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' I can pick you up tomorow around noon if you'd like.' Then, he realized what he might have accidentaly insinuated, Well, I guess that he'll realize that it isn't. I wouldn't cheat on Nolan, but I guess that this couuld be considered a date. . . Well, if Nolan finds out, thhen he;'ll be mad, but maybe he'll understand that he's just a friend, regardless of the whole joke. Which reminds me, I still haven't told him about this yet,. I'm an idiot. . .


Brenn stayed up the whole night tossing and turning, sort of stressed aout what he would say or do when he met with Nico that nest day. Which really annoyed him. He wasn't going on a date with the other man, he was just going to hang out with him. But still, it was stressful.


Nico barely managed to snag a few hours worth of sleep before abruptly waking up at around 7:30 and finding himself unable to fall back asleep. He gave in finally, deciding to just get up for the day and get ready. He was going to try and look somewhat better than usual.