece of technology among the grey concrete. Again, she was confused when she didn't see it.

"Trying to contact him?" the man asked with a snide grin, holding up her earpiece in between his fingers. "No, that won't be necessary. He'll be here any moment now, I'm sure."


Sure enough, the man was right. Despite Eli’s many threats to wipe out the building with his water show, he dropped the tornado back into the water three minutes later, yelling into his damned ear piece the entire time.

“I swear to everything above Farah, you better be messing with me,” He hissed, “Or I will make sure you know this is not the way to mess with me.”

With his speed, it took mere seconds for him to get out of the river, to the building she had been at, and up the many, many, many stairs to the roof.

“Farah Dowling.” He yelled as he reached the roof, swinging the door open wide. In an instant, he was confused, then worried, then pissed again. “What the hell is going on up here?”

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The man grinned. "So you see?"

"E," Farah gasped, running over to him without thinking. Despite her bloody nose, she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry," she whispered directly into his ear so only he could hear her. "They took my earpiece." Though it didn't show outwardly, Eli was able to feel her trembling. "I'm scared."

Just seconds later, she put on her standard emotionless face and looked back at the man, still holding onto Eli. "We're both here. Now, what do you want?"

"As I was explaining to Farah," the man said, turning his attention slightly more to Eli now that he had just arrived. "I have a deal for you both."