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Okay, so for the 4-5 hours I have been on this site I kind of holed myself up to world-build and kind of isolate aspects of my characters/universe. I decided that to further explore the works of the universe, plot-line, and eliminate potential plot-holes/inconsistencies, the help of another being could be nice. This will likely be my only roleplay lest I were to need help with another aspect.

Basic summary of the story:

Junpei "Jun" D'Apolito wakes up one day to complete his usual routine. Go to his grandmother's house, take care of her, make sure everything was alright, go to his night-shift job, and then at the end of it, get his usual 5 hours of sleep. Upon arriving at his grandmother's house, he finds that all the doors and windows are barred or sealed with plywood. He looks around the neighbourhood a little to find the rest of the houses look the same. He broke down the door to further investigate the strange phenomenon, no one and nothing was in the house. He did the same to the rest of the neighbourhood, all results were conclusive. Eventually, he happens upon his friend, Riley's, house. Unlike every other building, his was perfectly intact. He broke down the door to find his friend sleeping on the couch like usual, and promptly woke him up. He informed his friend of the situation and they come to the agreement to find where Grandma D'Apolito went as well as the rest of the town.

I hope this is not confusing? There are definitely some answers that you'll need to know, or at least clues, so you can better take on the roleplay. I will certainly give them to you as you ask questions, but here are some you need to know right away:

  • This story is not realistic fiction, nor is it fantasy. It is sci-fi.
  • Canonically, there is a romance between Riley and Junpei, though this is unimportant to the plot and can be left out if you so choose.
  • Until later points in the story, Junpei believed that most gays were pedophiles, due to the fact his mother drove it into his head.
  • You will be playing Riley, though you are not required to keep his name as Riley.
  • Junpei is 26-years-old, I ask you keep Riley's age range around that
  • Templates seem popular around here, if you want one, I could provide one.
  • Please be literate and give 3+ sentences.
  • I would prefer for this not to die immediately, though if you feel as though you cannot continue, tell me. I will not be upset.
  • The canon answer as to where Grandma D'Apolito and others went is that the town is kind of on a turning plate. The rest of the town was turned underground subtly, but Riley's plate as well as Junpei's do not do so. This is purposeful.
  • Riley and Junpei are basically lab-rats for an experiment of sorts. To see how well their teamwork/problem-solving is.
  • you may ask for more details.
  • I ask that under no circumstances do you use slurs.

I hope this is not too much to take in.

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Well, I guess since someone else wished to do this, may I have a writing sample from you both? If I find myself to be indecisive of which style I prefer, then it will go to a first-come-first-serve decision.

@The-Magician group

(Aloysha Turgenev, the man who never intended to be early for anything. He wasn't exactly a morning person so as his alarms went off in the morning, he just rolled over and snoozed them all– at least until he realised that he was going to be late if he didn't get his backside in gear. He leapt out of bed and rushed around to get dressed.

He quickly rushed out of the house, fumbling with the keys so he could lock the door, and ran over to his car with a prayer that he would make it in time. He switched on the radio, already knowing what the news coverage was going to be. Another body was discovered outside the headquarters; nothing was new there anymore. The body was another unidentifiable which really put a thorn in his plan to try and find a connection between the murders. Perhaps, now that he was going to the detective agency, he would be able to find more leads. You would think, being a hero, he would be on top of the case as much as the police department, however it was rather difficult to keep on top of everything and go on a hunt for The Ghost when they attacked so frequently.

Slamming the door of his car shut, Aloysha ran his hand through his wild hair to try and neaten it out, before briskly walking through the doors of the IDGC. "Sorry I'm late!" he smiled nervously as he entered, only to receive a few odd looks from the people in the lobby. As it turned out, he was over an hour early, and the man spent a good ten minutes wondering how the fuck he had messed the times up that badly.

Now, everyone he was supposed to be meeting with was ready and present. He was introduced to a woman who didn't appear to be pleased to meet him, and really he didn't blame her– he too would be annoyed if he had been called into work before he was supposed to be there. Still, he smiled politely and nodded to her with a rather cheerful tone. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Aitne. My apologies for arriving so early.")

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(Honestly, that person's writing is way better than mine. You should probably take them tbh.)

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Okay. Not like I sleep much anyway, so time zones are kinda lost to me.
I'll see to having up a starter as soon as possible, and I'll try not to make it boringly long.

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(Sorry this is so long, just took a little to get to the part to include your character. I don't expect your reply to be nearly as long since there isn't too much for you to work with rn.)

7:37 AM, and Junpei had awoken for his morning routine. Nothing really wavered from day-to-day, except for on the two days a week he had off, usually those were spent catching up on sleep anyway. As per each morning, Junpei fixed himself up, tidying his slightly messed-up hair, taking his morning shower, and preparing himself coffee for breakfast. Nothing too odd.

He piled himself into his old clunker and drove off steadily to his grandmother's house. Every morning he made he breakfast, helped her get washed, and cleaned up around her house a little; just small things to keep the elder going. Soon enough, Junpei arrived at the house of the relative he held very dearly. The sight was quite shocking. Plywood, placed behind the windows and what he would assume to be behind the door too. As he rushed out of the car, he snatched up an umbrella that he had neglected to take out of his back seat.

Briskly, he jogged up to the door and knocked loudly. "Grandma?" his voice carried great concern out of his throat. "Grandma are you in there?!" Soon, he decided that calling for her was a mere waste of breath. He hurried over to a nearby window and without hesitation, began to smash it in with his umbrella. From the hole he had made, he could see an empty house. Bizarre, because his grandmother always had some type of clutter in her house.

He rushed back to the door. If he launched into the door with great enough force, likely it would come down, no matter how skinny he was. He took a few steps back then proceeded to leap into the door shoulder first with the help of a running-start. The door flew down with a loud craaaack, the doorway was in ruin. He didn't have time to observe though, and he sprinted down the halls into the room his grandmother should have resided in. She wasn't there. Nothing was there. Not in the room, or the house as a whole. The whole situation filled him with disbelief and dread.

He bolted back out of the house and took a look around the neighbourhood. Every house was the same– minus one. His best friend's house. Junpei suddenly became unaware whether to be glad of this fact, or alarmed. Quickly he settled for both. He marched to the door, lifted his hand to knock, and didn't. The strange since of urgency well within him was practically overstimulating, and he took to breaking down that door as well. His stomping steps practically shook the house as he made his way to the couch he knew his friend would be sleeping on.

"Hey!" Junpei yelled, "Get up! It's important!" As he shouted, he poked his friend not-so-softly with his umbrella, wanting to keep a safe distance from the other just in case. After all, he knew better than anyone else, that this man had a habit of swinging when rudely awoken. Though quickly, the urgency he had felt came crashing down and stress began to sink in, something he never handled well. His voice shrunk down to a whimper and his pokes weakened. "please…"

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After feeling the prodding of a somewhat blunt object, Riley kicked his leg out in an attempt to knock away the person waking him up. He kicked nothing. The man slowly started to turn over, revealing his face with the most unattractive scowl. His vision was still a little blurry from having been quite happily asleep, but he was awake enough to know who was there. "This had better be freaking important, Jun, you know how much I like my sleep." You would have thought that in the amount of time they had been best friends, the other would have learned that Riley just wasn't a morning person.

(Sorry that took so long…)

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(No worries.)

Junpei nodded frantically. "It is important, I promise. It's the town…" he trailed off slightly, fear setting back into his mind, "it's… missing." As he finished speaking, he held his hands up and waved them, as though to dismiss the argument that he knew Riley was going to have about the matter. He couldn't quite blame Riley, the disappearance of a whole town seemed far from logical. Just how would every last inhabitant go missing during the night and manage to bar their windows and doors from the inside?

"Listen," he continued, "I know it sounds crazy, but if you would just look outside, you'll see." By that point, he was more or less begging for the other to listen more than anything. He swept his blond hair from his face so that both of his chocolate-brown eyes met with those of his friend. "Please… I'm concerned for my grandmother, as well as the rest of this town."

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There was a brief moment of silence after Junpei’s last comment, before Riley let out an exasperated groan. “I will humour you, and then I’m going back to sleep.”
Hoping that this was just one of those days where he could just do whatever it was that Jun wanted before going back to bed, Riley pulled himself up and trudged over to the window.

Wincing as he moved closer towards the light of the open door, it took a moment for his vision to clear well enough; his heart sank when he realised he wasn’t going to be going back to sleep. “Oh hell no,” he shook his head, turning back to Junpei. “I’m still asleep. There’s no way this isn’t a dream, and a crooked one at that.”

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Junpei's head lowered down just a little, and his head shook side-to-side in a dismissive motion. "I wish it were a dream too. But on another topic, not only are all these houses barred shut, they're completely empty inside too. Like a newly-built neighbourhood."

Junpei pushed past Riley and through the door, taking another look down the streets. He raised his arm for his hand to be in his own vision and pointed in front of him. "We should go down this street to see if this is actually our neighbourhood, right? If it is, the convenience store should be just past Mrs. Grey's* house." Without waiting for an answer, Junpei started to go down the street in a jog.

"Also, Riley," he called over, "you should start sleeping in a bed, you'll get back problems with the way you sleep now."

*Mrs. Grey is just a random neighbour, don't worry about that too much.