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Sooooo this is kind of based off of a prompt I saw.
Here’s the basic plot:
You’re an angel sent to earth to investigate a series of chaotic events that were believed to have been caused by minor demons released to earth. However, since heaven has much more important things going on, you have a very low budget. So, you’re forced to rent an apartment with a roommate. Little do you know that your roommate is actually one of the demons you’re hunting.

That’s probably very basic but I thought it’d be fun. If anyone’s interested in joining please let me know.


  • Andrew’s rules ofc
  • Cursing is fine
  • This is gonna be a mature rp so please be aware of that

Additionally, I’m hella angsty so hurting my characters is perfectly okay

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Sorry about the extended absence lol.
No, I'm not comfortable with writing smut, sorry about that.

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It's all good, no worries! I had a feeling anyway lol. Although, I might stalk.

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((so lowkey I just dropped 3 rps a while ago but- Could I possibly join? And if so is there a chance we could just do it all in PMs, so we wouldn’t have to switch over for smut? Also would you like me to provide a writing sample?))

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((Ahhhh, I think I'll pass then. I'll just stick to stalking then haha lmao now that I've thought it over more it's probably better for my mental health anyways to not join another rp oof, but ya know, had to ask anyways since I've been dying to use a goth angel boy))


Mark shuffled into his apartment, exhausted from the long day of work. Moving and installing all of the shelves was not fun, but at least the paint job made the place look nicer. He walked past a mirror and got a good look of himself, 'Man, I look bad.' Which was no lie. He was covered in sawdust and dirt from drilling holes into the walls and potting and putting the plants onto the new shelves. But, he didn't really care, he was living his dream, and was finally able to run his own shop. He knew that his aunt would be proud of him if only she could see him now. But his family decided to have absolutely no connections with him after he left home, they were too disappointed in him about "the incident.' The one thing his family never talked about because they were too ashamed of what had happened. It wasn't like they ever tried to hear him out, or understand what had happened. They just immediately blamed him and made his life hell, which was why, when he got the chance, he left. His phone in his back pocket began to ring and he moved to grab it. He looked at the number and didn't recognize it, but he was one of those people that always answered. He picked up and said a quiet hello, when the other person responded, his jaw dropped, he hadn't expected the guy from the tattoo parlor to actually him, he figured that they would just have each other's phone numbers, just in case. He blushed slightly as the guy continued to talk, until the guy told him the news he had been subtly mentioning, "T-the plaza's been burnt down?" Mark stammered trying to understand the news. "Oh god!" His knees buckled and he landed on the floor, 'Everything I've been working for is now gone.' A tear trickled down his cheek, he had just finished paying off his mortgage for the building, and it was finally his, but now. . .now it was gone.