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Allure of the Leviathan

The tales of the seas, the dangers and the bounties those great waters bring have always been apart of her life, having grown up in a fishing village along the coast of the great ocean.

It was only by chance, overhearing several fishermen in the tavern, one speaking of their most recent catch…

"I'm telling you, I caught the bastard that's been bleeding our village dry of fish!"

Another man laughed, mocking them, until the other continued…

"You know as well as the next man a Leviathan is nearly impossible to catch, but I got one! Don't believe me, visit me outside the village. I have it locked in a wagon and…"

He was quickly hushed as another of the men glanced around, clearly looking to see who possibly heard their conversation. Not once did they glance towards the woman, the one who had heard everything.

Course, her curiosity got the better of her. She had only ever heard stories of such sea beasts, but the mention of this man managing to actually capture one, and a leviathan no less, that was impossible. Such a gigantic beast of the deep sea was nigh impossible to even grasp.

So _____ waited for the fishermen to leave the tavern. She followed keeping her distance, so not to draw any attention.

She was silent as the men came to stop outside what appeared to be an abandoned barn, overgrowth taking over the area. The one man who claimed to have captured the leviathan pushed open the great doors, revealing a shocking sight…

Other Info

Fantasy world setting

Romance may happen, not gonna be instant, gotta work up to that


~Mature Writer wanted
This means cursing, mature themes, etc.
If you are not comfortable with any of that, please look elsewhere

~In need of a Female

~Semi-lit to literate RP partner needed
I'm looking for both quantity and quality in posts
I do understand mistakes happen however, I know I tend to read back on posts and notice my own mistakes

~As such, this most likely won't be first-come-first-serve
I will ask for a writing sample before deciding

~Posting, take your time, sometimes takes me a few days before I am able to come up with something
Need to take a break from the RP, just let me know, and I will do the same vice versa

~This will be 1x1

~Since it is 1x1, you may play multiple characters if you think it will add to the RP

~This is our story, both of us contribute to it. Want to do a plot, then lets discuss it, and I will do the same

Any other questions, message me


The Characters

The Leviathan; Krounan - Krounan

The Woman; _____: OPEN

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(I'd be interested if you are willing to have me. Responses may be a bit slow for the next few weeks, but at the end of next month I should be able to reply quite regularly.)


(I am interested! Though my account is new, I am no stranger to roleplaying, nor to this site. I've gone under the username "Siberse" and "Vampiress" before work and online issues got in the way.)

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((OOC: Greetings to the both of you. I am glad that this has caught some interest. I ask that both of you provide a writing sample please.
As for slow posts, that is completely fine. Takes time for me to come up with posts due to my own life etc.

Thank you

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(Here is one I'll write on the spot as my replies have been shorter lately in other roleplays.)
(The young mage fell out of bed onto the chilled wooden floor. Well, it should have been cool from the lack of sun streaming through the windows. The room felt warmer than it should have been. Not that it wasn't welcomed, due to the cooler fall air.)
(She blinked groggily, a crackling noise reaching her ears, as well as the obvious smoke snaking into the room from beneath the door. Now alert, the girl scrambled to her feet, being sure to take nothing else with her aside from the clothing on her back. One of the windows should suffice as an escape.)
(Lifting a leg, she stumbled to straddle the frame of said opening after unlatching it. Seeing as the mage was quite young, she gave up, defaulting for head first. The child gave a yelp of surprise as her form collided with a small shrub beneath the window. Getting a good look at the building, one could easily tell the whole home was aflame.)
(The girl broke into a sprint, trying to find her parents outside. It was then she began to hear voices, all of which alien to her. Cautiously, the child crept into the tree line further away from the burning abode. Above, shone the sky and moon as it always had, seeming blissfully unaware of what was really happening.)
(Following the voices, she noticed a small audience in the front of the building. Only two of them held torches, as the others had seemingly tossed them to feed the flame.)
("This should be rid of them," one of the men said, a cruel chuckle escaping his lips. Several voiced their agreement at his words.)
("While we could have brought them in, what would be the point in that? Several have escaped execution in the past, why shant we do something when they're unconscious and unable to run in time?" a woman questioned, though rhetorical. The child in the bushes blanched. They should have been safe. They had been safe. No one had questioned them, there were no hints at their abilities. How did they know?)
(That question was pushed aside as a whoosh of hot air signaled the home was now entirely engulfed in flame. They didn't make it. There wasn't any way they could have. They wouldn't have left her behind if they had known. Right?)
(She curled in on herself, the distant cheers of the village people echoing in her mind. The girl recalled what her parents had spoken to her upon tucking her in hours ago. "We'll love you always… our sweet Lata.")
(But that promise died the night that they did. And she was alone.)

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(Alright. That sounds good. Would it be alright if I sent a template in for a character? I wanted to make one that wasn't pre-existing.)

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(I am afraid I will have to postpone responses until tomorrow evening. My school has decided to give me so much work I can barely have free time)

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Evening was fast approaching, their footsteps carrying them further from the fishing village. The men muttered amongst themselves, a few snickers passing through their ranks. This crazy, drunk fool, there was no way he held a leviathan captive. Such beasts could not be captured, less he somehow caught a newly hatched one. Even then, it would still be a feat, as leviathan young were armed to the teeth as soon as they entered the world. As such was part of their life cycle, to hatch alone in the bottom of an ocean trench, and learn to thrive alone.

The man turned back to look at the other fishermen who had followed. They had come to stop at a decrepit looking barn, nature overtaking the area. He waved his hand, ushering them closer. He looked back down, removing the iron lock that held the chain to close the great doors. The man then pushed the doors open, gasps falling from several mouths.

"Well shit…he was actually telling the truth…"

"But how? How did you manage to capture one…wait…it's in human form?"

"Gods it smells awful…you sure its alive?"

As the awed audience entered, a great cage sat upon a wagon in the middle of the barn. At first, the only sight were great coils resembling those of a massive serpent behind the bars. As the men neared what must've been the front of the cage, a younger man tripped as he suddenly backed away.

One of the older men looked over, smirking, "Something wrong son? Betcha never seen one of these big bastards appear as something that resembles us."

Aye, upon coming to the front of the wagon, within the cage, a humanoid male appeared to be nestled within the mass of coils that were curled in the barred walls. He seemed completely listless, head mostly buried against the side of that serpent body, unmoving. The humanoid could've been mistaken for a human, if it were not for some very definite features. Course, most features were hidden, due to him being nestled deep in the coils of that snake-like body.

"How the hell have you been keeping it, without it returning to its true form? Wait…"

The captor of the leviathan looked over, giving a nod, *"Yes, yes I did. I traveled far just to get the items I needed."

"You fucking mad?! If the Village Elder knew of what you did…"

"Then keep your damn mouth shut," the man glared at the stuttering individual, "You so much as think about reporting me, I'll feed you to the leviathan here!"

"Speaking of which, how have you been managing to keep it alive? It…it really doesn't look good…ill even…"

The captor shot a glare over, "Why the hell should we care about this monster's wellbeing? After everything it has done to our village! You know how much it has taken? How many of us go to bed on empty stomachs, our children starving because of this thing?!"

Instantly silence descended upon the gathered fishermen. It was true, it seemed some unknown phenomena had fallen upon their fishing village. What once had been bountiful hauls, have become skim, nets coming up with only a few fish instead of bulging to the brim with the sea's bounty.

This…leviathan…it had to be the cause of the famine…didn't it?

An annoyed huff, the leviathan's captor suddenly moving, starting to usher the other's out. He led the back out of the barn, doors swinging shut once again, the lock returning to hold the chains in place. He shot a glare over those gathered.

"We keep quiet about this, got it? So much as even a whisper gets out," the look the captor gave was enough implication of what he meant to do should the village learn of this secret.

So, the fishermen left behind the decrepit barn, leaving behind the massive creature in the confines of the cage.

One moment he had been swimming in the dark depths, maw agape, swallowing any hapless creatures that happened to be in his way at the time. His great serpent body swishing one way, then the other, the great flipper upon his tail propelling him through the currents. Then suddenly it had felt as if an immense shock ran through his body.

He barely remembered anything after, blacking out. He hadn't felt his body begin to change, floating towards the surface. Hells, he couldn't think of when he had transformed to a human form. It was honestly something he had never done, never had a need to, spending his entire life in the water.

The beast didn't remember the great net wrapping around his body, a strange amalgamation of his true serpent body and the top half of a human male, lifting him upwards onto a platform. That man who caught him, he clasped something around his throat, a metal collar of some unknown origin.

It was only a day later did he wake up in an unknown place. This…this wasn't beneath the waves…what the hells?

He jerked upwards, unaware of his new appearance and features, ending up slamming his head on the ceiling of this metal box with bars. Whatever was on his head felt like they were jammed down into his skull, sending a vibration. Instinctively he felt something against his side shoot upwards to grab his head.

Wait…was that a…a human hand? Did it belong to him? Yet, the smooth appearance of scales along his wrists and covering those hands and fingers, those were his scales, he'd recognize them anywhere.

"Ah, so the monster is awake."

An unknown voice, he did not have time to ponder over his appearance. No, instead he clumsily clambered over the coils of the serpent body, peering downwards to see a…human? This was just getting stranger by the minute.

"Not so smug now are you, when out of the water and trapped in a weak body? How does it feel, ya bastard?"

Just what was this man going on about? Wait, what was that?

He released a startled snarl, instantly trying to reel back to the furthest part of the cage he was trapped within. How the hell did this guy know the one creature he avoided like the plague; a cuttlefish. Yes, that small marine mollusk was terrifying to him, knowing what even a bite of one could do to him. Granted, he didn't really chew his food…swallowing prey whole. However, the thought and knowledge of it was still there.

The humanoid glanced upwards as the man outside of the cage laughed at his terrible predicament, having the audacity to even turn his back to him and leave.

He felt his blood boil, a feeling he hadn't felt in…well, he honestly couldn't remember. Not once had he ever been so enraged. He focused his mind, focusing on the great serpent he once was, the beast he was suppose to be. Even if he changed here on land, he should have plenty of time to slither back to the sea.

Why…why was it suddenly so hard to focus? A sudden haze seemed to cover his mind, making it difficult to focus. What was muddling his senses? What was keeping him from transforming?

A slight shimmer of a red light seemed to blink under his chin, the clasp of that strange metallic collar around his neck glowing. Once again, darkness started to creep over his vision, collapsing within his coils.

A voice, but now there was more than one.

It was hard to tell…he had been in captivity for nearly a week now…no water…and any possible food was always presented only as a small cuttlefish. His starvation forcing him to eat the one thing poisonous to him, just to survive a little longer. Food was an issue, but even more concerning was the need for water, specifically saltwater. He was a beast of the deep ocean, he thrived there. To be taken from his natural habit, forced to be beached on land…he couldn't take this much longer…

He nestled further down in his coils as the sound of several footsteps drew closer to the cage. Great, that mad man, his captor, brought friends to laugh and gawk. The humanoid would not give them what they wanted, not that he had the strength to at the time. If anything, he was praying to the Lord of the Waters, hoping for his pleas to be heard, a simple child of the water he was, to be saved from this living hell. Yet it seemed his prayers were going unanswered. He was alone…just as he always has been…

Oh, were they leaving?

The footsteps started to grow faint, but one drew close again. As always, his 'meal' was left just outside the bars, which in turn forced him to reach just to get the poisoned food to feed himself. The humanoid waited, hearing the familiar click as the lock returned to place, silence descending upon the barn.

He didn't want to move, once vibrant colored scales and fins becoming dim and unkempt due to the cramped conditions. Then no water to wash over his form to remove the filth, it added up even in just a few days.

The creature had ignored that deadly meal for the past several days, but hunger was starting to take its toll. Last time he had eaten anything was before his capture. He had only started to feed before he had been captured. Now in this more humanoid form, he still probably had to eat more than most, also considering the half serpent body attached to his humanoid body, replacing where legs should be.

A gurgle escaped his stomach, feeling his insides start to churn at the scent of fish. With heavy arms, he hoisted himself upwards and over the mass of his coils. His tongue slipped past, running across his lips. Just clambering over, he felt how dry his scales were, which wasn't good at all.

With an ungraceful flop downwards, he slunk ahead. His instincts screamed at him to turn back and hide in the furthest corner of the cage away from the mollusk, but his stomach was getting the better of him. Would the stomach-ache, possible death, be worth it from this thing? Another loud grumble from his stomach, apparently his hunger thought it was…

He moved his body so to press it against the wall, enough to allow him to reach his arm out towards that cuttlefish. The humanoid nearly jerked his hand back, but he forced himself to continue reaching towards it. He managed to wrap his hand around it, almost instantly feeling a tingle run across the scales covering his hand, like thousands of needles instantly somehow piercing through his scales.

The male nearly lost his grip, but remained holding it firm. He slunk back a bit, pulling his arm back into the cage, eyeing the cuttlefish in his hand. A grimace instantly crossed his features, seeming to have second thoughts…but he was hungry…

He couldn't take it…

He tilted his head back, jaws opening. Reluctantly, the male lifted the prey item, dropping it into his mouth. Even in this half, humanoid form, he seemed to still swallow food whole.

Almost a soon as he finished swallowing it, he felt his stomach lurch. An audible groan escaped him, grabbing his stomach. Not worth it, not worth it at all! It felt as if his very insides were now against him. This was not what he had in mind…suffering with hunger would've been more bearable than intense grinding of his gut and intense wave of nausea.

Now to be fair, he had never felt such sensations before, so of course it was affecting him so severely.

He didn't dare move, the amount of discomfort he was in not allowing it. The most he did was try to lean back against some of his coils. The humanoid leaned his head back, groaning again. The fin-like fans that were his ears drooped, folded downwards. His gut continued to grind and churn loudly from the poisonous meal.

Absorbed in the sickness that took hold of him, he was unaware of a new presence that would soon be visiting him…perhaps this could be his ticket out of here…if he could focus long enough through the nausea and pain…

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(Name: Rhode Arcanli)
(Gender: Female)
(Age: 23)
(Appearance: Her hair is done in a messy, blonde braid, keeping the hair from getting in her bright, emerald colored eyes. She has a few vitiligo patches visible on her neck and shoulders, lighter than her toasted vanilla skin tone. Her form is the typical hourglass figure, though it's less refined as she's not perfectly skinny.)
(Apparel: Most women wear dresses, complete with a fitted corset. Much to her displeasure, she's no different, though she chooses clothing less elegant seeming. She traditionally is fond of olive green, though most find it strange as most women wear pale spring tones, or deeper, more royal seeming colors.)
(Personality: Daring, confident seeming. She's of course the curious type, betraying the safety of societal norms, sticking her nose where it shouldn't be. She'd prefer higher education and real world experience over sitting inside becoming the average housewife or seamstress. Despite her nature, she wouldn't do anything defined as tomboy behavior.)
(Other: Has a younger brother, Ario Arcanli, approximately 18 years old. He's currently training to become a fisherman, as the village hopes to catch more with an increased labor force.)

@Painted-Iris group

Rhode had cautiously trailed behind the men, pretending to mind her own business at points to be sure they weren't suspicious.
It was fairly simple, seeing as she wasn't the most eye-catching human the village had. Either that, or the imperfections kissing her skin were what bothered people. That and her choice in her way of dress.
Compared to any other, the woman could easily be considered as adequate and a bit strange. Not that she really cared about some silly opinions.

Now, she focused on her target at hand. After having hidden against the wall of another building, Rhode took a glance at the small audience gathered some old barn, the wood seeming to be rotting in places. She frowned, thinking such a place would be awful to live in. Not that the supposed creature was free to roam inside by any chance. One, he would have escaped before now, and two, the creature could easily knock such a small structure apart. So… why couldn't it escape? Unfortunately, her mind didn't supply the possibility that forbidden technology had been used.

As the men stepped inside, the woman stepped out to approach the premises. It wasn't hard to get close to, really. The only things she had to avoid was the front door and inside for the time being. Rhode listened to the others speak, not too keen on how harsh their tones were. Apparently, there was more going on regarding something they weren't allowed to use. All the more reason not to turn back despite the obvious danger.

Upon the departure of the fishermen, they didn't dare look back? And why would they? The one leading them hadn't suspected anyone would follow, much less a woman.
Scurrying to the front door, she gave an audible sigh. The handles were hooked together with a lock and chain. And she had no idea how to pick a lock of course.

It was when the obvious hit her where it did not to the fishermen. With how old the barn was, at least one area would be soft and capable of making an entrance. The human managed to find such spot on the side. Not knowing what else to break the wood with, she gave a strong kick, causing the board to splinter.

As she did so, there came a noise one would associate with feeling sick. Even from the single noise, it was confirmed that the being inside was male. Either that, or they all had deeper tones. Not that she would know. No one had ever spoken to a leviathan, much less do so and live.

Rhode's brows furrowed. He sounded like he was in pain. After a few more kicks, she found herself a suitable hole to crawl through. Her skirts might get a little messy, but she wasn't concerned over that fact at the moment. The woman dropped to all fours, fitting inside the gap perfectly. The splintered wood caught the fabric briefly, but managed to avoid tearing anything.

Inside the rickety building, it was dimly lit due to it being made from wood. It truly seemed the serpent like creature really was getting some of the worst treatment man could offer. After brushing any soil off her clothes, the human stepped further in.
It seemed her entry point was behind a few storage crates, meaning the men shouldn't notice unless they looked hard enough.

Being closer to the caged being, she could easily hear the growls of hunger and quiet moans of pain. Stars above, it sounded like the definition of bleak and despair.

Poking her head around the side of one of the crates, Rhode could make out the outline of a decent sized cage. And inside… was the being everyone was terrified of. It – no, he – seemed to be reeling back against the back wall of his prison, clutching what was presumably his stomach. She felt bad then, for not having brought anything with her. Then again, there wasn't a whole lot to spare anyways. That fact in addition to the one that the creature ate more than them made the thought more depressing.

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His fin-like ears twitched slightly. Was that another sound? It didn't sound like the the chain or the creak of the door. The male humanoid winced as his gut continued to try and digest the poisonous cuttlefish that was now settled in there. He wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to digest it…

There it was again, a creaking of wood being splintered, broken. He probably would've been more alert if this 'intruder' had appeared a few days earlier. Head up with a more lively and alert appearance. Unfortunately though, that was not the case. He didn't have the energy to lift himself upwards and look around.

No, the pain and cramped conditions currently prohibited him from doing such a check on these surroundings. Instead the male was curled up close to his coils, poisoned and almost incoherent. He leaned his shoulder against the side of serpentine coils, arms wrapped around his mid-section.

His eyes, a dull aqua marine stared downwards at the floor, the pupils slits, not from agitation, but pain. A burning sensation, he could feel it growing behind his eyelids. What was this feeling? Was it from the pain? It had to be, the only explanation.

Then add the growing worry of possibly never returning to the waters…to die here on land…

That foolish human, not that he understood what the beast needed in order to survive prolonged exposure on land. Not that it seemed his captor cared, only wanting to put him either on display, or to just suffer.

Though hard to try and concentrate through the grinding of his upset stomach, he did sense a presence unknown. It didn't seem to carry the same energy as those men. More…delicate…lighter…or that was how he was perceiving it. It didn't seem to be the same as the more hostile, overbearing energy the men carried.

A female perhaps? It was the only thing that made sense to his primal mind. Strange yes, but was but one way his kind figured out just what gender they were dealing with if some by rare chance they crossed paths with another leviathan. Males having a heavy, musky scent, as females seemed to lack it, instead being greater in size than the male leviathan.

He gave his head a slight shake, trying to ignore the pain, and focus primarily on the newcomer. Nearby, they were nearby. Maybe if he laid down a bit more, well, to the best of his ability. The humanoid allowed his body to slowly lean downwards, settling on his groaning abdomen. He shut his eyes, wincing in pain, moving his arms to rest under his chin. There was ripple from the serpentine body attached to him, the coils moving slightly as he tried to find a more comfortable position.

The male released a sigh of discomfort. He honestly just wanted to bury his head into his shoulder and try to sleep off the poison, but between the new presence and his distressed stomach, sleep was not going to come as easily as he wanted it. Dim aqua blue eyes started to scan the area, attentive in seeking where that presence rested.

Moments passed, bleak eyes scanning back and forth a few times, before coming to settle on several crates towards a corner of the barn. He stared at the containers, there, that presence was concealed behind there. Then as if to confirm his hunch, the male noticed a head peering around the side, indeed it was what appeared to be a woman.

The humanoid blinked a bit, unsure if this person was actually real, or just the poison kicking in hard time. His senses were sharp, but even they could be hindered to where they were unreliable, and now was one of those times he was unsure if he could trust his senses. The scent was fresh, right there, his eyes also seeing it in plain view. Then add the sounds that had followed earlier, it had to be a real person…right?

There weren't really any other options…he could try to make contact…

He lifted his head slightly off of where it rested on his folded arms in front of him. The male started to open his mouth to address his observer, but what should've been words instead turned into a deep, pained whine, burying his head into his arms instead.

Could the gods and goddesses be any more cruel? Have they not seen him suffer enough?

That burning sensation was once again returning to his eyes, feeling a wetness creep behind, threatening to fall. What was this feeling? Despair…agony…woe…weak…

He didn't like, he wanted it to stop…hedidn'tlikeithedidn'tlikeithedidn'tlikeit…

So much for trying to talk…

His body seemed to start shuddering now and then. The coils scrapped against each other, a few scales suddenly falling off his serpentine half, dry and dead.

The male's head remained mostly buried in his arms, though as his gaze lifted for a moment, a silent plea could be seen in his eye.


Though no words escaped his mouth other than the pained whine, a deep voice reached out, pleading in the woman's mind.

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(Apologies for lack of response. I have not been able to reply due to this week having multiple tests a day. Apologies that I've only been able to get on just now to tell you.)

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Rhode almost tripped over her feet at the voice suddenly in her head. He had stared right at her too. That alone was terrifying, as his human face made her nearly forget what a danger the leviathan was.
Well… there was no point in hiding now. The woman forced her legs to step out from behind the crates, into full view. Her distance was kept for now, though a frown was apparent on her features. It seemed to bother her more with each painful groan the creature emitted.

Everyone knew how deadly such a creature could be. That was the exact reason no one believed the fisherman believed to have gone mad. Mad indeed, but in another sense. Even if such a creature had been eating all the fish in the ocean nearby… that wasn't any excuse to let him suffer like this.

Why wouldn't they let him have a swift death if he had to die? And if he wasn't, where was the water? Surely the poor thing was parched.

Again, as he gave a hopeless cry, her stomach seemed to turn.
"I… I don't know how I could get you there…" she replied to the creature drowning in melancholy. It felt strange speaking to him, hoping she wasn't going mad. And even if she did help him… who's to say he wouldn't return to his true form and eat her on the spot from being so hungry? It made sense the leviathan might only want her for that use and end things there.

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That single, dull blue eye seen remained locked on her. The pupil a slit, mainly from pain. How could he truly feel agitation when he felt mostly just despair. He longed to be back under the waters, away from the surface and the ones who lived there. There was only pain and suffering up here, there was no calm sereneness like below the waves.

The male seemed to watch her, despite the almost lifeless appearance. The single eye watching intently, observing the woman's every move. She remained distant, not that he would blame her. Presented with an unknown creature that was suppose to be a great monster, and that monster was reverted to this weak body and form.

The faint rise and fall of his sides were the only hints showing he still breathed, that and his eye was slowly starting to close again. Though it seemed to open again as he heard her speak. She, she had heard him? His voiceless plea had not gone unheard.

…her guess was as good as his on how to get him out of here…

The humanoid's eye almost instantly closed again. The small spark of hope he had felt for just a moment instantly extinguished. He probably should've felt annoyed, frustrated, but he felt neither of those. He only felt tired, sick, and hopeless.

~So…just another…to come and…and watch me suffer…~ the voice spoke again, mainly monotone, but there was pain in the voice ~Are humans…always this cruel…~

So far from this experience…the male's look on the human race was indeed seeing them as nothing more than evil creatures that sought to destroy whatever got in their way.

@Painted-Iris group

The woman took a few steps closer at this. She didn’t want to just leave… or sit there and watch him like he said…
That wasn’t her intent. It wasn’t. Was it…? She had come here to see if the rumors were true. Now…? She had. Rhode could easily leave and be satisfied. But the creature’s cries of pain and defeated tones would likely haunt her.

“Well… no… I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you,” she started, clearly sounding nervous. “I just have no idea how,” the woman finished, fiddling with her hands.

After a moment, she came out completely, though not too close to the dying leviathan. He… he probably really would die at this rate. There was no denying that.

“I… you promise not to hurt me if I somehow get you free..?” the woman asked softly, staring the back at the imprisoned monster. He didn’t really look much like a monster though… His pain and sorrow were more than evident.

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((OOC: Sorry for the wait Iris, it may be a few more days before I am able to come up with a proper response for this RP. Recently had surgery done, so still feeling 'bleh' from it))

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The humanoid remained listless, head resting against his arms, eyes closed. It seemed his thoughts were reaching her at least, as she once again spoke out loud to him. He quieted down, if only slightly. He swallowed back the growing bile in the back of his throat that was threatening to escape. His stomach was still fighting that wretched poison, and it wasn't going well.

She had no idea how to help? Well, she certainly would have a better idea than himself, or that was his thought process. She was human, which meant she'd know how these human contraptions work…right?

He had not once come across humans in well over thousands of years. The beast never had a reason to go to the surface of the ocean, staying deep below. So how should he know how they worked? He didn't have the benefit of 'brethren' so to speak. The chance of coming across another leviathan was slim less searching to mate…even then it could be difficult. To speak with others and hear what they had to say or the such was never something he had really gave thought to, forever remaining alone.

Leviathans never needed the company of another, surviving solely alone. So knowledge beyond of surviving in the depths of the waters was something they did not worry about. The surface, the humans and creatures on land, leviathans knew little to nothing about, for it never concerned them.

The male lifted his head, dull blue eyes now noticing the woman had left to cover of the crates, moving to a more open area. She still kept her distance, but he could see her more clearly now. Perhaps if this had been a visit in a more suitable situation and place, he would've shown some curiosity, but there was none. No, there was only a look of exhaustion and forlorn.

He shifted, attempting to move his arms underneath him in order to push himself off the floor of the cage. The attempt, however, merely ended with his arms shaking uncontrollably, and giving out, leaving him to crash back to the floor. In response, the serpent coils behind him suddenly shuddered from the jolt of pain the human half took, seeming to coil tighter against each other. The scraping of dry scales could be heard, a few even falling to the floor.

The humanoid didn't bother to readjust himself, arms against his sides, cheek against the cage floor. His eyes were shut again as he laid there.

She spoke again. 'Promise not to hurt her'? One of his eyes opened, moving to look directly at her. Even in this state, did she truly believe he could harm her? He could barely move as it was obvious.

~You have…n-not given me…a-a reason to harm you…so no h-harm will befall…you from me…~.

She hadn't, the woman had shown no aggression or disgust like those men, his captor mainly. That man seemed to have it out for him. Something which he did not understand. The humanoid had not known, when he had been in his true form, he was so close to waters humans fished. Being deep below the waves, he had only known to have found a bounty of sea life, not aware of anything above. It was all so very confusing…

~Though if you…you t-truly fear for…for your life from…a dying leviathan…then least let…l-let me die in peace…leave if that…is what you desire~.

It wasn't like he could stop her from doing just that if she chose. She had seen what he looked like, heard him say it directly. He was indeed a leviathan, but somehow trapped in this half human, half serpent form…another one of those confusing things…he had never taken a human form before, so being forced so suddenly by the strange collar that was around his neck seemed to stop the transformation halfway somewhere.

These would all be mysteries for another time…if another time presented itself…

@Painted-Iris group

Rhode stood there, watching the creature wearily until she heard the small thud of the being fall back to the ground. And it was the scratchy, dry, scraping that confirmed how dire the situation was. Her common sense screamed at her to run, but her heart told her this was wrong. Did one do this to all nature’s beings? Even if the leviathan before her did no such harm, this was… cruel.
Hearing the creature’s mind voice again, she took a breath. He had given his word. It was up to her to believe it or not. Taking a breath, she began to search for something along the few tables set out. “Surely they must be stupid enough to leave some kind of key here,” the woman muttered. There was unfortunately no such luck. There was however a bucket that had a slight amount of water inside that housed the cuddlefish from earlier. She took the pail carefully, slowing her pace when she was a foot away from the metal bars. He could reach out and touch her did the leviathan have strength. “I do not know if you would rather pour this over yourself or drink so… I will just place it against the bars…” she explained, voice wavering some. Rhode took another breath. She could do this. She could save the very being that supposedly could kill her in one fell swoop. He told her he wouldn’t harm her. Trust. Trust was the first step. And one of the most important.

@Dragoncita group

His eye had closed again, remaining slumped on the bottom of the cage. The male wanted to pull back and settle in the coils of his serpentine half, but had no strength to even achieve that task. The only hint of life was the faint rise and fall of his sides.

As she seemed to go about whatever it was she was doing, he let his mind wander back…

Back beneath the waves, the comfort of the cool water around him. He could almost feel it again, his giant form traveling with the currents. Slowly swerving one way, then the other, letting the current take him wherever it chose. The comfort of the dark, even though he could see clearly in such dim lights. Perhaps it was more so just the feeling of being in one's element, having comfort in the knowledge of that whatever happened there and then at the time, they would be in some control…control…

He had no control here…this was the surface, the land. The leviathan was beached to put it bluntly. He could survive on land for a few days, but anymore than what he had currently survived now, would mean death. A leviathan needed the ocean to live, without those lifegiving waters (though it is seawater), it would only be a matter of time before scales started to dry out, dying and shedding. Those scales were protection from all matter of things, both physical damage and disease. Without those scales, he was practically 'naked' and vulnerable to all manner of things.

The sound of something 'clinking' brought him back from his daydream that had brought some comfort to him in the bleak situation. His eyes slowly opened again, glancing over to the side where a pail had been set. The male heard the sound of water, a welcoming sound, though it was in such a small quantity…

His arms had no strength to reach through the bars anymore, but his coils still had some power. From somewhere in those serpentine coils, a sleek tail slowly snaked outwards. It ended in a great, fan-like fin, though the fin was currently folded, allowing it to move more freely in the cramped space.

The male managed to slip just the end out through the bars of the cage, managing to hook around the handle of the pail. He drew it closer, the bars just wide enough to let it pass through with some force. His tail swerved around, rising above the mound of coils.

The humanoid's eye shifted back and above. Was it above him? It was hard to tell…and he did not want to waste what little water there was in the bucket. He must've had it placed above, for as he swung the pail a bit, trying to get it to overturn, he felt the drops hit some of his scales. The male didn't even wince as his tail slipped from the handle, a clang as the pail dropped down on top of him, spilling the seawater over his scales.

His blue eyes seemed to spark, a barely hint of life seeming to actually return. The humanoid's arms twitched, flexing several of his fingers, trying to feel what little life was left to return. He still felt weak, but that little water did seem to give him a bit of energy.

The male slowly lifted his head off the floor, arms moving to rest underneath him. With some difficulty, he pushed himself upwards, swerving his body around. The humanoid came to rest in a more comfortable position atop his coils, moving so his chin rested on his hands. The once loud, audible churning of his stomach had quieted down, if only slightly. He still felt ill, trying to just relax as best he could with the space provided.

His blue eyes moved, now having to glance downwards from his perch to view the woman. For just a moment, those blue eyes seemed to swirl to a yellow hue, but then returned to their dimly lit blue again. His pupils remained thin slits, observing.

~…Thank you…human…~.

She had helped him, albeit he did not admit that she only prolonged his suffering. Maybe he should have staid quiet…but desperation had driven him to call out at the time being. This surface world, he was but a child up here. He understood nothing, but beneath the waves he was in his domain, knowing exactly what and where to go and do. The humanoid had no idea what to do here, but being in a cage and weakened to a near death state did not help his situation.