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Myahil didn’t react to her hum, but he pondered if she thought he meant something longer than literally a short time. He didn’t exaggerate unless he needed to, and usually he never did.

He was utterly oblivious to Alora’s actions, too blinded by pain to even remember her presence. Though, when her hands hovered above his arm, he woke with a jolt, his eyes white then amber. Even though she wasn’t touching him, it seemed like she was.

Myahil then realized that she was trying to heal him. If she thought it would work, she was wrong. His arm wasn’t wounded in the normal sense. It was the price of his divine pact, the drawback to being reborn as the first Rhinacules. Nothing would heal him, unless Rhinacules, the god, decided to rescind the pact. That was highly doubtful though. Clan Mya and its sister clans were thriving now, instead of dying, after being reborn. And, Myahil was the only one affected by the divine poison.

Myahil groaned and gently pulled his sleeve all the way up, wincing as he did so. He was showing Alora the veins, which stretched from his wrist to almost his elbow. They were throbbing now, visibly pulsating since they had just moved, and were a vivid bright green.

“You can’t heal me. When I mentioned I’d met entities like the Witch before, this is what I meant. One of the downsides of a deal I made long ago. The other being the hallucinations, if you consider them a downside. They fascinate me, even though they’re confusing,”Myahil said quietly, groggily.

He left his sleeve up, so he didn’t accidentally hurt himself more. Then, he waved Alora back a bit with his good arm, before rolling over and maneuvering back onto his knees.

“Now that we’re out of the Witch’s territory, we should discuss destination, then what we’re going to be doing afterward. I would prefer staying in the woods, mostly because I am in enemy lands. But, I know you would prefer a town. Normally, I would insist on staying in the wilderness, but you are a native, so I’ll ask how we can compromise,”Myahil said, looking at Alora with a half-dazed look.


Alora gasped as he suddenly came to and spoke to her. What in the gods name? She couldn't understand why he would do such a thing to himself, to live in such memory. She dropped her hands to her side and rocked back on her heels. She shook her head down at him, a few choice words running through her head.

She watched as he got to his feet, eyeing him warily before getting to her own. He was very strange indeed, jumping from witches and gods to shelter. She couldn't quite wrap her head around it. They would certainly be returning to the original subject of his deal. But she could bite and talk about shelter first.

"I don't know about you but I'm feeling a little lost without my steel. The town is the best place to restock. We get our weapons, buy supplies, food, and, I don't know after that. I'm not sure what to do other than get rid of this soul bond." Perhaps she could guide him back to the palace, see if there's anything in the library about breaking this soul bond between them two. "And while I don't doubt that we can't find what we need in the woods, as everyone likes to point out to me," she grumbled that last part, "it's so much easier to go and buy it. After that, I guess you can direct where we go next."

She was going to regret saying that. She didn't like compromise. She liked to get her way and only her way. Maybe it was a good thing she never got to get married. She would have been a horrible wife, always wanting to do things her way. The thought dampened her mood and she shifted her gaze anywhere but on Mya.

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Myahil barely registered her reactions to his words, though he ignored her look as he got to his knees. He was certain she’d question him later. Though, she wouldn’t like his explanation, but he was wasn’t going to lie about protecting his people from utter annihilation.

He listened to her and conceded with a nod. She was right. They needed weapons and supplies, and the wilderness could only give so much. Sometimes, a town was truly the better place to resupply. Though, considering his race, there might be complications.

“We will see where we go afterward. But, I do want to point out one major problem with heading into a town. I am a Rhinacules. Sure, we do closely resemble humans, and I can hide my shell with little trouble. But, I cannot hide my eyes, nor my accent. And, trying to act sane has not worked out for me in the past,”he mentioned.

He noticed how she seemed to avoid looking at him, but didn’t think much of it as he considered possible ways to get supplies without throwing suspicion on himself. None of the ideas he could think of were ideal, and he didn’t like that. This is why he avoided towns in enemy land. Too many complications.


Alora turned her head, looking at him. She took him in, eyes going down then back up again until she was at his face. Then she smiled. "I have an idea but I don't think you're going to like it."

Her idea would have him bound and pretending to be her prisoner. While she could probably get away with brining him to the village using her title, it would cause to many questions and word were eventually get back to her father. That was not an ideal situation. He would send for her, call her back to the palace to explain herself. And when she inevitably didn't show, would send a small army with one of her brother's leading it to come fetch her.

However, if she showed up in the village as nothing but a patriot having caught a member of their enemy with all purposes to bring him to the palace for questioning, she might get away with it. She could likely get them a single room, insisting that it was safer for him to be in her presence at all times. She could summon the blacksmith for an array of weapons, ordering a few too many, but with enough gold would shut him up. She would deny any escort or help. Then in the morning, after they had created a plan, they could go on their way.

Yes, she liked this very much. Mainly because she wouldn't be in chains and he would. And she would be dragging him around and enjoying every minute of it.

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Myahil watched her inspection of him silently, noting her smile. At her words, he quickly guessed what she was planning.

“Judging from your expression, you intend to act as my captor. You’re very right that I don’t like that idea, but not simply because of the restrictions it would have upon me. Firstly, you will eventually be questioned why you didn’t bring me to the capital for interrogation or some other fate. Secondly, if my kin see that you have me as a prisoner, they will hunt you down and kill you, which will result in my death as well. Not a route I wish to go,”Myahil said sternly.

He then turned away, lost in thought. After a moment, he look up to see a raven staring at him. It had golden eyes and a blue beak, so Myahil was pretty sure that it was a hallucination, but it was inspiring nonetheless.

In the early days of his clan, they had been neighbors to a group of nomadic monks that called themselves the Order of the Raven. They kept to themselves mostly, and, after a few years, moved on. It was the vaguest of memories for Myahil, since he’d been a small boy when the Order left, but maybe he could use their name.

“What if I pose as a monk? A strange one, but one nonetheless. I am already in a robe. I have no shoes, nor any other possessions other than my cloak. I can fight just as well with fists or swords. And, it allows me to move freely,”he wondered, glancing at Alora. He pointedly made that last comment in reference to her idea.


Alora's smile quickly fell as he shot down her idea. She hadn't been expecting him to agree but it still would have been rather enjoyable for the princess. She liked having men in chains, men who were her enemy, or not. To put it lightly, she and her lover enjoyed exploring different things. She was particularly fond of being in control. But this was not the time to be thinking such things.

She sighed at his words and grumbled. He was right, of course, and logically, it made sense. It was the easiest way to avoid suspicions and drawing attention to themselves. Except one problem. Alora was well known. There was no mistaking her flaming hair and that dangerous glint in her eyes. The princess was too noticeable. Questions would be asked, either way. They would wonder why she was traveling with a monk. And one way or another, her father would receive word of this. Something she didn't want.

She loathed her father spying on her. She was a woman grown. She didn't need supervision or her father's spying. She did fine on her own. She did fine without his help. She didn't want the coddling or the sweet words or the discouragement. He never supported her rampage, as if the man himself hadn't had his own murder rages. The hypocrisy was irritating.

"Problem, me," She pointed at herself. "I am recognizable. It won't take long after we walk into that village for someone to recognize me. If we're travelling incognito, how are we going to solve that problem?"

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Myahil noticed her fading smile, but he didn’t care. She was wanting to chain him, to contain him. It was idiotic, but also aggravating. He was not one to be chained.

But, she seemed to accept his words. That was good. However, as Alora considered it, Myahil eyed her. She was the Princess, a well known figure in the land. They would question her regardless of how they came into town. They needed to make her less recognizable.

He only nodded at her words, deep in thought. After a minute, he finally stood up from his kneeling position and circled her. Hair, clothes, facial features. All identifiable.

“Modify the surface to hide the core,”he said his thoughts aloud, eyeing her hair.

She had beautiful red hair, which reminded him of the early days of Clan Mya. They would dye their clothes, and that process continued even now. Myahil only knew the basics of dyeing fabric, since his profession had been a scout, not a craftsman, but it inspired him anyway. Alora could dye her hair.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any dye with him, and he doubted Alora did. But… Alora had water magic, and, if needed, Myahil had earth magic. They could make mud to change her hair, for now at least. If she cleaned herself, they’d have to think of something else, but mud would be the simplest route with what little they had.

“We change your hair color. For the moment, mud is likely the best way, though if you wash, we’ll have to improvise. We also change the style of your hair, and see about hiding some of your other features,”Myahil explained his thoughts.


Alora didn't like how he was looking at her, her hair especially. She loved her hair. It was a bright red color. She was proud of it. She remembered being teased as a child about it, for being so different and strange. Red hair was so uncommon in her home. She was self-conscious about it for years and it took her lover's sweet words before she finally learned to accept her hair.

She didn't want to cover it up. She didn't want to hide it. But if she didn't they would be spotted almost immediately. If she covered it they would have a chance of making it out without anyone noticing who they were. She knew how to act. She could calm down her princess privileged and blend in.

"We still need a story for me. Who am I? What am I doing traveling with a monk? These are things people will ask regardless of my hair." She was touching her hair now. Her clean, beautiful hair. There was a slight pout on her lips.

"I can buy a head scarf in town and wrap my head. That way I won't need to cover my hair any longer than necessary. I'm not sure what other features you're trying to cover up though." Other than her hair, Alora was unsure of what else there was to do.

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“Mm… true,”Myahil replied, deep in thought again.

He then watched and listened to her, feeling a bit like an idiot for forgetting that humans actually had things like hats and scarves.

“Ah, of course. My apologies. The Rhinacules culture doesn’t have a large variety of clothing, except for dyeing said clothes. And, you can also disregard my comment regarding your other features, except maybe clothing. Unless you wish to appear like you have been in the wilderness for a long while, and thus get covered with dirt, mud, and possibly leaves,”he said.

Myahil then considered again how they might explain the pair being together. If he was posing as a monk, maybe Alora could be a ‘student’ of his? A stubborn and irritating one, no less?

That also gave him an idea with her outfit, though he wasn’t too fond of it. Myahil unclasped the silver brooch to his cloak, took it off, and held it out for her.

“Wear this while we’re in town. It will help with the ‘disguise’. And, it could help with the possible story of you being my ‘apprentice’. Though, if you damage this cloak, I will break several of your bones. It is very old, and very sentimental to me, and I only give this out of necessity,”Myahil said, his tone going stern at his warning.


Alora took the cloak from him, staring down at the broach. This jad been the last thing she had expected, for him ti hive her his clothes. They weren't friends, they weren't even acquaintances. This seemed like something those would do. Nevertheless, she clasped the cloak around herself. "Trust me, I don't want to wear this any longer than necessary." Even now, she was itching to give it back as his scent filled her nose.

She found a spot of mud and covered her hair, making a pained look and whimpering now and then. Her hair was the one thing she wanted to leave alone. She loved her red hair. She hated covering it.

Her eyes narrowed in a glare as she was able to cover it all and pin it on her head. He would owe her for this. Big time. Her glare said just as much.

"Alright, there, done. Now let's go. I want to wash this out of my hair as soon as possible." She was grumbling and complaining like a teen would when their parents made them do their chores.

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The brooch was elegantly sculpted in the shape of a sword and had a smooth texture. There were tiny letters carved into the blade of the brooch, but they were strange, written in a foreign language that even Alora’s parents likely wouldn’t know. They were written in the ancient language of the human Clan Mya, the ancestor of the current Rhinacules language. Myahil was the only one alive who could read it with any fluency.

Myahil watched as she took the cloak, then as she put mud in her hair like he’d suggested. Her whimpers saddened him, but he didn’t show it.

Then, when she glared at him, Myahil could only give a melancholic chuckle. He knew what that glare meant. And, he understood the anger and frustration in her words. But…

“We do what we must to survive.”

The melancholy from his chuckle spread across him, enveloping Myahil in a blanket of sorrow. He turned away, caressing his amulet, Cecelia’s last remaining piece.

You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you give that cloak away. Do you even know why?

Cecelia’s voice was to the side of Myahil, but when he glanced over, she wasn’t there. It was just her voice.

Her words made him realize something then. He didn’t know why. Sure, it helped with the disguises, but… he’d had that cloak for ages, and had treasured it the entire time. It was useful in so many ways, and had helped save his life countless times. And, that was without mentioning the sentimental ties to it.

Why did he give it away?


We do what we must to survive.

Alora knew that first hand. She had done much in the name of survival. She had eaten bugs and criwled through mud, all just to survive. Not every time she went out to find her lover's killer was she successful. There had many times she had almost died. It was by sheer luck and spite that she lived. She refused to die like so many wanted her to. Not until she got her revenge, then she coukd join her lover. One day, she wouldn't but not until she was separated from this soul bond.

Thinking of her fiance had saddened her mood, put a damper on things. Her anger had subsided. It was childish to act such a way. She knew that plain and clear. Sometimes, she had to do things she didn't want to do. This was one of them. She could do it. Once they reached town she would buy some head scarves so anytime they were on civilization she could conceal her identity. It was the best thing for the both of them.

She looked down at herself, patted her pockets and thankful to see she still had some coin in her. Not a lot. Not enough. She would be able to pay for the things she needed now but what about later? And what about Mya? She couldn't afford for the both of them.

"Shall we continue?" She asked, looking at him.

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Myahil noted when she seemed to become sad, but didn’t say anything. He then saw her patting down her pockets. It confused him a bit, but he couldn’t quite figure out what the significance of the movement was. He knew it was something, he just couldn’t remember what.

“Yes. After I do one last thing,”he replied.

He then reached down and pulled a thread from the bottom of his robe. He broke a length off then proceeded to braid his hair, using the thread to tie the end of it. The thick braid seemed to highlight his features, giving him a strangely elegant look compared to the more feral appearance he had with his freely flowing hair.

Myahil then checked himself and his surroundings before continuing on his way. At some point, Alora would probably have to take the lead, but he didn’t feel like walking behind her at the moment. Not with so many things plaguing his thoughts.


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Alora stood silently as he tied back his hair. It changed the way he looked. It took him from his feral being to something more elegant. It was strange and she had to remind herself that he was crazy and was not elegant. He was attractive, she couldn't deny that even if she would never say it out loud. It made her feel guilty, even if she had no intentions of acting on such attraction. It felt wrong when her fiancé was dead because of his people. He lied cold in the ground and she was here admiring someone else's looks. It was wrong.

She shook her head and forced herself to look away. She needed to keep these terrible thoughts out of her head. She refused to think this way. She refused to let herself get distracted and burden herself with more pain.

She was grateful Mya started walking. Alora was too lost in her head to be able to think properly. She likely would have gotten them walking in circles had she led. She was happy to follow behind him until she realized it gave her the perfect view of what he looked like from behind and then she had an even bigger issue. Why couldn't her head just shut up?

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Myahil knew he was being watched by Alora as he braided his hair. Though, he was oblivious to her thoughts. Sure, if asked, he would admit that he found Alora beautiful, but he didn’t really think beyond that. It was painful for him to do so.

He had only had two relationships in his life. Cecelia had died in his arms, and he’d watched the other woman get crushed by a cave-in before he’d had the chance to confess his feelings. Myahil had avoided relationships thereafter, despite Cecelia’s insistence that it would only make him feel worse. Cecelia was right, but he didn’t want to admit it. Not yet, at least.

He glanced at Alora just as she looked away, but remained quiet, even while he walked. He felt her eyes though. Boring into him with a strange and unfamiliar intensity. Myahil nearly asked why she was staring at him so, but decided that he didn’t want to know.

Hell, she was probably considering how to best detach herself from him. That would make sense. He was, after all, her enemy, her beloved’s murderer, and ruler of the race and kingdom that Alora’s family had been fighting for a long time. She might not know it, but it was all true. And, if things went his way, she would be the last of her family in the not-too-distant future.


At some point, Alora finally increased her speed to match his pace and walk by his side. The sun was beginning to set in the sky and she realized how tired she was. The previous events of the day had exhausted her. Now that the shock and adrenaline had worn off, she was tired. It showed in her body, the way her shoulders drooped and her arms hung limply. It showed her walk, as she almost tripped a couple of times over a branch. She was so tired, emotionally and physically. She had lost some good people today, some that she might even consider friends.

She wasn't paying much attention to their surroundings, she trusted Mya to do that. She shouldn't trust the man at all but well, they were bound together and if something had to one it happened to both. She trusted that he had enough self-interest to look out for both of them when she wasn't able to.

She lifted her head, looking at the endless trees and the setting sun. They had been walking for so long. How much longer until they were out of these woods? She said just as much. "How much longer do you think? We must have been deep in the woods if it's taking this long to get out."

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When Alora moved up beside him, it reminded Myahil of their surroundings. He still had to remain alert, for both of them, despite being aware that he was in a similarly distracted mindset as Alora. It would do neither of them good to brood while in the forest. It was best to wait until they had slightly better shelter.

Myahil barely noticed the setting sun, but he did see Alora’s increasing exhaustion. It had been a long day for both of them. What had started out as a plan to be rid of an enemy had completely backfired, with severe losses on both sides. Not a good day. And, the next few days were certainly going to be rough.

Hopefully they wouldn’t stay in town too long. He preferred the wilderness. He also would be surrounded by enemies with little chance of getting reinforcements.

Myahil turned, not really surprised when Alora spoke up. He then eyed the trees around him, noting how they seemed farther apart than before. It was subtle, but they were clearly getting less dense.

“Possibly another hour or two. You did chase me deep into the wilderness. And, I am known for my speed. We could make camp for tonight, or we could keep going. Considering, the cover of night might help our entrance into the town, if we kept going,”Myahil said.

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Alora fiddled with the cloak he gave her. It smelled like him and she didn't like that. She didn't want to be surrounded with the very man that had tried to kill her not to long ago. Her enemy. But she understood why she needed to wear but it didn't mean she had to like it.

Bored again, she pulled the water out of the plants nearby and let it dance around her. It gave her something to do and allowed her to get out her pent up energy. She had been denied a kill and it was irritating her. Almost as much as Mya annoyed her. She let the water dance between them, fluid as if the water itself was dancing. It provided her peace and clarity. It made her think if her lover. She would preform tricks for him all the time.

She grimaced at the thought of staying in the woods. It's not that she hadn't before but her hair was covered in mud and she didn't want to keep it that way forever. The sooner they made it to town and to an inn, the better. They needed to relish supplies and weapons. Money might be an issue. She had a few coins in her pocket but not enough. It would be something they coukd figure out later.

"Let's keep walking. These woods make me uncomfortable." Probably not something she should reveal but he probably already knew that.

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Myahil noticed Alora toying with his cloak. He didn’t react, acting as if he was unaware of her movements, but he was inwardly on edge. He didn’t like that she was touching his beloved cloak. He hated it, in fact. He had to constantly repeat in his head that she wore it for a legitimate reason, just to avoid snatching it off of her. Now, he was impatient to get to the town, so he could have his cloak back.

As a result, he unconsciously picked up speed, his strides getting longer, more purposeful. The greater speed didn’t faze him at all. He was used to moving fast, and had earned a few nicknames because of it. But, would Alora be able to keep up?

It took a few minutes for Myahil to realize that Alora was using her magic again. When he did, he was breifly mesmerized. The dancing water was beautiful, even inspiring. It seemed to have a life of its own. And, maybe it did. Maybe it was speaking to them, trying to tell them something…

Alora’s words interrupted his thoughts, bringing him back to reality. Myahil simply nodded in response, not slowing his pace one bit. He had already suspected her dislike of the wilderness, but he made sure to keep it in mind for future circumstances.


Alora bit the inside of her cheek as Mya picked up his speed. His stride was longer than she could match and she had to walk twice as fast to keep up with him. But the other option was falling behind and she wasn't going to allow that to happen. Not with him. She would only be proving whatever prejudices he had against was right. And she refused to let him be right about anything. So if she had to almost jog to keep up with him, she would. Even if she was exhausted and her legs were tired and her eyelids were struggling to keep open, she would keep up with him. The sooner they got to town he better it would be.

The water was telling its own story, having its own dance. Alora was simply the guiding hand that gave it life. She was even entranced by it just as Mya was. It was beautiful. Sometimes she truly forgot just how beautiful her magic was. She used it to do her dirty work too often. She caused people to drown on the water. She used it to restrain them as she cut their throats. She even used it to manipulate their blood. Beauty, she didn't admire as much as she should have.

She had done the one thing she wasn't supposed to do and let herself get distracted. So distracted that she hadn't seen the root that was growing out of the ground and her foot caught on it. It had sent her flying forward, her arms outstretched to try and catch herself before she hit the ground.

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Myahil barely noticed Alora’s struggle to keep up with him. He was focused on getting to the town as quickly as possible. Along with his desire to get his cloak back, he was getting tired as well, but he wasn’t about to admit that. But, he did take note of her stubbornness, and he couldn’t help admiring that. It was a quality he greatly appreciated in any warrior he met.

For a moment, Myahil fell back into his thoughts as they walked. Then, he heard Alora trip and reflex immediately kicked in. He whirled around, ducking into Alora’s path and catching her by the waist. He then straightened, raising his free hand and calling on his Architecture Magic.

The ground beneath the pair almost instantly became smooth and even, like sculpted flooring. Then, four stone pillars rose around them, creating a five foot by five foot square. Then, a smaller stone pillar grew right next to Myahil and he took hold of it, revealing that the pillar was actually a crude staff.

“Any that enter this temple shall find themselves headless!”he burst, not even realizing that he’d said anything as he looked around with predatory eyes.

Myahil also didn’t realize that he still had his arm wrapped around Alora’s waist. For some reason, part of him thought she was Cecelia, spirit or not. It was such a familiar grasp, and one that he hadn’t done in so long. Rhinacules help him, he missed having Cecelia by his side, or just any woman in general. It was so fucking lonely.