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Ayo! I made a new character and I just wanna flesh them out more here. Kinda develop them more. They're a chaos friend of course and very much a child. I'd prefer if you match them up with a responsible parent figure oc. Just so rp stays interesting. Ill post my little chaos bringer here soon!

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(I forgot to switch out her Faye stuff 😭)

Name: Advika Chartreuse

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: bisexual/poly

Shipping if its in this rp: yes.

Personality: is a quiet girl mostly spending her time with a good book, or with her cat…. She's a natural sweet talker and a total flirt, but she takes pleasure in helping every single person she can.
Appearance: she has high cheek bones, and a very her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape And her eyes have almost an almond shape and are an entrancing shade of purplish blue to them. And she has pointy ears. Her hair is long enough to reach her lower back and slightly wavey, healthy to the point where it shines in the sun and she has no split ends. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are no layers to it and it's a beautiful rich black.
She weighs 180 lbs, standing at 5,5 1/2". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin. she's fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"

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Aloe had been alone for a while now. But they didn’t mind of course. They were enjoying their new life. Fending for themself, exploring, playing with animals. They loved it. It was way better than what they had.

The small kid was climbing up a tree, playing with their pet squirrel when they heard something russle in the bushes. They blink and get low into the leaves of the tree, silent.