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Seek out the hidden orbs
Creatures full of power

Be wary of their souls
Or lose the final hour

Tales of a hidden shrine that lay deep in the forest have always abounded in the village. Hidden away for the great power found within, only the worthy could tame and wield it.

One day, through some misfortune, you fall into a pit. In the distance, you see a light, following it to find the exit. What you see, instead, are six glows orbs, each upon a pedestal. The space above is open to a part of the forest you've never seen before. Will you take one of the orbs that seem to call your name, or heed the warnings of the elder's song and try to escape the shrine before it's too late?

Do I have 19 rps on unread that I need to either cut or respond to? Yes! Am I going to start another one because of a dream I had? Also yes!
But seriously, @ everyone I haven't responded to yet, I'm super sorry, I swear it isn't always going to be like this I'm just having ~bad times~ right now.

Be nice!
Don't harass anyone
I choose who gets to join
Cussing, gore allowed, steamy things to go to pms if it comes to that



  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Height:
  • General weight:
  • Typical Cloths:
  • Work clothes:
  • relaxing cloths (if applicable):
  • Distinguishing Marks:

Powers: n/a

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let me eAT THE ORB


(Er, hopefully this is alright, then! This is an average response you can expect to see from me! Taken from this rp.)

Dante noticed the flicker of her eyes, but kept his stare fixed on her, letting his arms fall as if he believed he was no longer in danger.

"Then we have no quarrel," he replied, feigning a tone of relief and forcing his stance to relax. "I'm here to hide from a band of looters that I made the mistake of stealing from," he explained. He was being truthful there—he had made a mistake in stealing from some looters, and he had the bruises to prove it. He was lucky most of them were Marked, too and took pity, or Dante probably wouldn't be alive.

"I found this place a month ago," he continued, looking around the room for emphasis before his eyes eventually settled back on the Reaper, specifically the bottle of alcohol in her hand. "I didn't think anyone else knew about it, but then, I don't stay here often."

He hoped admitting he'd been stealing hadn't been too incriminating, since looters were an enemy to the Church. Probably something to with the fact that most of them were Marked ones working together in an effort to survive. An insult to the Church, really.


Name: Isaac Sterling
Nicknames: Iz, Izzy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Human
Looks: Isaac stands at about 5'7" (170 cm) and 140 lbs (63 kg) with a slim, but athletic build. His skin is pale with pinkish undertones and he's prone to sunburn, hence the hundreds of freckles dotting his body. He has a well-defined jaw and a slightly rounded face with a delicate, average-sized nose and usually chapped lips. His eyes are a soft mixture between green and brown, typically falling under the classification of the former color. His hair is naturally a very dark brown, almost black, but the ends have been bleached and dyed a shade of watermelon pink. Hints of dark brown still peak through in areas, but the majority of his messy, slightly curly do is colored. The back and sides of his hair are trimmed relatively close to his scalp, but the top and front are much longer and tend to fall in his face down to his nose.
Outfit(s): His go to outfits are just plain t-shirts paired with dark jeans, his most iconic being a plain, light gray tee and tapered black jeans. He much prefers to wear his dark green army jacket with this outfit, as well as some plain black Vans. His work clothes are pretty much the same thing minus the army jacket, and his work shirt is a white and pink, vertically striped t-shirt instead of any other random one. Along with these is a black apron with the logo of the smoothie place he works at and a matching black half cap. His relaxing clothes are anything available, although if he has the option he tends to reach for either sweatpants or gym shorts and a hoodie or tank top, depending on the temperature.
Distinguishing Marks: None
Personality: Izzy's very excitable and borderline naïve when it comes to things he's interested in, although he's aware of this and tries his best to exercise caution because of it. He's eager to get along with others—a complete extrovert who loves meeting new people, although he sometimes has trouble maintaining relationships that require a lot of commitment. That said, he's loyal to the ones he deems worth the effort, and he'll usually follow them around like a lost puppy when he's at a loss for what to do in a situation. Definitely not leader material. Furthermore, Iz hates conflict and fighting, although he's not afraid of standing up for what he believes in if it comes to that.
Background: Isaac has led a pretty average life so far. His parents divorced when he was nine, and Isaac's mother took custody—thank God, since his dad had no clue how to handle him asides from yelling and shouting—but that's about the most interesting thing to happen to him. He's on great terms with his mom and loves her to death—a total mama's boy. He struggled with school every year, but he managed to pass all his classes with decent enough grades due to his mom's help.
Likes: Ice cream, exploring & adventures, his job.
Dislikes: Math, his dad, snow.
Strengths: Peacemaking, teamwork, communication.
Weaknesses: Focusing, strategizing, brute strength.
Fears: Heights (acrophobia), the ocean, being alone in the dark.
Pets: A blue budgie he calls Zazu.
Powers: None
Other: He has ADHD