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A boy was stolen from his mother by fair folk after he was born. A changeling was left in his place, content to grow up with the family he would’ve had, while the human boy was left to grow up in a magical place of wonders. The fair folk taught him much and treated him well, and it wasn’t long before their magic began to alter him. He eventually became more fair folk than human.

Small, dark brown horns poked up from in his hair, his incisors sharpened, the tips of his ears ended at a point and a tail sprouted from the base of his spine. He retained many human aspects, however. His skin remained a human tone instead of turning blue, he never grew wings (something he lamented), and, the biggest difference (pun intended), he stayed average human sized.

He became a hybrid, something the world has never seen before. Still, his likeness to the fair folk is undeniable.

My idea is basically that my character, the hybrid, is injured by some fae hunters looking to capture him and ends up being discovered by a prince, who of course takes him back to his kingdom after helping him as much as possible. Once there, the king takes one look at him and decides that he’s to be imprisoned and studied, but the prince vouches for him and says he’ll be his responsibility. The king eventually agrees, and thus begins the adventure.

Make sense? I hope so lol, this idea came to me like a fever dream.

I’m looking for someone to play the prince!

This is gonna be a nice, friendly, pg-13 rp (other than language, because cussing is 100% fine in my book).

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get a character sheet up! Also please let me know if you have any questions!


Age: (15-21)
Distinguishing Marks:
Pets: (Knock yourself out, but if you do have one, it can't be any larger than a great dane. Nothing OP)
Powers: (Again, knock yourself out, but nothing OP)


Name: Isaac Sterling
Nicknames: Iz, Izzy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Technically human, but part fair folk/fae.
Looks: Isaac stands at about 5'7" (170 cm) and 140 lbs (63 kg) with a slim, but athletic build. His skin is pale with pinkish undertones and he's prone to sunburn, hence the hundreds of freckles dotting his body. He has a well-defined jaw and a slightly rounded face with a delicate, average-sized nose and usually chapped lips. His eyes are a soft mixture between green and brown, typically falling under the classification of the former color. His hair is naturally a very dark brown, almost black, but the ends have been bleached and dyed a shade of watermelon pink. Hints of dark brown still peak through in areas, but the majority of his messy, slightly curly do is colored. The back and sides of his hair are trimmed relatively close to his scalp, but the top and front are much longer and tend to fall in his face down to his nose.
Outfit(s): His go to outfits are just plain t-shirts paired with dark jeans, his most iconic being a plain, light gray tee and tapered black jeans. He much prefers to wear his dark green army jacket with this outfit, as well as some plain black Vans.
Distinguishing Marks: Horns, pink hair, pointed ears, tail.
Personality: Izzy's very excitable and borderline naïve when it comes to things he's interested in, although he's aware of this and tries his best to exercise caution because of it. He's eager to get along with others—a complete extrovert who loves meeting new people, although he sometimes has trouble maintaining relationships that require a lot of commitment. That said, he's loyal to the ones he deems worth the effort, and he'll usually follow them around like a lost puppy when he's at a loss for what to do in a situation. Definitely not leader material. Furthermore, Iz hates conflict and fighting, although he's not afraid of standing up for what he believes in if it comes to that.
Background: Isaac was stolen from his mother by fair folk after he was born. A changeling was left in his place, content to grow up with the family he would’ve had, while Isaac was left to grow up in a magical place of wonders. The fair folk taught him much and treated him well, and it wasn’t long before their magic began to alter him. He eventually became more fair folk than human.
Likes: Sweets, exploring & adventures, warm weather.
Dislikes: Snow, hunters, bitter things.
Strengths: Peacemaking, teamwork, communication.
Weaknesses: Focusing, strategizing, brute strength. Also iron is a physical weakness of his. It saps his strength and burns.
Fears: Heights (acrophobia), the ocean, being alone in the dark.
Pets: None
Powers: Communication with animals, slight nature magic but not very strong at all.
Other: He has ADHD


(I know you're in the 'Let The Games Begin RP', but didn't you say you needed to go for a while? I don't actually know your writing style all that well, so if you don't mind, could you give me a sample?)

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Lionel Gray was sitting on his bed, thinking to himself. He thought of the world beyond the Castle walls. Lionel thought of a world that wasn't all Gray and dull. A world that was filled with children and people. But then again, There was no escape. He stared at the mirror, with a dull expression on his face. No smile, nor frown. His mother walked in and looked at him,
"Lionel." His mother said, a rude tone in her voice. "What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to get ready for your marriage?" His mother asked, shaking her head. "Father will be furious!" She sighed. Lionel lifted his head and shifted it to his mother. "Mother. I know, But I will not." He said, getting up. "I have no intention of staying here any longer." He chuckled. His mother raised her brow. "Don't speak you me like that. You're getting married whether you like it or not!" She yelled. We'll see about that…Mother.. He thought.

Ah, the breeze flowing through Lionel's body. He doesn't usually fly. Especially in the town. A very noisy one, the town is. Lionel always flies on the outskirts of the town. Lionel saw a creature fall to the ground, and it looked hurt. Lionel was curious, what creature had wandered near his town. He quickly flew near it and landed. It was knocked out. A sea dragon hybrid… What is this doing here? He thought. He looked at its scales, dehydrated. Lionel decided to take it to the nearest lake by the town. Once he got there he put the sea dragon in the water and hoped for the best. He sat near the water, hoping the young creature would awake.


(I think I remember reading this on the other rp, but it works! I'm interested to know more about the dragon, but anyways—Would you be up to lengthy responses and developing plot? If you need an example of what I mean, this rp is the kind of quality I'm hoping for: x )

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(first person or third? And I can make lengthy responses like that, but it'll take me time. I need to think of everything. Usually, when I need to do massive responses, I write them and then fix and type so there's a whole prosses…)


(Third person for sure. And that works for me; I do the same thing. Sometimes my responses take fifteen minutes, and sometimes they take over an hour. If you're alright with that, I'll close the discussion and get a template up!)

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(Alrighty! I'll try to get the template up soon. If not I need to do it… Much later due to sleep and school…)

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(Ight. Ill get my character in "Much later" I need to head to sleep.)

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Hinako sat in the library, thinking about the flight she had to take to London next week. She was moving there permanently, but she hated the fact that she had chosen to leave her closest friends behind here in Japan. But, she had to go. She needed to help her father take care of her grandmother. She was given no choice: being only 13 didn’t help much either. She flipped a page in her book, using her other hand to brush some of her strawberry-blonde hair out of her face so she could see what was on the page.