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"Are you Lost?" the voice of a boy startled the young boy sitting by a pond in Kensington Gardens, and he looked up to see a boy who looked like he'd dressed himself in the scatterings of trees. Green and growing and wild.

James Hook frowned very slightly. It was nighttime, and yes, he had run from home, but he was not lost. "Who are you?"

The boy's mouth split in a smile, and he crouched beside James. "Peter Pan, of course." he said it as if James was stupid for not knowing.

"Of course. I'm James Hook." James replied, not wanting to look stupid. He was, after all, 14. So close to growing up that he could taste it, and while he was not sure how old this boy was, he didn't want to be thought as stupid or ignorant. He was home on vacation, having finished his first year at Eton just last year.

"Well? Are you a Lost Boy?" Peter Pan asked again, eyes glittering in the faint light.

James thought about it, glancing towards the path that would lead him home again, then up at Peter. "Maybe."

Peter smiled again, a smile edged with something darker than the simple childish mirth it at first seemed to be. "Do you want to grow up? I don't. I never shall."

James had to consider this question, too. Did he want to grow up? Everyone grew up, it wasn't something he had a choice about, now did he? But did he want to? The answer to that was, well, complicated. He wanted to do so many things that only grownups, it seemed, were allowed to do. But at the same time, he did not want to be old. So he looked up at Peter Pan and shrugged. "I suppose not."

"Then don't." Peter said it as if it were simple. Another obvious thing that James should already know.


"Come with me and I can show you." Peter stretched out a hand to James, eyes glittering and lips pulled into that playful smile. "I'll bring you to Neverland, where no one ever grows up."

James glanced back at the path again, then at Peter. "That's impossible."

Peter's smile flickered, and his hand dropped. "Nothing's impossible, James Hook." he leapt, and James's eyes grew as wide as saucers as Peter Pan left the ground…and didn't touch down again. And he flew away, silhouetted against the rising moon.

"Wait!" he called, scrambling to his feet and chasing after the flying boy. "Where are you going?"

"Neverland!" came the reply.

"I…I want to come!"

There was a laugh. "I'll come back tomorrow, James Hook!" And then the strange, flying boy was gone.

So James Hook came back the next evening, waiting by the pond for Peter Pan. Peter came, and took him to Neverland. Peter told him the rules, of which there were three: number one, no growing up. Number two, he could not be taller than Peter. Number three, he was to have fun and listen to what Peter told him to do. James agreed quite easily to these three, though secretly he wondered how he was to obey rule one. But then, he was only planning on staying for perhaps a month. He wouldn't grow so fast that he could "grow up" in a month.

Some time later…

James Hook never had been allowed to leave Neverland. But he had fallen into the rhythm rather easily. Killing pirates, killing the natives, bothering the mermaids. He detested killing, but especially the pirates. As a child, he had dreamed of pirates and a crew of his own, and for some reason, killing the pirates here always felt wrong. So he often found excuses not to come along, whenever Peter called for another pirate killing expedition.

Another thing that had happened was that he was undeniably growing up. He had grown taller, filled out from gangly boy to fit young man. So he walked about slightly stooped, trying to make himself smaller. Shorter than Peter. Not grown up. He didn't know what Peter would do if he discovered that James was growing, but he didn't want to find out.

His efforts turned out to be in vain, when one day, Peter confronted him. "James. Stand up straight." Peter said, floating before him on a cushion of air. James drew his shoulders back but didn't straighten all the way. If he straightened all the way, he would be undeniably taller than Peter, who had landed and stood in front of him. *I said stand up." the boy repeated.

James swallowed, and straightened all the way. Now straight, no one could deny that his shoulders were on level with Peter's chin, that he was taller than Peter Pan and probably still growing, on his way to six feet, judging by the size of his feet and length of his legs, the gangly form of his body that he was still growing into. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

Peter's gaze darkened. "Fly, James." he pointed to the sky. "You've grown up, I think."

It had been a while since James needed to fly, and he knew that only children could fly. Knew that if he was growing up, had grown up, he would no longer be able to take to the air like a bird. "Peter, I…"

"Fly, James!" Peter demanded, leaping lightly into the air and looking at James tauntingly.

James took a deep breath, closing his eyes and willing himself to fly like he used to. But his feet remained solidly planted on the earth. He opened his eyes again, and slowly shook his head. He couldn't fly.

Peter's gaze was dark as he drew his dagger. "You broke the rules, James." his gaze flickered around the group. "It's time for a Thinning, boys." none of the Lost Boys could look at James.

The Thinning, it turned out, was just Peter trying to kill James. James, weaponless and flightless, lost to Peter within minutes, sent sprawling over the ground. Peter's dagger came down, slicing across his neck and sending blood bubbling to the surface as James cried out.

"Bad form, Peter." he gasped out. "Attacking an unarmed man like that. At least fight fair." he pushed himself to his feet. "Put the dagger down and fight me on the ground. Or are you a coward?"

Peter's eyes narrowed. The boy had always hated being accused of not being fair or being a coward. So James wasn't surprised when Peter sheathed the dagger and landed, then attacked him. Even bleeding, though, James was bigger and stronger than Peter, and soon knocked the smaller boy down and ran, vanishing into the brush.

Pursued, he knew he could not go to the natives for shelter. So he went to the pirates, climbing aboard a ship that was strangely familiar. A ship he had seen in his dreams. And the pirates there greeted him as "captain" and that felt more right than anything he had ever before been called. And so he became Captain James Hook, Peter Pan's greatest enemy.

It was during a skirmish that Peter Pan cut his hand off and, child-like, threw it to a crocodile that ticked from once eating a clock. The crocodile devoured James's hand with a relish that terrified the dark-haired young man. One of his crew made him a hook for the missing hand, and from then on he truly was Captain Hook.

As time passed, James stopped aging, looking somewhere between 20 and 23, with long dark hair. The place Peter had slashed his throat turned into a scar, which he often hid beneath shirt collars or other such things, hating the look of it, but hating even more the stump on his right arm. But hating most the ageless boy that had inflicted these wounds.

Then something happened. Peter Pan aged, for the first time. And he aged so much so that he now looked only slightly younger than Hook. Perhaps 18 at the youngest, rather than 10. Hook could not fathom what this meant, but continued to fight the young man with the same ferocious hate as he always had.

But now, with Pan older, Hook noticed too that there was a strange attraction to the capricious young man. Which he stolidly ignored. After all, this was his greatest enemy. So what if sometimes he wondered if that mouth was as soft as it looked?

If you've made it this far, congratulations! Here's some basic information about how Neverland/stuff works in this version:

  • It responds to Peter Pan's moods, with the weather often reflecting how he feels, though he can't directly control it. When he leaves, Neverland seems darker and less vibrant, and it can also become more dangerous.
  • Most of the things there were dreamed up by a child at some point; James's ship and crew are the result of his childhood dreams of being a pirate. As a result, the island is sometimes rather fluid and new locations can be discovered nearly all the time
  • You age until you reach the age you're meant to be; James reached the age he is now and stopped aging. This is the same reason that none of the Lost Boys age, nor did Peter; because they were meant to be that age
  • Peter Pan doesn't scar, because Neverland will not allow him to be permanently harmed. No matter what Hook does, he can never leave a permanent mark on Peter, though Peter has left plenty of scars on Hook's skin
  • This is not directly modeled after the Disney movie; it takes inspiration from both the original novel and from "Never Never" by Brianna R. Shrum, and is darker than the Neverland you may be familiar with

And now, here's what the RP would be about: enemies-to-lovers featuring our aged up Peter Pan and young Captain Hook. I would be Hook, and you would be Peter Pan who, as stated earlier, is between like 18 and 20, due to aging. Probably by accident, as he never quite intended to grow up but now he has. What I've got in mind is like,,, both of them being attracted to each other now that they're of a similar age again, but both also being very much in denial. Perhaps also some one-night stands that are more like hate-sex than anything else. And some drama/misunderstandings from Peter, who perhaps thinks that the fact that they've slept together should change their status as enemies, and Hook is like "you nearly killed me, and fed my hand to a crocodile. We shall never be anything but enemies, Peter Pan.". Anyways. I'm almost going for Folk of the Air vibes with the romance?? Like between Jude and Cardan where they're like "god I hate you but you're also so fucking attractive, I hate it" ahaha. Anyways Hook is a birate and I already love him too much. Again, PETER PAN HAS BEEN AGED UP, this is not pedophilia

Anyways, Rules:

  • Andrew's rules apply
  • Smut will be taken to PMs
  • Triggering content such as violence, blood, self-harm, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, and potential others may occur. Please be aware of this and proceed with caution if any of these trigger you
  • This RP is 16 plus only as RPing this with anyone younger than that makes me very uncomfy
  • Four sentence minimum, I really don't want this to turn into just trading one-liners back and forth. I do my best to match my RP partner's responses, so the more you give me the more I give back
  • I reserve the right to say no

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(No I gathered that! Will it be a slow aging up process where I can do trippy flashback bs or fast (like, magical or smthin) age up? I can work with either.)


Age: (can just be age appears to be; Peter's real age is unknown lol)
Gender and Sexuality:

Name: James Hook
Nicknames: Codfish (by Peter; infuriates him)
Age: between 20 and 23, or at least appears to be
Gender and Sexuality: Male, bi
Looks: James is just a little over six feet tall, with a slim but strong body. He is white, with a light tan. He has wavy black hair that goes to about his shoulders in length, and a well-groomed mustache. Occasionally has stubble along his jawline when he forgets to shave or doesn't bother to. Has light blue eyes that are the color of ice, or forget-me-nots, framed by dark lashes. Always dresses elegantly, typically in a white shirt and red tailcoat with gold detailing, dark pants, and boots, along with, of course, a hat, and his sword. His hook is always sharp and shining, as he doesn't let it stay dirty for long. The hook is on his left arm, leaving only his right hand flesh and bone. He has a crescent shaped scar curling around the front of his throat, where Peter slashed at his neck when they were younger. Has various other scars scattered around his body, from various fights both with Peter, with the natives, and with other pirates.
Personality: Elegant. Adheres to a code of honor and "good form" versus "bad form". Very much a gentleman in many ways, but can also be extraordinarily vicious when fighting. Does not harm children, though his one exception was always Peter Pan. He never did kill Peter though, even though there were several times he could have. Each time, he found himself unable to, because Peter looked like such a child in those moments. Prone to waxing poetic on occasion, and is very well-read. Often makes references to Shakespeare and classic literature. The only thing he's truly scared of is the crocodile, which has hunted him ever since it ate his hand.
Other: Playlist and Aesthetic Board

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Name: Peter Pan
Nicknames: Hook never gave Peter a nickname, out of fear of his rage.
Age: Appears 21~
Gender and Sexuality: Trans man, he/him, very bisexual. Because I'm predictable.
Looks: look at you strawberry blonde, fields rolling on- okay yeah he's a redhead we get it. Freckles, fairly tall but not quite as tall as James, pale, and skinny. Twink man. Green eyes and clothes like the Fae who raised him (ooh backstory Orion what are you doing? I'm fleshing out Neverland lol.)
Personality: A little bitch with anger issues. He's deeefinitely a bottom as an adult, but could in theory top. He's violent, with bad form, but has some semblance of moral code. Chaotic lawful, he has a very strict moral code that nobody can figure out what it is lol.
Other: He and Tinkerbell are the trans man and his aggressively lesbian best friend duo and you cannot stop me.

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Nope! Shall we begin? Well that was a question but okay I guess.

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Cool no problem. Ummm,,,, do horny ppl have rights for the beginning of this? Cuz I was thinking maybe a bit of a Peter-Pan-Can’t-Currently-Access-His-Powers and now all of Neverland knows and then he runs to safety finds Hook bargains for sanctuary fails but somehow it’s like ehhh we’re both hot and old enough to know it and they just,,, have a little funky times. Other option is that Hook just straight up cockblocks Peter because he still sees him as somewhat a child and they just have a really emotional and gay conversation.


I actually like. both of those ideas. so maybe Hook is at first like "dude you were a child literally two days ago, absolutely not. also i hate you because you tried to kill me a million times" lmao. And then?? hate sex eventually?? tho tbh i was thinking Peter would still be able to fly bc, like, he's the Pan, y'know??