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Two warring princes. Forbidden magic. Soulmates.

Tesh and Kevra have been at war for about as long as anyone can remember. The borders are everchanging, the battlefields too numerous to remember, the death tolls so catastrophic that none speak of them. No one can even remember why they are fighting in the first place. Yet still, the two fight on, the hatred between the two countries running deeper than the oceans.

The royalty of the two nations are meeting to discuss a possible peace treaty. The two princes are as different as different can be, and both hold dangerous secrets of forbidden and dangerous magic. When they meet, they hate each other on principle. Both represents what the other hates the most. But they talk to each other, because their fathers force them to. Then, something unthinkable.

The two princes are soulmates. They are destined for each other, despite everything. Having found this out, they begin to spend more time with each other, each making an effort to look past their hatred and get to know each other.

Then, disaster.

An attack on the border encampment that the royals met at leaves the kings dead, and the princes captured by a band of renegades who are bent on the destruction of both countries. The two must learn to trust each other, to surrender their secrets to each other, and hope that they can escape and make it home before their countries renew the war.


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(I don't care! Kevra is mostly human but it's totally alright if your character isn't totally human (so long as he's, uh, humanoid. Would prefer not beastiality lol))


Age: (between like, 20 and 25 please)
Gender and Sexuality:

Name: Nikolas Aster Crowe
Titles: Prince of Kevra
Nicknames: Nik
Species: Human(?)
Age: 22
Gender and Sexuality: Male, bi
Magic: Nik was cursed while still in the womb, and as a result has strange magic and side effects. At night, he sometimes turns into a monster, which he can't control, and that kills and slaughters everyone and everything in its path. The monster is not active in the daytime unless he falls asleep, in which case it can take control of his body. He also had abilities over shadow/darkness, and can communicate with some birds (mainly crows, ravens, and magpies). Can use the shadows to teleport, but it's very taxing and he only does it sometimes. In addition, he sunburns very easily (again bc of the curse)
Looks: Nik is 5'11" (often claims he's six foot but he's not), with a slim but muscular frame. He has very pale skin, and charcoal black hair thta only makes his skin look paler. His eyes are a slate grey. He has bad scarring on his left leg from time spent at the Front, and walks with a limp and a cane with a silver raven head on it. Nik often dresses in black.
Other: The Tesh soldiers hate him, and he has a fearsome reputation.


Name: Kaylum Oré
Titles: Prince of Tesh
Nicknames: Kay
Species: Dragon shifter, psychic
Age: 21
Gender and Sexuality: male, gay
Magic: Kay has the usual magical characteristics of a psychic dragon, such as telekinesis, teleportation, and some telepathy (he can only telepathically communicate with his family and close friends). However, he can also astral project. When he does this, he’s essentially invisible, and also enters a kind of spiritual layer of reality where he can perceive the souls of both the living and dead. He can more easily interact with dead souls since they aren’t tethered to a body, but with living souls it’s easier to distinguish their health and state of being. He has so far kept this ability a secret from everyone except his parents.
Looks: he stands at about 5’11 with a slender, bean pole-like frame. His skin is a soft, pinkish brown color, with paler splotches on his face and limbs. Full lips and large, flat nose, and prominent eyebrows. His eyes are narrow, making him seem to have a resting b-face. The left is golden, and the right is purple. He has long dreadlocks that reach to his ankles, the color of milk, held together with a silver band. He usually wears soft, sheer linens and baggy pants in either pastel or dark colors. In his dragon form, he’s about 20 feet in length and has a height of 7 feet when standing. The color of his skin and hair corresponds to his scales and feathers, same with his eyes, though with his scales it makes them glint like copper. He has two horns and large, feathery wings, as well as a feathery tail.
Other: he’s known for being a reserved bookworm type, and his parents are very overprotective of him, so he’s never been allowed to fight in battles


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(also! Do we wanna do the touch soulmate thing or what? Like, the first place they touch is black until htey touch each other and then it glows? or?)

Tesh and Kevra, in an unprecedented move, were meeting to discuss a treaty. They were meeting at a specific spot along the border, and the camps had been set up. They were rather divided; Tesh soldiers on one side of the camp, Kevran soldiers on another side, a large meeting tent in the center. The soldiers, knowing better than to fight, nontheless spat and swore and were just generally unpleasant towards each other.

To be honest, the royals weren't much better. The peace talks had not officially begun the meetings yet, though they would soon. The Kevran royals had been the last to arrive, as the Crowes had only just arrived that day. It was only Theodore and his son, Nikolas; Queen Artemisia had died years ago, when Nik was quite young. Nik was infamous for fighting on the front lines for two years, which was why he had a cane and a limp. Despite the cane, he still walked smooth and quick, and could wield both cane and sword with a deadly efficiency. The cane had been specially designed to break bone, the point of the raven's beak able to cleave through nearly anything, and the curve of its head heavy enough to smash through nearly any bone in the body, if Nik used enough force. He was currently pacing the camp, his guards shadowing him. There were four of them, though one was the healer. Aron, Lieze, and Ryker were his main guards, with Errol being the healer. All four were good friends as well as being his guards, though Nik was in no mood to speak right now. The beast had broken free last night, taking control, and he had awoken in the woods with blood smeared on his body. He had then thrown up everything in his stomach, none of which had looked even remotely what he had eaten the day before. It had, instead, been the remnants of…whatever person or creature the beast had eaten. Raw. The thought made him want to hurl again, and he took a deep, measured breath.