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((Okay, I am going to be a lazy potato, and just reuse Brenn for this))

"Why am I here to begin with?"

Name: Brennon Rush Haslam

Nickname(s?): Bren/Bran

Gender: Male

Sexuality: "Uhm, I'm straight." " Mainly . . ."

DOB: October 12

Star sign: "I'm a Libra, can't you tell?"

"N-no, I don't want to talk about this. I-I don't want to talk to you about anything."


Personality: "Personality-wise, well uhm I'm me." . . . "Oh, is that not a good enough answer, well uhm rude, but okay. I'm kind of just that person who's kind of always there. I mean in a good way, I'm there for my friends and stuff, and I like to hang out with them, even though I don't really talk much." Indifferent shrug "Well, uhm, I guess in layman's terms, I'm just that one quiet friend, I'll listen to your problems and try to help you out, but I never really have too much to say to begin with. Also, I normally pay for people's food and stuff, even if they have money and stuff. As I said, I'm just that one friend.

"Uh, I swear, I need some alone time, not bother me and try to get me out of the house time!"

"Well, had you listened to me in the first place we wouldn't be in this situation now would we? Now, do you still want your GoGurt?" ((Him practically momming his friends))

History: ((Being the dumb person I am, I'll share his history in the rp, then add it onto this))

"I like having my space, just like any sane person would. Not saying that I am sane, but you know . . ."

Likes: "Uhm, does being alone count as a hobby?"
Dislikes: "Everyone, the world, lifeeeeee"

Favorite color: "I don't like that many colors." . . ."Okay fine, yellow, like a mustard yellow, not a shade lighter, or a shade darker."

Favorite food and drink: "I think my favorite food would be a vegetarian chicken sandwich. I'm not even a vegetarian, but I really like that one food. And uhm drink, I think it would be water, after apple juice, don't judge."
Favorite instrument: ". . ."

Hobbies: "I like to read, a lot."

"Nope nope nope nopity nope nope."

Favorite song: Dancing In the Moonlight

-Outrunning Karma by Alec Benjamin
-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by the Platters
-I Hate Shakespeare from Something Rotten
-Gold by Imagine Dragons
-((Really random, but since he pretty much hangs around three year olds)) Veggie Tale Remix by Shama Mremra

Favorite lyrics/lyrics that most describe him: ". . ." Probably just instrumental.

"I'm giving up, it's been twenty minutes and you still haven't been able to turn on the damn stove."

Other: "Uhm, I'm left handed, if that's cool, or counts as something you need to know."

Author's note: I didn't have too much on him, so it's chill.

"Uhm, I'm bored, so I'm going to just yell at you now."


Name: Nico
Age: 20
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: bisexual
Appearance: he has bleach blonde hair, shaved shorter in the back with longer bangs dyed black at the tips. He’s well toned, stands at about 6’2” and has pale skin. His eyes are stormy blue, and one of them is typically squinting more than the other. He wears mostly dark clothes. Basically he’s super edgy I’m so sorry.
Personality: he’ll talk lots with people he gets along with well, so if he doesn’t like you, it’s very easy to tell. The guy pretty much has a constant scowl on his face while out in public.
Likes: surprisingly, he’s a nature guy, he likes being outside and going camping. It’s the one time where he’ll smile pretty much constantly regardless of who he’s around.
Dislikes: people he finds annoying, politics
Fears: tbd
Backstory: tbd


A few of their friends had decided to meet up at a coffee shop near where they all lived. And despite the fact that they’d planned it several days in advance, Nico was still late. One of their friends checked the time, and seeing that Nico was officially 15 minutes late, handed over $10 to another one of the group with a sigh. He was late a lot, it was pretty much his thing. So they were almost constantly making bets about just how late Nico would be.
“You think he’s gonna show up at all?” One of them asked.

((And feel free to be one of the friend characters if you want))


Brenn was sitting at the end of the booth, smushed against the window. He had stayed quiet most of the conversation, not really paying attention to what any of the guy's were saying. Well, he was paying attention to them somewhat. Mainly just their orders of drinks knowing fully well that he'd be the one footing the bill for them. But when they began to speak about that guy Nico, he just groaned. Everything about that guy got on his nerves. Everything about that boy ticked him off, from the way he dressed to the way he spoke. But he could never really say anything about how he felt about him for fear of one of the guys going off on him about it, and then being kicked out of the friend group. So, he just held his tongue about it, not wanting to cause any issues, or make waves. After all a guy needs friends, no matter how dumb they are at times.


“I mean probably.” One of the others replied. “Think he’s making out with his girlfriend?”
“Nope they broke up a few days ago apparently.”
The rest of the conversation continued on, just talking about random things until Nico eventually showed up a few minutes later.
“Hey.” Was all he said as he sat down in the booth on the opposite side from Brenn, not even apologizing for being late. It was sort of one of those things that they all shrugged off as ‘just Nico being Nico’.


Brenn sighed, shaking his head in disapproval of the other boy, but instead of saying anything, just pulled out his phone and began to scroll through notifications. He hoped that his reaction to the other boy coming wasn't too obvious, although pretty much everyone at the table could tell, including Nico. Well, they figured that either Brenn just secretly hated them all, or hated Nico, or was just tired. Which in a way, it was a mix of the latter two. Brenn had been over at his friend's house the night before studying for an upcoming exam, and he was still tired.


Nico huffed, rolling his eyes at Brenn’s response but didn’t say anything about it. “So what’d I miss?” He asked.
“Not much really, just us wondering where your dumbass was.”
Nico merely shrugged, offering no explanation.


Brenn looked up from his phone and said quietly, "We ordered our drinks and stuff, but since you always change your order, we decided that you can order for yourself." Once he finished he looked back down at his phone and continued scrolling.

One of the other guys's gently thumped Brenn on the head, giving him a look as if to say, You shouldn't have said that. But Brenn just shrugged in response, "It's true though." He grumbled, putting down his phone.