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The Prince of the Dark Dragons has been captured. This is a great step for us in this war. Soon we will have them at their knees as they…”

Those were the words of the Queen Cesaria after her soldiers had captured the young Prince in the realm of the Snowy Mountains. She had given that speech six months ago, and as far as everyone knew he was still being held captive as a prisoner of war. Some were empowered by her speech, but others… they had already resented her rule and the war. They believed that capturing the Prince indefinitely was the wrong move, and it would only empower the Dark Dragons to be unrelenting in their attacks and defense. This war against them had been going on for so long, many people just wanted it to end. Especially those of the Manta.

You, of course, had your own opinion on the war like everyone else. The Jellyfish and Mantas against the Dark Dragons for so long… you were sick of it. Sick of politically corrupt governments trying to “eliminate threats” but really just trying to grab at whatever little piece of influence they can get. But what you did today, you had no idea was going to happen when you woke up.

You were lost—or maybe searching—in the hallways of the large Manta palace. You took a few wrong turns and somehow found yourself in the prisoner holding area. There were mainly open-barred cells, but there was a closed door at the very end of the hall that caught your attention…

Hello, fellow roleplay-craving idiots! I should probably tell you where I want this to go, and also give you a few warnings/PSAs.

I had this idea because I wanted to test out roleplaying a younger version of my character Tseth, who at this point in time is severely traumatized. Generally I want a storyline where your character(s) find him and take him in, essentially making sure he doesn’t die and even becoming friends with him. I’m open to pretty much anything as to where this goes, as long as I get to act out this guy and get a good idea of who he was and how he behaved at the time. I will say that I would like this to be directed more towards hurt/comfort, however.

Now, onto PSAs… this is an extremely specific setting, because I created this entire world inside of my head. It’s a little wacky and I’ll do my best to inform you of how stuff works, but feel free to ask any questions! I am more than happy to answer them. But if you do make an assumption about something that is in this world and it actually isn’t, I will let you know and hopefully we can figure it out.
I would prefer people with some roleplay experience, but I’m not looking for just The Best Of The Best because I myself can’t say I am, I’m mediocre at best 😂.
I understand if all the detail that I put into this is overwhelming, and I don’t blame you! It’s alright and you can ask me questions about stuff at any time. If you need more information about something big, PM me.

I’m completely fine with anyone altering existing characters to fit, or making up a new one. Go wild, besties.


  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules.

  • Please be active. I want this to last for quite a while. Personally, I am active pretty much every day. At least one response a day is appreciated, but more is preferred. I get impatient easily, and will remind you to respond if you do not for a while. Please feel free to do this to me as well, I have ADHD and forget to do things a lot.

  • Rating is PG-13 to R at most, If anything sexually explicit does end up happening, it will fade to black. I personally have no problem with those things, but it will not be moved to PMs either. There will be no extreme descriptions of anything.

  • Cursing of any kind is allowed, but slurs are not.

  • Your character can be disrespectful, but you cannot. Be kind and respectful out of character.

  • 1-2 characters preferred. Like I said before, go wild. But as this is the rules section… not too wild.

  • 2-3 sentence minimum. No one-liners, please. Again, I want this to last. I would prefer one or two paragraphs as a response (or more, if you really want), but personally I myself may not be able to reply with the same amount of enthusiasm if you do more than that. I typically average at a paragraph myself if I’m only doing a one character response.

  • Please use accurate punctuation and capitalization. I have trouble figuring out the meaning of some things, and if you have terrible grammar that makes it so much worse. This might inhibit the fluidity of the roleplay if I cannot understand what you are saying.

  • I will give the character template. Do not send a notebook page, please. You can of course edit the template I provide slightly. I don’t require an extreme amount of detail, but don’t give the bare minimum unless you truly cannot fill it out better.

  • I would prefer if the age range is kept above 16 for characters. In this world people don’t die of old age so there’s not really a limit for how old they are within reason. But I will mention that the preferred max age if you are only doing one character is 30 or so, my guy is only 19.

  • Do not assume anything about your environment unless it’s already been established. I am the narrator unless it is stated otherwise, for example if we are entering a place that your character is familiar with, such as their house.

  • If I am not familiar with your style, I’ll ask for a writing sample.

  • If you go inactive for a long time without warning, I will kick you from the roleplay. Please give a warning. I would say a week or two is my limit for this before I re-open or reboot the rp.

  • Ask to join, and keep in mind that I reserve the right to say no to you joining. Usually, it isn’t about you. If our writing styles clash, I will not want to roleplay with you. Please do not take it personally.

Setting information and character information

Setting: This universe is based off of the game Sky: Children of the Light. This is a planet called Kaelum, and there are seven main “realms” on this planet. They are in order as follows:

  • The Isles, sandy dunes dotted through shallow water with little grassy patches.
  • The Prairie, rolling grassy hills with many little cave hideouts. Filled with life.
  • The Forest, with giant hulking trees that tower towards the sky. Rivers carve their way through this beautiful—and dangerous—realm. Almost always rainy and overcast.
  • The Snowy Mountains, with large stone cliffs and mountains that harbor complex cave systems and dense pine forests. Always cold, usually snowing.
  • The Wastelands, a desolate desert filled with all sorts of darkness corruption, graveyards filled with the bones of hulking creatures long dead for thousands of years. And a secret that only the residents know…
  • The Starlight Desert, bathed in the starlight of an eternal night. It contains the largest repository of information in the entire world, the Vaults of Knowledge.
  • Eden, the most darkness-infested place on Kaelum. Half on the world and half in a different plane of existence, this is where the God of Darkness himself resides in an eternal imprisonment.

None of the species live in the starlight desert unless they are a vault caretaker (essentially a librarian).
No one “lives” in Eden. You go there to die, or you go there when you die unless you’re sent to Orbit. Eden is a Hell of sorts and influences cursing in the same way. “Hell” is not a word.

There is a mix of modern tech with fantasy aspects to fit the magic and energy system of this world. For example, modern devices such as phones and computer systems exist, but in a different way than they do in the real world. Many people use paper records or holograms to store information rather than normal computer files.
There is a light-based magic system that I will explain to you if you are interested in using it for your character.

Depending on what species your character is, they will have different main choices for what realm they live in. Now before you panic, all of the species are people, but what species they are changes what kind of wings they have and what form they can shift to (unless they’re a Dark Dragon). Usually it would also dictate what race they are, but I’ll disregard that for this. The different species are:

Light creatures:

  • Basic Manta. Lives mostly in the snowy mountains, prairie, and forest. They posses the ability to breathe underwater and live in shallow water conditions. They can fly up to medium-high altitudes and are decently fast. They have a higher physical and healing ability than most other species, but that of which does vary from person to person regarding strength, speed, and agility. Their wings and tail are completely white, tipped with gold. I can provide a reference.
  • Cosmic Manta. The same as Basic Manta but their wings and tail are transparent with little patterns that look like stars :) I can provide somewhat of a reference.
  • Jellyfish. Lives mostly in the prairie and forest. They also possess the ability to breathe underwater, but can survive in deeper water conditions. Reserved to low-medium altitude height and cannot fly (or rather, float) very fast. Their healing rate is a bit slower than others, closest to a human’s normal rate. They’re the second-weakest species in the lineup. But, like a normal jellyfish, they can sting as a defense when they wear their biological “wings.” Basically, a normal jellyfish body that the person’s head pokes out of through the top, and the rest of their body hides under the stinging tentacles of a normal jellyfish. Cannot provide accurate reference, but I can provide something that gives a better idea.
  • Bird. Lives mostly in the forest, snowy mountains, and prairie. Healing ability decently fast. Most aspects vary on what type of bird they are, so I can’t help you much, heh- But I can provide a reference for what their wings would look like in general minus the specific species you choose. It’s not much different from any other bird-winged person you’ve seen.
  • Butterfly. Lives in the prairie, forest, and isle. Objectively the weakest species in the lineup. Specifically has low-altitude flight, but are decently fast with their flying. Note that their species are pacifists, unlikely to be violent. Healing ability is in the middle of all the others, not too fast and not too slow. They have completely black eyes with a hexagon pattern to them that act as compound eyes, and butterfly antennae atop their heads. Their wings generally look like what any fae/fairy/pixie’s wings look like. (Moth species also count here :)

Dark creatures:

  • Dark Dragon/Krill. Lives in the wastelands and forest. I will admit they’re a little over-developed, but their role in the story as dark creatures was meant to instill a bit of fear into the minds of most light creatures. One of the stronger species, with a fast healing rate and a higher physical ability. Capable of high-altitude flight and are extremely fast. They have better sight as well, and can switch between normal and thermal vision. Their limbs start out blackened and fade to their normal skin tone. You probably guessed their wings and tail are like those of a dragon, completely black also. The end of their tail has a retractable stinger with a paralyzing/corrupting venom. I recommend seeing the reference I made for them. I’ll be honest, I would prefer if this one weren’t used, but it’s not a terrible deal if you want to use it.

Please ask me for extra information on the species, realms, and whatever else if you need to. There are admittedly some things I left out for the sake of this not being an entire dissertation, even though it seems like it already.

Character Template:

Basic Info

Nicknames (if any):
Gender and pronouns:
Realm of residence:


Skin tone:
Identifying marks (scars/birthmarks/etc):
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Body type:
Wing type (if applicable):
Usual outfit (optional):
Face claim (optional):
Voice claim (optional):


Basic personality:
Job (optional):
Magic user?:
Background (optional):
Physical conditions:
Mental conditions:

Aaaand that is mostly it. Again, feel free to ask questions and I encourage it!


(Okay w o w. Reading through this was an absolute treat. Looks incredibly interesting! I'd really love to be a part of it, if you'd have me. Though I'm assuming you'll want a writing sample and you might have to be patient with me. I'm new to this website but not new to roleplaying. I have a few years experience under my belt. Love the details you've provided so far!)


(Right! Sorry for the delay, internet issues due to weather! I'm a bit rusty, so I hope this is alright! Tell me if you need more or less, and if you just don't vibe with my style thats also chill lol)

Tori walked slowly, though perhaps not for the expected reasons. Sure, the floor was unstable and patchy in places with rotten or burned wood, and sure, her balance was not the peak of human ability, but for the most part she walked slowly because she was always told growing up to never run in the hallways of her home. And that's where she was.

The house was old now, burned down and mostly abandoned except for the odd rodent brave enough to dare to make its home in the desecrated building. Its walls were bare and molded, nature reclaiming what it could, where the burn marks hadn't already eaten away. To the untrained eye, it looked entirely different to the building that had proudly stood there some twelve years earlier. But Tori could see just hints of what remained. A patch of colored wallpaper from where the kitchen had been redone when she was three, a rotted lump of fabric that was once a couch, ghosts of a home rather than a house.

It was odd, being back, and even stranger still to be in an environment so familiar yet so foreign. She kept expecting things to feel familiar, and in some ways they did. Tori carefully makes her way through the dilapidated house, her fingers trailing along the wall until it hits something wet, after which she keeps her hands firmly in her pockets. Every once in a while, she'll stop to inspect a particularly familiar patch of foliage that might have overtaken the living room, or was it the dining room?

Her feet led her down a familiar path, back to her old room. Tori lingers in the door frame like a shade, uncertain of whether she should step in or not. Her eyes glance about the room, falling on the only recognizable object. A bed frame, tattered strips of pink still clinging to the wood.

"Oh. Hello."

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

(No worries, I was at work myself for a while. And I love your style, I could only dream of having your skill 😂. You're definitely welcome to join this rp, I'll update the title to show you've joined.)


(Ah thank you! I'll get to brainstorming on a character! Any specifications you'd like? Perhaps preferences would be a better word. Suggestions maybe? It's your world and I'd hate to step on any toes.)


(Alright! Hope she's alright! Just let me know if I need to make any changes!)

Name: Qeen Fischer (Pronounced Keen Fisher)
Age: 23
Gender and pronouns: AFAB She/Her/Hers
Species: Bird
Realm of residence: The Snowy Mountains

Skin tone: Pale white, almost completely devoid of any kind of tan.
Identifying marks (scars/birthmarks/etc): Lots of black stripes, like small black tic marks across the limbs and back (tattoos). Three scars of noticeable size, one is a burnmark on mid-calf on the left leg, the other on the chest area which resembles a three-pronged puncture wound, slightly dragged down, the last one is a thin scar across the bridge of the nose, a light pink color, and is faded.
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eye color: Bright yellow eyes
Hair color: White with silver reflections.
Hair style: Mostly loose, in faint waves of hair. The only style would be a braid wrapped around the back, letting the hair fall in a waterfall style.
Body type: At first glance, she looks tall and imposing. With broad shoulders that naturally slope downwards. Qeen is thin, with decent muscling but not an athlete's build.
Wing type (if applicable): Snowy Owl wings. White, gray, and black feathers. So a broad wingspan with thick, warm feathers. Despite the size of the wings, they make barely a sound when in motion from the comb structure in the wings that owls have. Thick tail feathers that spread out in a fan pattern, with the same markings as on the wings and skin.
Usual outfit (optional): Qeen prefers to wear formal clothes, with an almost militaristic flair to them. White dress pants and a jacket and blouse that wouldn’t look amiss on a guard. Her clothing scheme is always colored white, gray, and gold, with mostly gold accents. She wears a long cloak that reaches almost to her ankles, it obscures most of her body shape entirely. It’s silvery white, with a hood and a gold clasp, she prefers to wear these over her wings. She is almost never seen without some kind of jewelry/ornamentation, from ornamental hair clips, to her earrings, silver chains with little gold gems on the ends. White boots, with almost feathery decorations added to them to complete the look.

Basic personality: Calm, cool, and collected the majority of the time. Qeen prides herself on her self-control and people skills. While she doesn’t have the most friends, she also has the fewest enemies. Deeply curious, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Personality wise, this leads her to having a quick wit and a sharper tongue than strictly necessary. She has a problem where she avoids being blunt even in situations where it might call for a more straightforward voice.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Motivations: Qeen is motivated by a desire for more knowledge. She has her own plans and goals, which tend to lean on the more self-serving side. Family.
Hobbies: Reading, music, and painting.
Talents: She is proficient in the spear and prefers it over the bow. Qeen is very intelligent, with an almost photographic memory for places and people if she focuses.
Magic user?: Yes. Mostly uses it for light sources or in conjunction to her spear.
Physical conditions: Slight tinnitus in the left ear and the beginnings of osteoarthritis.
Mental conditions: Qeen suffers from compulsions more than other people do. Strong, undeniable urges that have to be satisfied. They usually take the form of hyperfixations or sudden interests, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful. She also is sensitive to new stimuli, and has to deeply research or understand something before she can begin to enjoy it.
Other: She does eat her food whole. Ambidextrous, but prefers her left hand.

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

(Ohh she’s great. I do have a few questions though- and some things I should probably explain in further detail, maybe we could talk in PMs? It might be a little jarring for people to come across a whole infodump here 😂)
(I’ll have Tseth’s character sheet up soon after I aggressively edit it for the fifth time, and then once we get a third member and their character we can start :D)

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

Alright, here’s my guy.

Basic Info

Name: Kody Tsethlekai Stryker
Nicknames (if any): Tseth
Age: 19
Gender and pronouns: AMAB, He/Him
Species: Dark Dragon
Realm of residence: The Wastelands


Skin tone: Light, and like all Dark Dragons he has blackened limbs that fade out into the normal skin tone. The coloration ends at the end of his limbs. His limbs have a hard armor plating on them, and his arms specifically have spiked armor plating similar to that on the back ridge of his wings. This is a symptom of a more advanced darkness corruption, due to traumatic experience.
Identifying marks (scars/birthmarks/etc): Severe slash injuries criss-crossing along his back that will heal into permanent scars.
Height: 6’7-6’8
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye color: Either a light blue with white sclera or blood-red with a black sclera. Red only when in thermal vision, which can be triggered by negative emotion or if called upon.
Hair color: Blonde with brown highlights, see face reference.
Hair style: Messy and unkempt, grown out to a bit below shoulder length.
Body type: Underweight due to conditions in confinement and refusing food.
Wing type (if applicable): N/A, all Dark Dragons have the same wing type.
Usual outfit (optional): In confinement he was only given a white shirt and brownish pants to wear, but his usual style consists of what would many would consider alternative. Completely black, and any metal bits make up silver highlights. Has several ear piercings, but not terribly over-the-top. If at all possible, he favors combat boots and leather jackets or long overcoats.
Face claim (optional): The only face claim I have is for when he’s older- (Hairstyle N/A)
Voice claim (optional): Anton Ivanov from Agents of Shield.


Basic personality: Skittish, not trusting, extremely quiet, stubborn, sarcastic at times, but if you get to know him a little better then he might open up to you. He’s actually quite nice, if bit teasing. Gives out compliments easily. He’s one to do some things on impulse, but he knows when there’s a time for that and a time to wait. Of course, there’s probably a better explanation, but I was never good at personalities.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Motivations: A couple people he promised he’d see again.
Hobbies: He used to enjoy exploring outside a lot, and trying to befriend any animals he’d come upon. Lately though he hasn’t been able to do that for some reason-
Talents: Surprisingly talented at fighting, both hand-to-hand and with a weapon.
Job (optional): While being a Prince, he is also in the Dark Dragon military. Serves alongside his father, the current King.
Magic user?: Has a basic understanding of using light-infused weapons, otherwise no.
Background (optional): You’ll find out soon enough. (What, did you think it was going to be easy?)
Physical conditions: Malnourished and rarely eats, severely injured, trauma-induced furthered darkness corruption, and for a while hasn’t had his wings or a cape.
Mental conditions: C-PTSD, paranoia, insomnia, seemingly random panic attacks, occasional hallucinations, suicidal thoughts.
Other: You and your characters might find his species’ idea of a monarchy and how they should act is a bit different than others. A good word for it is more… casual? Either way, not much is known about the Dark Dragons other than the obvious. Anything about their culture, history, even where they all reside in the Wastelands is a well-kept secret to all outsiders.

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

(Hey, I was thinking if no one else got interested we could make this an OxO. If you want to wait for someone else though, that’s alright as well. I’m probably a bit too eager to start this rp, lol.)


(I love your character- And as for another person, I'd say maybe give it a minute. But if no one shows up, I'd be more than willing to just do an OxO. I'm also pretty hyped to start haha)