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Name: Sahlkonek

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Sahl

Race: Magantan

Age: The Eldest, meaning he is made from the electricity created from the beginning of the universe.

Gender/Sexuality: Asexual


They are 8'6" tall

Personality: Very electric (Get it? Hah… ha hah… ha ha hah… funny.), and they tend to be very normal one moment then maybe happy the next then maybe destructive the next.

Backstory: They were created at the beggining of the universe, when the first electricity, energy and magnetic enrgy were first being expelled. They created the rest of the Magnatan race.

Notable Powers/Skills: They are a master of all forms of electric magic, and leech any sort of electric power from the surrounding area. This can be turned off, but they tend to make tech go haywire. They can also change their form.

Other: They are ADHD to the extreme, and believe that pretending to be the accounant of a multi-billionaire is the funniest shit on planet earth.


Name: Lucitius

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Great Guardian (name of his other self), Blue Angel

Race: Drāckonian (7’ tall, carnivorous reptilian humanoids with elf-like heads. Males have horns on the back of their heads)

Age: Eons old.

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Straight

Description: 7’ tall, approx 200-300 lbs. Intense light blue eyes that often appeared glassed over with death even though he is very much alive. His shoulder-length hair is actually thin strands of translucent blue glass, he likes keeping it straight and wild.

—His skin is pale white, and his diamond-shaped scales are light blue, but they appear cerulean blue because he is covered in a tattoo of sorts from his chin to his toes (this marking is of Living Diamond, which is basically an amorphous physical manifestation of his soul). He also has many other markings scattered on his body.

—Tall, slender frame with broad shoulders. He wears a vivid cerulean blue robe made of silk. He has a deep rumbling voice that always seems to have the undertone of a growl, and he unconsciously alternates between a gutteral accent or a melodic accent.

—He has outrageously long claws coated with Living Diamond. They can cut through nearly anything. His horns, unlike most drāckonians, are long and straight. They have small cracks and chips in them.

—He has wings, but most of the time they are sheathed. They are massive (50-100 ft wingspan), and are a translucent blue.

(Pic from Heroforge)

Personality: He’s a peculiar individual. He’s immensely intelligent, but is frightened of his own abilities.

—He has the ‘makings of a tyrant’, as he says. He is ruthless, cruel, conniving, sadistic, and remorseless. He also occasionally practices cannibalism (only on those he considers tyrants, or that got in his way).

—However, he is also gentle, somewhat timid, passionate, clever, devoted to family and the preservation of the drāckonian race, pragmatic, pessimistic, and extremely insecure. He can also be talkative at times, but this is usually when he’s in a good mood.

—He’s a bit of an asshole. He has no qualms of telling a crying kid anything from ‘Do not let your troubles weigh you down’ to ‘Quit crying and grow some balls.’

—He has mood swings, can often barely control his emotions, and is quick to anger. He also occasionally starts to randomly sing from an epic poem he likes (mainly when he’s sad).

—When his sorrow gets to him (which happens a lot), he risks regressing. This has nearly killed him and everyone around him many times, because he cannot control himself and almost always needs someone to calm him down (his wife usually).

Backstory: Long and tragic. He is actually two individuals that merged into one.

—Great Guardian is an ethereal dragon that unintentionally caused the extinction of his race. He is the demigod of the two personas, and a harbinger of chaos. Great Guardian also created the drāckonian race.

—Lucitius, as his former self, was a drāckonian heir that lost his mind after witnessing his entire tribe destroyed, and eventually committed suicide. Great Guardian used the remnants of Lucitius to make a vessel for himself, so that he could heal from a fatal illness. This works, and eventually merges the two into the creature they are now.

Notable Powers/Skills: Specializes in Lightning Sorcery, a rare and immensely powerful variant of electricity manipulation.

—Like other drāckonians, he is a shapeshifter with three different forms (human, true, and dragon), and is naturally capable of teleporting, traveling through portals, and has an affinity for a particular type of magic/sorcery (in his case, ethereal sorcery, which involves the ability to create anything one has seen before by making an outline of it with mist [He made a butterfly once, and it lived just like any other butterfly]).

—Also like other drāckonians, he has great skill with using his aura (an extension of the drāckonian soul that exists outside the body, sensed only by drāckonians, often used as a subtle form of communication). However, he has a ravenous aura, meaning that it attacks anything within reach when he flares it.

—Has many powerful abilities, most of which he never has need for.

—He can reflect light around himself, making him virtually invisible. He is near weightless if standing/sitting on something that would not normally hold his actual weight.

—He has complete control over the Living Diamond covering his body, and he often uses its tendrils during battle, tasks, or grabbing something/someone. Because of its connection to him, and a pinch of intelligence, if he is wounded the tendrils automatically move to heal the wound. It also occasionally reacts to situations, communicating its feelings in various ways by using its tendrils.

Other: He’s a mentally unstable demigod.

—He’s extremely strong and fast, and hyper-intelligent.

— Naturally attracts and creates chaos, something he has always hated and feared about himself, as this has caused many tragedies and inspired his insanity/instability.

—He has a staff that he can summon at will. He also has a pipe that he smokes various herbs in occasionally.

—In a way, he is comparable to a revenant.


Oh damn! XD I love them!

Name: The Gold Mist

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Aurum Lucendi, Lucendi

Race: Mist

Age: Unknown

Gender/Sexuality: Female

Description: Lucendi is a 12'4" humanoid made of golden electricity. Her eyes are electric blue, and arcs of plasma float from her form.

Personality: Bascically Sahlonek, lol. Just a couple other things: bright and a little crazy all the time.

Notable Powers/Skills: A master of the element of electricity.


Okay then! Here we goooooo!

Sahlonek was wandering down the plasma street, humming to themself as they look around at the stores. The lights all flicker as they pass, and some pedestrians give them a dirty look. Sahlonek sees none of this, intent on reaching the highest tower in the city, where they would be meeting two other legendary electric beings.


Lucendi was waiting at the top of the tower, holding a glass of alcohol in one hand as she looks pensively down at the world below. Dear lord, it has been forever since I've been here.

She turns upon hearing the unmistakable footfalls of Lucitius, the legendary electric dragon god. Her electricity stretches out to meet Lucitius, as though it were alive. And indeed it was, for it was, after all, Alive. "Long time no see, old friend."


Lucitius teleported to the tower, appearing in a shower of sparks and arcing lightning bolts. He paused to look out over the balcony, admiring the view, then walked over to Lucendi.

“Indeed, a long time.”

His aura flared in greeting, then he smiled at the electricity, petting a strand. He moved back over to the balcony.


Lucendi smiles an murmurs a greeting to the electricity, curling a strand of it around one finger.

"Hey, that tickles!" she laughs, releasing the strand.

"Who are we waiting on? Sahlonek?" she inquires, sipping her drink.


Just as Lucendi is saying this, Sahlonek arcs their way up the building, coming in through the balcony. They grin at Lucendi and Lucitius.

"Why hello, fellow plasma-creatures!" they say jovially, dancing through both Lucitius's and Lucendi's arcs of electricity.


"Well, it seems I spoke too soon!" Lucendi says, wrapping Sahlonek in a tight hug.

"How's everybody been these past few millenia? Good, I hope." she winks.


Lucitius watched, chuckling at Lucendi. When Sahlonek came up, Lucitius turned around and leaned back on the railing so that he was facing the other two.

“Greetings. The same mostly. Preserving the Drāckonian race.”


Sahlonek laughs as Lucendi's lightning entwines with their own form. They pause, then gently remove the arcs, chuckling. "I know, I know, you're happy to see me."

All at once, their face turns serious. "Alright, down to business. I assume everybody's heard of thes recent attacks, no?"


(It's all good, lmao!)

Lucendi nods, grinning at Lucitius. "Fair enough."

She turns to Sahlonek, face serious now. "Yes, I have. Does anyone have any information?"


Sahlonek sighs. "No, I don't. Not yet, at least."

They turn to Lucitius, who is starting to look sick. Oops… they think, quickly releasing Lucitius's electricity and turning off their powers. "You?"


Lucitius groaned, then rubbed his temples when Sahlonek finally released him. He relaxed fairly quickly, breathing deeply and straightening.

“I forgot you feed on electricity. Damn, that will be a headache,”he said with a sigh.

“I suspect that ‘tis an organized group,”he mentioned.


Sahlonek chuckles. "I forgot too."

They then turn more somber and nod. "Indeed. It may have something to do with the nobles themselves, although who knows? Maybe it is those below them."


Lucendi snorts. "I don't think your abilities want to affect me, Sahl."

She shrugs. "Very well."

And then another attack happens. One of the reactors, close to the tower, went critical then exploded in a wave of pent up electricity. Lucendi jumps, her eyes focusing in on the blast.

"Another attack. Very bold of them." she murmurs.


Sahl chuckles. "No, they do not."

They simply sigh at the attack, but don't turn. "Indeed. Very bold, when they know we are here."